An Era of Infamy

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Originally published on by Omar Khan

So, it seems "vaccine passports" are largely dead, except in addled, local discourse. The "mandates" seem to be following the same route, and the "vaccinations" are blaring their inefficacy so loudly, that only 24/7 coverage of potential nuclear war can possibly smother it.

So, all over Europe, countries are dropping COVID "vaccination passports" months after introducing them. Italy and Greece have joined the roster, saying they will dump all as of 1 May. Why not retain a few more weeks of science-free medical fascism?

Of course, the official story is we no longer need them as COVID is under such exceptional control now. Italy's prime minister assures the world, they are keeping "a very close eye" on the pandemic curve. 

As per the sad, mad PCR test, those "infections" have almost doubled in the last two weeks! When Italy introduced its passport last September, they had 4,000 infections a day. When they further tightened restrictions in December, this had soared to 15,000. To get a sense of "success," today it has around "70,000" a day! Happily, no hysteria.

So, here is the clear conclusion. The real reason COVID restrictions are ending is NOT because mRNA "vaccines" have succeeded, but because they have resolutely failed. 

The failure is so profound, you might even assert some conspiratorial intent. It's not just that they don't work against Omicron, but that they have "negative efficacy" close to -300% as per the British data, including in those over 70s, boosted and re-boosted fervently. 

The most highly "vaccinated" countries in the world, virtually all have infection rates higher than 2020, and the death curve is not comforting either. Those not using mRNA "vaccines" are, in relative terms, flourishing. 

Take Austria, an "early adopter" to the "passport," a frothing convert to the "mandate." While I would love to have the PCR test ditched and work purely on actual symptomatic infection as once we did in the quaint days when medicine and not profiteering dominated public health, using the standard asserted, Austria currently has more C-19 infections than the US, being 1/35th as large!

Despite the mushrooming "infections" Austria dumped its mandate weeks back. The German Parliament last week declined to pass its own version. And since "booster protection" wanes (which it does as soon as the supra-national antibodies go), and the only "protection" is against serious illness - which is not in the Omicron cupboard (except it seems perhaps for the "boosted") - then we are veering towards outright farce.

Infections are once more rising in Israel, less than two months after its last massive surge, and EuroMOMO reports that both COVID deaths and all-cause mortality remain stubbornly high compared to years facing more lethal variants, unvaccinated…don't you just love a good medical miracle?

The autopsy challenge

Suppose you wanted to settle, once and for all, any controversy about the claims of "vaccine misinformation" or even "disinformation." There is a simple, credible, immediately available way, as serial entrepreneur, COVID activist, and data curator (all new roles for him mandated by the necessity of taking a stand against the mainstream Covidian poppycock), Steve Kirsch, has recently suggested.

Any state, country, jurisdiction, could simply "mandate" autopsies for anyone who dies of indefinite causation within 1-2 months of "vaccination". And then require the Medical Examiner to make those results public.

The autopsies would report "vaccine injury." Doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt have done just this and published their findings, called "histopathologic analyses" on the organs of 15 persons who died after "vaccination." 14 of the 15 had heart afflictionslung, pathologic alterations in the liver (2 cases), thyroid (2 cases), salivary glands (2) and brain (2 cases). 

The salient aspects which dominated all affected tissues of all cases was a multifocal, T-lymphocyte-dominated pathology which reflects the process of immunological self-attack. It is without precedent the Doctors report. As "vaccination" was the only common denominator between all cases, there is little doubt it was the trigger of self-destruction in these individuals. In a nutshell: clear evidence of "vaccine-induced" autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs." (

So, multiply such examinations, make them the norm. Publishing a fraudulent report would be a criminal offence. US embalmers have been reporting 30% or more distinctive clots not found in the unvaccinated. Have licensed embalmers check for the telltale clots and require the numbers be made public. Or do both.

Why not?

