Covid-19 Data Review: Cases Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

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"What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest. For your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes."

- Goethe

One of the primary missions and responsibilities of science and medicine is to better understand our world and ourselves through accurate observations, analyses and predictions, based upon rational logic and causality. When science or medicine strays from that mission, and promotes inaccurate theories for social application or government policy, the consequences can be disastrous.

Modern medicine is not free from such risks, of promulgating deadly public policy based upon flawed theories. Such has been the case with claims about a deadly virus SARS-CoV-2 causing Covid-19 disease (SARS = severe acute respiratory syndrome). Even within the "official" Covid-19 theory or paradigm, there are numerous flaws and inconsistencies. 

In my January 2021 paper,[i],[ii] I address 13 different serious flaws and inconsistencies, any one of which undermines the essential foundations of Covid-19 theory.

Positive PCR Cases Do Not Equal Deaths

First, the highly acclaimed but error-prone "PCR lab-tested cases" do not equal deaths, nor predict them. From them, one cannot determine who will get sick or stay healthy, nor who will live or die.

PCR tests are so unstable in their determinations they can cross react with any number of foreign constituents in your mouth, nose, blood or fecal material, or to micro-bits of DNA or RNA as might be in your system from any number of benign causes.

Lab errors are abundant, notably when the cycling rates of PCR test machines are set too high, a very common problem that artificially inflates the number of "positive cases." This is most apparent when viewing the oscillating and soaring number of cases during 2020, which went up to around a quarter-million new cases per day, versus the rather constant death tolls, ranging from 1,400 to 4,000 per day.

Plotted on the same graph, one can readily see the absence of any causality or correlations between the two data sets, of high number "PCR-test confirmed cases" versus low number "PCR-test confirmed deaths."

However, one variable does correlate with direct causality to the "cases" data, and that is the absolute number of tests given over 2020. Two graphics below show that correlation, of tests to cases, but neither of those two variables shows any similarities to the death data, which lays flat as a thin grey line at the bottom of the upper graphic.



Figure 1: Daily PCR/Antigen Confirmed Covid-19 Cases & Deaths. Regression line added by author.

Added regression lines draw attention to that aspect, which demolishes the entire Covid-19 theory. One does not have to be a statistician or expert scientist to see the lack of correlation, which affirms there is no deadly infectious viral pandemic going on.

In this, the medical profession has been similar to a person claiming to be an expert marksman with a gun, but after shooting 1,000 bullets, only a few actually hit the target. 



Figure 2: Daily Covid-19 PCR/Antigen Tests. Regression line added by author.

The temporal variations (or absence thereof) in the raw data speak for themselves. The more inaccurate PCR tests given, the more positive cases are "identified," but the death rates remain relatively low and constant. If Covid-19 truly was a major pandemic, the death rates would have soared to high levels, following the curves of tests and cases. They do not.

The death-case ratios also remained very low throughout 2020, in spite of the massive medical propaganda and deliberate panic-hysteria that was being spread through a compliant and uncritical media.

Covid-19 Seasonality Data Raise Questions



Figure 3:
Covid-19 Daily Deaths in Northern Hemisphere Nations



Figure 4:
Covid-19 Daily Deaths in Southern Hemisphere Nations

The seasonality of Covid-19 data also supports a Covid-skeptical conclusion. Northern and southern hemisphere nations reveal a general wintertime pattern in claimed Covid deaths, but at opposite times of year, as shown in the two figures above.

However, these claimed Covid deaths are primarily the consequences of scientifically unjustified re-classifications of other better-known typical wintertime diseases and conditions into the "Covid-19" category, notably influenza and pneumonia. Details and sources are found in my longer weblinked paper.[iii],[iv]

What Was Driving Up Death Rates?

My research paper goes into another 10 or so major aspects of the claimed Covid-19 pandemic, exposing additional flaws and errors.[v],[vi] However, if the viral pandemic of SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 was not killing people in large numbers over 2020, what was driving up the death rates? 

The answer is the social and political reactions to the errant claims about Covid-19. There were massive deaths due to the politically-inspired lockdowns, forced masking, anti-social distancing, emotional depression with increased suicides and drug overdoses, and other effects due to economic catastrophe and ruination, and the psychological reactions to isolation and confinement as is well-known in prison camps and nursing homes, often termed "deaths by despair."

Using available sources with careful extrapolations, I computed that the higher death counts for 2020 were probably due primarily to these unconstitutional and sadistic lockdowns, as ordered up by ignorant and power-drunk politicians, who justify their dictates by the false authority of the "top" but worst examples of the medical profession and health bureaucracies.

Other evidence was identified, such as an increase in deaths in the most strongly locked-down states, with lesser deaths in those states that did not lock down or force people under pathological "masking," or did so only mildly. 

Additional related errors have been identified, such as the junk-science re-classification of known lung disorders such as influenza and pneumonia into the Covid-19 category, as multiple comorbidities continue to be the real causes of most of the deaths so misattributed to Covid-19.

By my own calculations of claimed Covid-19 deaths segregated by age groups, only around 5,000 additional people died of claimed Covid-19 over 2020, as compared to the percentages who died of "all causes." I used a different and more robust method to review the CDC data, one used in climatology for comparing rainfall quantities between large and small regions, which by the actual amounts would not be directly comparable. 

