Censorship and The Way Forward

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"You're a narcissistic anti-vaxxer!"

This was the response I received from the question I posed to a room full of doctors on the app Clubhouse--an app I frequent lately, as it's one of the only popular apps where I've not been deplatformed. It is a modern-day online public square where people can host virtual rooms with speakers on various topics, and upwards of thousands of people can listen. I knew this particular room would be, for the most part, diametrically opposed to my position. Still, my convictions to share from my heart are greater than my need to care what others think.

The first question I posed was based in data straight from the CDC; Clear data indicating the importance of lifestyle, nutrition, and mindfulness to minimize the impact of COVID19. For example, 95% of COVID-related deaths have an average of 4 comorbidities, most being lifestyle or nutrition-related, 78% of hospitalizations are in the overweight or obese category. The most significant risk factors for COVID-related deaths were fear/anxiety-related disorders and obesity. Given the clear implications of this data, why have the so-called experts and government health officials allotted next to zero time, education, and funding towards these issues? Meanwhile, the federal government has spent upwards of $10,000,000,000 to improve vaccine infrastructure and combat vaccine hesitancy.

Although several doctors conceded they weren't aware of some of those data points, they continued to press against my position, holding me as a "selfish, narcissistic anti-vaxxer" in their minds. I remained kind, calm, and open to discussion throughout my time on stage. I continued to rebut their points with data many of them hadn't heard about or taken the time to research themselves properly. For example, I discussed my family's experience with healing outside of allopathic medicine, the criminal history of Pfizer, and the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and government regulatory agencies. In addition, I spoke about our Health Freedom for Humanity podcast series "Voices of the Victims," where we interview those who've been harmed or know someone who was harmed or killed by vaccines. Explaining, most so-called "anti-vaxxers" are people who've been harmed by allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical products. By the end of my two hours on stage, most of the doctors were silent.

Sharing so much valid data, science, and personal experience, in addition to providing an abundance of context for the position of those saying "no" to the COVID narrative, to the likes many of these doctors had never heard of, I rendered most of them speechless. The doctor who initially called me a "narcissistic anti-vaxxer" messaged me to let me know it was clear I knew the data better than 90% of doctors and that credentialism doesn't always matter.

The data I shared was legitimate--much of it straight from the CDC. Many of the doctors and audience in attendance had no prior knowledge of most of what I presented. The stories I shared were my life experiences and personal observations on health. I explained how I didn't wake up one day and say, "I'm going to talk about one of the most controversial topics in the world, lose family and friends, limit employment opportunities, and be viewed by the majority of society as a maniac." Most importantly though, I was able to show all of the people in that room that so-called "anti-vaxxers" aren't belligerent, hostile, conspiracy theorists who simply "don't trust science" and believe whatever they see on the internet. We are loving, kind, compassionate, and are willing to have these open conversations, human-to-human.

I don't bring up this point to say, "look at me, I'm smarter than doctors," that is far from my reasoning. Instead, I bring this information to the forefront to stress the importance of open, honest discussions on health from all points of view. As human beings, the ability to openly share and access all available information along with the desperate need for us to come together, outside of differences, to discuss these challenging topics is vital. All while being willing to hear each other out with love and compassion.

Unfortunately, the opportunities for these vital discussions are virtually impossible because of censorship today. The level of censorship directed towards people sharing valid data and studies (information coming directly from experts in virology, epidemiology, immunology, etc.) in addition to personal experiences and observations should send a chill down everyone's spine.

I want to take this opportunity to cover some of the censorship I've been facing.

I have been deplatformed from Instagram seven times now. Four of my seven accounts had over 80,000 followers each. My non-profit, Health Freedom for Humanity (HFfH), has been removed three times. Most recently, HFfH was removed from Instagram while trying to raise awareness for our upcoming event in Kansas City on October 8-9th. Within hours of being deplatformed from Instagram, we were also deplatformed from YouTube. Three days later, our event was removed from Eventbrite for violating "community guidelines" (luckily we have a backup now at this link: https://healthfreedomforhumanity.org/health-freedom-for-humanity-symposium-2021/).