The only plausible reason not to is because actual "results" are irrelevant (except insofar as to cloak them) given the profit motive. They are only concerned about devastating results going public, rightly discrediting the FDA, CDC, the entire corroded medical establishment, members of the US Congress and similar deliberative bodies elsewhere, and the media lapdogs globally.

Of course, Kirsch's idea is applicable anywhere. Any public health official (Lanka?), with any conviction in the "vaccines" or the courage to expose the charade, could order this. Any federal legislature, or state legislature could require it. Any member of Parliament could introduce a bill. Any public official, mayor, city council member, could ring the alarm.

Pfizer and Moderna if they had a scintilla of justification, and wanted to show their product is safe, could do this. Major newspapers could demand this. 

But the embarrassment that we went along, lemming-like as utter toxic absurdity was shovelled on us wholescale, keeps anyone from clamouring for transparency. 

Of the excuses? "We don't have the resources." Fine, mandate 1 in 10 autopsies, or 1 in 100 even. Strange "medicine" when autopsies don't happen, and we retreat to censorship instead. Or bogus "fact-checkers" like Reuters still "disputing" if spike proteins from C-19 "vaccines" are toxic.

The tragic mistake made now has to be desperately covered up, ignoring all the safety signals from clinicians, VAERS, patient reports, studies by heroic doctors vilified and estranged from their profession despite nary an advantage to be gained from misleading the public.

Dr. Peter Schirmacher is a leading global pathologist. He originally thought the "vaccine" was safe, was "vaccinated" himself, and so certainly not, philosophically, an "anti-vaxer." 

His "vaccine" autopsy data has been shocking. In a sane world, it would be front page news. He is also acting Chairman of the German Society of Pathology, Director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University.

Forty autopsies of people who died within two weeks of receiving the jab. 30-40% he found could be "directly attributed" to the "vaccines." His family was threatened if he continued to speak out. So, he stopped. That is "science" today. 

Though the Federal Association of German Pathologists have urged more autopsies, with a letter to Health Minister Jens Spahn, that too has gone unanswered. 

So, there is roughly a 40% rise in death under 65, and zero curiosity to discover why. 

As the legal maxim holds, res ipsa loquitur, "the thing speaks for itself."

Censoriousness envelops us

"Public health is now "the definition of propaganda," seeking "behavioural outcomes" through moralistic framing, frowning on objective data that could give "false reassurance," says bioethicist Aaron Kheriaty (fired by the University of California for refusing "vaccination").

Censorship and Science was the topic at a conference at the University of Austin, with three dozen scientists, academics and journalists holding forth and sharing their shattering experiences over this period.

Former Trump advisor Scott Atlas co-hosted the experience, flanked by Great Barrington co-authors, Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford Medicine and Martin Kulldorf, formerly of Harvard Medical School. NIH dissidents were present too, including Marion Gruber (invited but absent) who resigned from the FDA's vaccines office in protest over booster policy.

Bhattacharya who had been attacked by the Stanford Faculty who had pitchforks out for Scott Atlas earlier, indicates that outside of Fox News no news outlet will have him on. And for being on Fox, he has become persona non grata in the public health community otherwise. This is not how scientific discourse is meant to operate…

Johns Hopkins medical professor Marty Makary, a National Academy of Medicine grandee, said the New York Times functionally blacklisted him after he spoke of the "counter narrative" and appeared on Fox News. His own department started to "squash" (his words) critics like him early in the pandemic. He compared the fickle, vacillating Fauci with those African despotic potentates who rule with impunity over decades.

Epidemiologist Sheila Weiss indicates that her company, with close Stanford ties, won't allow her to publish a commentary on "booster mandate madness" due to the political and corporate risk! That such risks are so tangible and terrifying already confirms how distorted are the "facts" or "conclusions" we are allowed to even entertain.

