Alfred Nobel and the Vaccine Apocalypse

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The plague of vaccines will be eradicated when the truth about vaccines goes viral

Today we remember Alfred Nobel as the eponymous founder of the Nobel Prize, given to those who excel in various fields of endeavor. Most notably, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who make the greatest contributions to the brotherhood of man. It may come as a shock to some that Nobel made his fortune with the invention of dynamite, gelignite and other explosives. By the time of his death he had established almost 90 armaments factories. He did not see any contradiction between his profiteering as a successful merchant of death and a fervent desire for peace that would render his business interests worthless. In fact, he justified the manufacture and sale of munitions of mass murder with a blatantly self-serving prophecy. "Perhaps my dynamite plants will put an end to war sooner than your peace congresses. On the day two army corps can annihilate each other in one second all civilized nations will recoil from war in horror."

Nobel was definitely onto something. Some things are so horrifying that no sane society would put up with them. Nuclear war is one of them. Atom bombs are far more destructive than dynamite, and nothing should lead to the banning of all warfare more than the apocalyptic prospect of the world's capital cities reduced to radioactive rubble. Why hasn't it happened yet? 

The answer is the powers that be would no more give up nuclear weapons than an NRA zealot would turn in his guns. How do they get away with it? Simple. By doing everything in their power to minimize, deny, cover up, and ignore the horror of armageddon. To this end they not only refuse to discuss it. They act like there is nothing to discuss. To cite an example. "Between 1965 and 1980, Parliament did not once debate the nuclear arms race, arguably the most urgent and dangerous issue facing humanity. An almost parallel silence existed in the media."[1]

This kind of glaring omission is integral to the "culture of lying" described by a Foreign Office technocrat. "It ensured the cover-up of a series of nuclear disasters in Britain spanning 40 years, including nuclear fires, crashes, contamination and dropped and damaged weapons." In 1958, a U.S. nuclear bomber and its weapon actually burnt on the ground in Greenham Common, a former RAF station in Berkshire. The surrounding country was contaminated with fissile material in its deadliest form. Not a single word of this was reported in the media at the time.

Do you hear that bell ringing in back of your mind? Aren't vaccines treated in the same way? Of the ABC triad of weapons of mass destruction - atomic, biological, chemical - vaccines are the biological/chemical component. The fallout of mass mayhem and murder they leave in their wake is as horrifying in its way as a nuclear holocaust, possibly worse, for its victims are innocent children whose vital organs and immune systems are being fried in every generation.

Imagine a braintrust of insiders musing over the vaccine dilemma. Vaccines are based on flawed science and falsified data. They have no redeeming value as they are not only worthless at preventing disease, but effective in subverting the balance of the immune system to the point of actually producing disease. Obviously, blowing the whistle on vaccines won't get us far. So why not make them as destructive as possible? What if vaccines blew up the brains of children so that they can't think straight or perform rudimentary tasks? What if vaccines crippled children with a spectrum of learning disabilities? What if vaccines made it difficult for children to breathe and talk and walk? What if vaccines make it impossible for children to eat a bag of peanuts or drink a cup of milk without going into fatal shock? Would all these things make vaccination so horrible that mankind would recoil from it in disgust? What if vaccines laid waste to the reproductive system of entire generations of children, and led to declining birthrates that created a wasteland of sterility? Would that be horrible enough to shock people into calling it quits?

Vaccines currently do all these things - and more! But millions of parents still roll up their children's sleeves and hold out their arms to be jabbed. Why? The answer is the same as with nukes. Doctors, journalists and public health officials, under the coordinated aegis of pharmaceutical firms, have pretty much succeeded in muting the horror of vaccines. From the NIH director who covered up warnings of a polio vaccine debacle in 1954 to the Simpsonwood cover-up of thimerosal, directors and senior public health officials have engaged in a willful conspiracy to deny and downplay the dangers of vaccines. They layer deceit upon deceit, cover-up upon cover-up, shielding the public's eyes from the vaccine holocaust that is taking place as we speak. People naively speak of the informed consent that is guaranteed by the Nuremberg laws. They don't get it. There can never be informed consent with vaccines, because to be informed of the ghastly truth behind vaccines - to be truly informed of their bogus science, their rogue's gallery of charlatans and criminals from Edward Jenner to Jonas Salk, their doctored data, their sordid history of mass murder - is to recoil from them in horror and banish them from the face of earth.