No more than three days after having our event removed from Eventbrite, my 7th personal Instagram account was deleted. However, my thought process has been that I will keep returning to these platforms that continue to delete me because my friends and my organization have had a massive impact. We are helping to effectively change people's minds by pointing them back to their own observations and experiences, telling them not to blindly trust what I, we, or anyone else says or shares, stressing the importance of exploring for themselves, sharing data they hadn't seen, asking questions, remaining loving, accepting and open, and showing the desire for true health freedom isn't exclusive to one class of people.

Anyone who's followed my organization knows our primary message is love, compassion, and uniting people from all walks of life in defense of health freedom. We comprise people of all races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, and perceptions on health. Still, we are united in our shared belief that every person on this planet has the right to choose what is best for their health without coercion or force.

After this seventh deletion, I tried to make a new Instagram account. I used a new computer, in a new location, with a VPN, a brand new email address, no identifying name or pictures associated with me, and clicked, create account. Immediately upon making the account, it was disabled. The fact that the new account was disabled instantly was shocking enough, but it got worse: I repeated the exact process, with the addition of covering the camera on my computer. And guess what? It worked. I knew of stories of the use of facial recognition--which we all know is real-- and I'd heard some pretty disturbing stories about being watched on cell phones and computer cameras from friends who've been in the health freedom fight much longer than me.

Of course, this situation sheds light on the need for us to find platforms that do not censor and allow for open and free conversations and sharing of information. I truly believe, however, that if we are continuing to share and vibrate at a high frequency, our messages will always be heard by anyone on the fence that needs to hear it. More important than this though, is understanding "why" this is happening to me and HFfH, especially in such a targeted manner. Why are they so afraid of my message? Why are they so fearful of my organization? Why are other accounts--many that are more belligerent and attacking-- able to remain up?

I think I've come to understand why.

My experience on Clubhouse, with censorship, and with other conversations, including people who think differently than me, has reinforced a few of my perceptions on how best to effectively shift humanity away from this tribalism, and out of this tyrannical mess.

First, with anything seen as a massive threat by the establishment, the more we can remain calm, kind, loving, accepting, and open to discussion-- even with those diametrically opposed to us, the more impactful we are. Second, the more we tell people not to trust us or anyone else blindly, and encourage them to explore each issue while depending on their use of critical analysis, the more impactful we are. The less we self-identify with and subscribe to these forced labels and the tribalistic "us vs. them" mentality, and the more we show that we are united regardless of these apparent differences, the greater impact we have.

The more we can learn to have tough conversations with those who think differently than us and come to express love, acceptance, and understanding for where they're coming from, even if we don't change their minds, the more impactful we are. Don't get me wrong, the open sharing of information is essential. More important, though, is our approach to sharing. Most important is to empower people to trust themselves and express the need to unify with others regardless of differences.

We will not get out of this mess by calling people sheep, by falling into the "us vs. them" trap, by attacking and acting belligerent; We will only reinforce their positions and perceptions of the dissenting voices by doing so. Instead, we must remain in love, acceptance, understanding, and desire true unity of all people while balancing our quest to stand firmly for our unique perceptions and way of life.

Standing up for this right while remaining non-hostile, non-belligerent, loving, and open is having a massive impact--enough to essentially hunt an average 29- year-old dude like me off of social media platforms. It completely dismantles their narrative of division and tribalism. I firmly believe we can change the state of things with this approach, and we must continue trying no matter how many times we're deplatformed for doing so. If we are to reach those that cannot see, I believe this is the way forward. Join me and many others who are making a conscious effort to approach the fight this way, as we usher in a new paradigm of true unity. Despite the appearance of darkness, the soil is ripe for beautiful change. We will create that change with love, compassion, acceptance and unity.

I'd like to express my gratitude towards Sayer Ji and the team at GreenMedInfo. Thank you for always providing guidance and being a solid force in the intersection of consciousness, natural health, and freedom. Thank you, Sayer, for allowing me to share my message with the GMI community. I am forever grateful to you and Kelly for your continued support of my family.

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