Microbiologist Pat Fidopiastis, who runs the COVID wastewater testing lab at California Polytechnic, became the campus villain for refusing to wear masks "unless required", challenging the efficacy of this lunatic provision (airlines are dumping these strictures, countries have, there are no differences in US outcomes between States that do or don't have mandates, all public health recommendations including WHO until 2019 emphatically said masks don't work - all new studies that are data based continue to concur), and exploring COVID's origins in Wuhan, which of course got him typecast as a "racist." Logical inquiry now has politically correct default settings it seems…areas where angels fear to tread, lest they be treated to some unwelcome truth.

Tracy Beth Hoeg, University of California Davis Physician resident, was studying the "parallel universes" between the US and Scandinavia insofar as school reopening. When she began to promote her research, only Fox News was interested. Hoeg and UC San Francisco medical professor Monica Gandhi eventually persuaded the NY Times to accept their op-ed. About an hour before it was going to be released, the paper changed virtually everything they had written, and so aghast at this whitewash, they withdrew their work.

Diversity of opinion is imperilled. Contrary ideas were marginalised or outright expunged, or "reinterpreted" or mindlessly "fact checked" out of all context, with specious broad-brush rebuttals that were more PR epithets than counter-arguments.

Makary points out that NIH has deprived the public of "answers to the most basic questions" about COVID, answerable in a week if more than a pittance was spent on actual COVID research. American medical journals seemed apathetic, and so papers have been migrating to the British Lancet (not without its own controversies for letting pass obvious fraudulent smear pieces, like the one on the early treatment drug HCQ, which was later withdrawn in shame, but not until it had muddied the waters).

The Great Barrington Declaration emphasised collateral damage from lockdowns, today even Johns Hopkins in their research ratifies what were once considered heretical ravings from academic lunatics. Their "lunacy" consisted of pointing out that COVID mortality risk was obviously age stratified (the data was and is unambiguous), and the vast majority at nominal risk should not be locked away (which is why it had never been done at any other point in history), but allowed to develop natural immunity, while our resources went to protecting the vulnerable. This was the "witches' brew" for which the torches were lit with such vehemence! In a reflective moment we can see the Declaration embodied only well considered wisdom.


Avengers' movies are no longer needed, as COVID variants have taken over their place in our cultural lives. Anytime the Ukraine conflagration has a lull, Chinese "huge spikes in cases" can come rushing to the fore. Millions in China in the same pointless "lockdowns" over something with less mortality impact than air pollution in parts of China.

So, more supply chain disruptions, as from the war, and of course, Europe is in the midst of "resurgences" (coming soon in the US to a theatre near you) …even though the populace are weary and increasingly disinterested no matter the "panic porn" flashed.

This is the work of two "new" variants we are told. First, flashing lights please, "Deltacron" is back. This recombinant virus was first "discovered" back in January. What is left of serious journalism questioned whether it even existed or was just a lab error. Now, it definitely exists we are assured.

Its companion variant is "Omicron BA.2". Given the lack of sizzle, it has been renamed "Stealth Omicron." Why? It lacks markers that can be picked up by the silly PCR tests. That means, with all its other distorting woes, testing "positive" for this strain of the virus will look just like testing positive for the others.

It too is not "new" though being touted as such, it was first discovered back in December, to nominal fanfare. No one was worried then. Today, it might be "the most infectious disease on earth." Pfizer is on the bandwagon for a fourth useless booster. Moderna wasn't sure, then consulted its stock price, and is now fully on board!

But all these flailings may be ignoring how the narrative is being already remembered, oh and "boiling frogs."


"Take aways" from historical circumstances determine how things are "branded" and how they are filed in our national and global consciousness. It is the young, who will filter and recount the sad, abased story of utterly useless, destructive "lockdowns." 

We have reports, lab reports, of C-19 in circulation well before December 2019. That means there was nothing to "lock in" and either we were being maliciously misled on some other imperative or demonstrating a degree of witlessness that is hard to characterise or quantify.