The vaccine orthodoxy is well aware of this. They live in mortal fear of the general public discovering the killing fields of the vaccine genocide. They are like the BBC producers who feared for the health of the military industrial complex if they aired a dramatization of London being attacked by a one-megaton nuclear bomb. So they suppressed it because they deemed it "too horrifying for the medium of broadcasting." Like them, vaccine officials know they must pull out all the stops of print and electronic media to stop the public from knowing the magnitude of casualties from their biochemical bombs. But they cannot stop parents of vaccine injured-and-killed children from seeing it with their own eyes. Silence is golden, but my eyes still see. These are the parents who can take bittersweet comfort from knowing that the more children fall victim to this Pharmageddon, the more their numbers will swell, until, in the end, they will grow strong enough to bring the whole towering Wall of Lies crashing down on the heads of the guilty.

In the end, it may not take parents of vaccine injured kids to accomplish that. Or even armies of vaccine-injured children. All it would take is one child awakened to the horrors of a world of vaccine-injured children. One child awake to the insanity of it all. That may be enough to introduce the first crack in the Wall of Lies and bring it crumbling down like the Berlin Wall.

Take Chuck Murdock. He's an all-American boy, a little-league pitcher in the 1987 film Amazing Grace and Chuck. On a field trip to a nuclear silo, he is horrified to learn that with the push of a button, entire cities can be incinerated in the flash of an eye. Stricken to the core of his being, the boy decides to give up baseball, his favorite pastime, until the world comes to its senses and disarms nuclear weapons. The local paper picks up the story, Chuck's sacrifice gets widespread publicity, and before long a basketball legend and other famous athletes join in to create a movement. It eventually gets to the point where children all over the world - yes, even in the former Soviet Union - refuse to talk to their parents until leaders scrap their nuclear arsenals.

At one point in the film, Chuck meets with the United States President (played by Gregory Peck) who admonishes him that he can't run into a crowded theater and yell fire. "But sir," replies Chuck, "what if there is a fire." And there you have it. There is a fire raging in the brains of our children. Neurotoxins from vaccines are setting their brains on fire, causing the inflammation that is responsible for a spectrum of brain disorders, up to and including autism. The numbers of those affected - not just in the US but all over the world - represent a public health emergency of catastrophic dimensions. We should all be up in arms about it, withdrawing our participation from the system, boycotting a medical/political establishment that acts as if there is no calamity to acknowledge, much less to respond to. That's the thing about vaccines. It's not just that the vaccines themselves fail to immunize us against disease. It's that the PR drip that keeps the vaccine program going is so successful in immunizing us to the enormity of its fallout. 

Nobel's prophesy notwithstanding, it's hard to see how we can realize the brotherhood of man when it is dismissed as a utopian pipe dream. It's harder still to see how we can be repelled by the depth of man's inhumanity to man when it is dismissed as a tinfoil-hat fantasy. How are we supposed to be appalled by an evil that is air-brushed out of sight and mind, pooh-poohed as a figment of imagination, sugarcoated out of existence? Rather than seeing the power structure as a touchstone of reality, we have to see it for what it is - a systemic denier of reality, suppressing, distorting, perverting it, especially in terms of the sheer malignancy of the fraud it perpetrates. We shy away from embracing a world organized around love and peace by telling ourselves that ordinary people can't possibly be that good. And we blow our chances of escaping a world organized around war and crime by telling ourselves that our leaders can't possibly be that evil.

The idea that the medical-industrial complex cares for humanity - that it labors to free us from disease and suffering - is a heart-warming fable, a warm fuzzy fairy tale. Evil flourishes because towering walls and impenetrable smokescreens are thrown up to hide its existence. Whether it is a nuclear holocaust or a vaccine one, it's all the same. The ideal of a good society forever seems to elude us because the powers that be are past masters at making-believe that the overwhelming reality of evil is all in our heads. Mothers who watch their children deteriorate right in front of their eyes from vaccine injuries are labeled irrational antivaxxers and hysterical fearmongers. Doctors who routinely traumatize children for life are hailed as beacons of science and progress. The vaccine edifice will stand for as long as it is founded on a Disneyfied view of reality. Let us wrap our heads around a situation where public health officials care more for the damage done to the vaccine program than for the damage the vaccine program does to our flesh and blood. Let the millions of horror stories from the vaccine holocaust go viral - let us be gobsmacked on the 6 O'Clock News by the radioactive enormity of the fallout from vaccines - and our sanity, our common sense, our common decency will kick in and boot vaccination into the waste basket of history, along with such grotesque rituals as trephination and leeching. To bring a better world into existence all we have to do is be sensitized to the horrors of the present one.

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[1] John Pilger, Hidden Agendas [p. 512]

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