A medical doctor or epidemiologist might not know how to do this, but as a trained Earth and atmospheric scientist, I do. The actual number of people who died of claimed Covid-19 is quite low by direct comparison to those who died in the same age groups from all other causes, so they cannot be directly comparable without first converting them into percent-of-total values, separately for the Covid versus all-cause groups. 

One can then compare the percentages, and afterward reconvert them back into actual numerical values. That number of percent-compared Covid-19 deaths to all-cause deaths results in a calculation of around 5,000 excess deaths "due to Covid-19" for the whole of 2020.

I do not accept the methods used by the CDC for calculating excess deaths, where they compared the 2020 all-cause death curves to those of prior years, claiming all deaths above an arbitrary average over a few years were due to Covid-19. The CDC and WHO approaches are filled with errors and many wrong assumptions.

Additional difficulties and errors exist in the ambiguous classifications of different coronavirus species from electron microscope images. These ambiguities introduce major errors in attempts to obtain necessary pure-culture samples of Covid-19, upon which PCR testing accuracy must rely -- and so PCR testing results are fully unreliable.

Further errors and blind spots exist in clinical diagnostic methods, which cannot easily distinguish claimed Covid-19 disease symptoms from other serious lung disorders. Other sections in my paper address historical and recent major errors in medical diagnoses, which created gigantic numbers of iatrogenic (physician-caused) deaths. 

The Largest Iatrogenic Error in History

In sum, and from all the above, there are many reasons why one should strongly question the wisdom of the medical profession on this claimed Covid-19 pandemic, which by my analysis appears to be the largest deadly iatrogenic error in the history of medicine, bar none. And I am not alone in condemning these ugly sentiments of the new totalitarian medical police state, which the "top, expert professionals" are creating. 

The medical profession should study its own often disastrous and bloody history, notably how it was medical doctors who organized to set up the first euthanasia "hospitals" of the Nazi Third Reich, where deformed and retarded children were first exterminated, thereafter followed by the elderly and criminals in prison camps -- the "useless eaters" -- and finally political prisoners and "unclean, disease-infested and genetically unfit undesirables," a curse hurled upon Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Serbs and others.

They were rounded up by SS troops, but examined and segregated as to who would live, and who would die, by white-coated medical doctors. The medical doctors also performed horrible medical experiments on prisoners, including children, and oversaw experiments on extermination methods, perfecting the use of Zyklon-B poison gas. 

Medical students were sent to the death camps also, to "observe" and "learn."  But most of that ugly genocidal history of relatively recent modern medicine isn't taught anymore, isn't spoken about in polite company, isn't in the textbooks. (See Henry Friedlander's well-referenced and shocking book "The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution.")

Is History Repeating Itself?

Similarities between then and now are alarming. Dictatorial "lockdown governors" have steered sick elderly patients from hospitals into nursing homes, which were never prepared to handle them, leading to major deaths (and major denials).

The modern medical police may one day force people into getting vaccinated with experimental genetically-modified mRNA material (including children) that is unlike any prior vaccines, and lacking in the usual years-long programs of animal testing. 

The medical leadership is also working with politicians and high-tech firms to hurriedly set up "vaccine passports" and similar tracking methods, by which to segregate the vaccinated "clean and superior √úbermensch" from the claimed "unclean, disease transmitting untermensch."

These "unclean inferiors" are defined as those who do not wish to be injected with gene-altering vaccines, or who naturally rebel against forced masking and lockdowns. "Only with mass vaccinations can the lockdowns end," we are told, which is big lie.

And they further lie, or express total ignorance, by claiming "natural infections and recovery do not produce herd immunity," or "herd immunity is only possible within a fully-vaccinated population." Such statements are scientifically bogus, but hardly spoken with ignorance. Serious financial motivations exist, in the trillion-dollar global vaccine markets. (Just ask Bill Gates!)

The professional supporters of this madness cannot see how Nazi-like their behavior and agendas are. Even IBM is organizing to take charge of the tracking technology by which to identify the "clean vaccinated" from the "unclean unvaccinated." That is the same IBM that worked with Nazi Germany to set up massive databases to identify where "unclean" Jews and other "undesirables" lived and worked, so as to "efficiently" round them up for deportation to death-camps, later on. 

And just as the Nazis did (and Communists also), our power-drunk politicians use conventional Covid-19 medical arguments to justify censorship, professional punishments, erasure from the internet and, in some nations, arrests and imprisonment, with heavy fines for dissent and disobedience.

Is that what the medical profession has in mind with how to end the claimed Covid-19 pandemic? If not, then why do so many of them behave, speak and react as if this is exactly what they want to happen? And why do the political dictators, mainstream media and internet billionaires spend so much effort to squash and censor, and personally destroy the honest doctors and others who, like myself, dare to speak out against what is going on, unless our criticisms are accurate, and risk upsetting their plans?

The grim-faced cheerleaders for the Covid-19 pandemic, in politics, media, medicine and science, are deaf, dumb and blind to any and all reasonable arguments exposing their deadly errors. The tools of totalitarian dictatorships are being used to censor and personally destroy, or even imprison, those who dare challenge their false authority.

For more information, you can download my fully-referenced and longer article, with additional tables and graphs, and share it widely with others. With rare exceptions, we can no longer rely upon the older institutions of government, media and public health for the truth.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.
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