So, if as Ed West suggests, the COVID "narrative" in terms of a governing record, will be spun by those born between 1996-2005, then we are speaking of a group that had virtually nothing to worry about from the disease itself, and suffered and lost among the most in terms of quality of prime years from the lockdowns. 

Remember, pre-jab, as of 1 January 2021, the "infection fatality rate" as reported in the medical journal Lancet for the US was a mere 0.432%. COVID orthodoxy poster child California at 0.537%, libertine Florida at 0.338%. No explanations proffered; gaze hastily averted.

This period will not be filtered through the perception of the terrified elders, enjoying time at home, with all necessities delivered by other people whose "risk" was immaterial to those casting the tale. 

As Mr. West writes, "The plays and television shows about lockdown, appearing in the late 2020s, will be voiced by people who lived in squalid flat shares and missed out on some of the best years of their lives," as… "housing costs increased by a further 10% and their hopes of ever owning a home were further crushed."

But let's dig a little deeper, analytically. In the 1950s and 60s Britain was struck by flu strains which killed considerable numbers of people. The Asian Flu of 1957 had a fatality rate of 0.3%, the 1968 Hong Kong Flu 0.5%. But these were most dangerous for teenagers. Today, this would have further stimulated mass panic. But a walk on the moon and Woodstock were still somehow possible.

Had we not hyped C-19, and dealt with symptoms, and treated those symptoms (as it is abundantly clear now it is possible to do), no one may have noticed it, given its middling mortality figures. 

The common cold comes from a coronavirus, and there may well have been something as initially lethal, which then naturally evolved into a more moderate strain (something we have arrogantly and unfortunately interfered with this time). We have no such record perhaps because such a coronavirus would have been competing for attention with smallpox, measles, influenza and Y.pestis. 

One speculation is that this was "too sudden" or rather was portrayed as such, and unlike "boiling frogs" there was no natural adjustment or adaptation. Try it again, and there is a precedent, and reflexive panic is far less likely.

Almost all the seismic changes we've endured, from escalation in crime rates, to the collapse in educational standards - were they to have happened in a year or two - would likely have provoked a concerted activism. Instead, being introduced incrementally, integrated into our perceptions of normalcy, "evolution" or even "devolution" makes such "revolution" possible.

Counting the cost

As Lanka grapples with a self-imposed, government exacerbated economic crisis, its worst since Independence; as the world tries to come to grips with the morass of Ukraine and what any sane endgame would look like (of course while we ignore egregious tragedies afoot in Ethiopia and Yemen for reasons that are geopolitically obvious but morally incomprehensible), we come to basic facts about COVID that are sobering. 

And one that keeps being ignored, is we don't know how to count deaths. Oxford University reports that public health and statistics organisations across the UK operate under 14 different definitions to classify a death from COVID.

Many in the first wave so classified never even tested positive, but a statement from the care home provider as COVID was rife, did the trick. In the US, insurance incentivised the classification, as the distinction arose of "with COVID" as opposed to "from COVID."

The Oxford report confirms that there is scant evidence that COVID per se, without progressing to pneumonia, or in cahoots with serious comorbidities, would lead to death. 

In fact, they call this "the ravages of human stupidity." Namely, seeking to sift deaths caused by the "pandemic response" and those by the pathogen. In some trusts, up to 95% of "COVID deaths" were in people with "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) orders!

This paper is published on the Collateral Global website. It drives home the fact that "panic mode" was as much the killer as anything. A dementia patient, elderly, left alone, will be in dead in two to three days, says Professor Carl Heneghan of Oxford. Guess how the death would be classified.

Imagine planetary paralysis from a pathogen with a global IFR now showing at 0.15% of no real risk to the majority of the planet, and we don't know who has it (PCR follies) or who died from it. 

That level of immunity to rationality is why we need to pay scrupulous attention locally to economic survival and globally, the winds of war.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.
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