Forbidden Healing: That Thing About Oxygen...

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Forbidden Healing: That Thing About Oxygen...

Did Paleo man get more oxygen?
In the absence of precise data, it is difficult to assess our evolutionary heritage or detail the conditions ancient humans were once adapted to.  We were there!  Your DNA was surely there, but down through the generations we just forgot. 

Given that our atmosphere is now lower in oxygen than during long chapters of our developmental past, questions arise. Paired with our stale modern food supply and inescapable industrial toxins, both of which effectively gobble available oxygen, we are driven to even lower states of health than could be expected from less oxygen today. Now we just can't seem to get enough oxygen for peak vitality, cellular energy or extended lifespans; we basically teeter at the edge of hypoxia and cellular suffocation. Reverse engineered oxygen-based therapies would indicate "there is more here than meets the eye." 
Paleontologists tells us life originated in the oceans. Anaerobes were first to appear under an electron-rich reducing atmosphere devoid of O2--it took life itself to begin producing free O2 oxygen.  As oxygen levels rose, aerobic life began, rapidly gained complexity and grew to amazing sizes relative to plants and animals alive today.  Scientists have tried to plot atmospheric conditions over the eons and compare them to the fossil record. Since higher oxygen levels and barometric pressures mean more O2 molecules per liter of air and stronger geomagnetic fields induce stronger body charge, these factors obviously figured in the origin of higher life-forms and their adaptations to changes ever since.

To complicate the puzzle, scientific estimations of prehistoric conditions vary by author.  Written human history is sketchy before 5000 BC as well, but includes tales of giants and people of extreme age.  Biblical accounts of longevity and the legendary presence of giants have been at least partially supported by archaeological evidence of human remains that showed signs of extreme age and a few that exhibited extraordinary proportions. In addition, biological experiments using enhanced atmospheric conditions found that fish and insects could attain jumbo sizes and extended lifespans.

Jurassic Park
Dinosaurs and giant vegetation ruled earth during high O2 periods of over 30% atmospheric oxygen. These gigantic animals and huge trees disappeared as cataclysmic earth changes occurred. They could logically not survive today's reduced oxygen levels because in our 21% O2 atmosphere, the nostril and lung capacity of the giants could not support the needs of their immense body masses.  Increases in acidity and oxidative conditions brought on by industrial pollutions would further cripple the delivery of oxygen. Dinosaurs are thought to have disappeared millions of years ago, yet other somewhat smaller mega-fauna persisted until a mere 13,000 years before present. In a similar vein, earlier evolved anaerobes could not flourish once oxygen appeared.  And many primitive bacteria, viruses and fungi (and cancerous cells) appeared under minimal oxygen levels so can only become pathogenic in hypoxic situations.  Note that bacteria and viruses thrive where acids, metals and stagnant circulation exist in opposition to oxygen; the self same conditions that sicken fish and turn once healthy cells into cancerous cells.

Consider... The universal effectiveness demonstrated by practitioners of the following oxidative arts.
O2 oxygen is what powers cells and immune mechanisms by generating electrons via metabolism. Singlet oxygen is formed during normal immune response to destroy pathogens and unwanted organic debris.  Electron, O2 and singlet oxygen levels can be enhanced, enabled or supplemented directly.

  • HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, puts a patient in a chamber with elevated oxygen levels and higher than normal barometric pressures so his cells receive more molecules of oxygen/liter.  Pathogens are then destroyed, mitochondrial numbers and mitochondrial outputs increase and energy levels rise.  Sports professionals use HBOT to speed recovery from muscle aches, injuries and concussions.
  • Bottled Oxygen is a common supplemental in many hospital ER settings to make up for labored breathing and poor oxygen penetration in acute situations. Breathing oxygen while exercising (EWOT) is highly touted as a healing and de-ageing practice. Oxygen "bars" provide a refreshing pause from dirty oxygen-depleted city air.
  • H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, is used in alternative medicine IA and IV for cancers, all infections, MS, asthma, COPD and emphysema to name a few.  Diluted with 3-4 parts water, 3% can be inhaled from vaporizers.  It works beautifully when huffed directly into lungs via nasal-spray bottle @3% for any lung condition.  35% "food grade" hydrogen peroxide is recommended for internal use and is available at health food stores or over the internet. This concentrated food grade form requires careful handling and must be diluted for use. A typical initial dose is ONE drop of 35% to a glass of water 2-3X/day increasing gradually to 15 drops 2-3X/day.  Hydrogen peroxide yields O2 oxygen,  but also generates ROS (reactive oxygen species) or "hot" singlet oxygen so devastating to pathogens and parasites in normal immune defense.
  • Alkalizing, raising pH, is a backdoor method of enabling and enhancing oxygen delivery. Through the use of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium and potassium supplements that act as pH buffers, pH balanced dietary selections and various breathing techniques, one can optimize pH.
  • Megadose Ascorbate, Vitamin C/sodium bicarbonate, orally or IV has the added dimension of supplying hot singlet oxygen immune bursts along with huge quantities of antioxidant electrons.  Vitamin C has snatched millions from the jaws of diverse illnesses like heart/artery disease, tooth abscess, cancers and encephalitis. On other fronts, the flood of electrons mobilizes positively charged toxic metals ( Use with chelators like chlorella/clays/charcoal ) and donates to any oxidized molecules in need (like spent Vitamin E).   Once metals are eliminated, their free radical generating habits cease to continually gobble vital electrons. Recharged antioxidants can continue protecting cell molecules.
  • Ozone Therapies require professional administration and/or ozone generators.  Ozone supplies singlet oxygen like the rest and is used in dozens of ways including ozonated solutions, rectal infusions and by treating blood outside the body.
  • Iodine is an essential nutrient needed for glandular function. At doses above that need, iodine is an oxidizer that goes back in history as a most effective medicine used on infections, cancers, etc. Search Lugol's , Dr. Brownstein and

These  bio-oxidative boosters supply the winning edge when confronting even intractable illnesses and are the key element of a whole-istic protocol that must also address nutrition, detoxification and emotional upgrades.

I have personally used each of them (except ozone) with amazing success. Each involves inexpensive substances and simple skills well worth acquiring.  The point is that a shortage of electrons and oxygen mean a shortage of bio energy and that is what keeps our cell molecules intact and drives the "work" of all biochemistry.

One can employ the principles in a number of surprising ways--Scuba diving to depth increases O2 partial pressure. Baking soda in drinking water increases pH and athletic performance. Deep, slow breathing regulates blood pH. Rapid shallow hyperventilation (perform seated) blows off CO2 as it oxygenates and alkalizes--Slow breathing and breath holding builds CO2 and oxygen efficiency in cells--Sunshine, better known for it's value of turning cholesterol into Vitamin D, generates oxidizing NO/nitric oxide, which redox-signals the production of protective anti-oxidants--Solar and acoustic energy structure our major water fraction to maximize body charge and O2 transit-- Try earthing --Relaxation, meditation and laughter promote a stronger body charge that protects O2 while quieting energy loss through biophoton production.

The totality of natural healing ideas converge on the theme; to deliver more oxygen and more electrons.

Survival skills
Like I said, skill, imagination and persistence are involved in applications of oxygen. We can use them to adapt and evolve. They are generally safe when self-used prudently or administered by a physician.

*Overdosing becomes an oxidative stressor to the system and may also result in Herxheimer Rxns and nausea if dosage is increased too rapidly.  Interactions with any prescription drugs should be checked.
*Oxidative therapies can be alternated with antioxidant supplementation, otherwise Mega-dosing Vitamin C could be employed alone to cover both sides of the redox balance.  Oxidation itself initiates the production of protective in-house anti-oxidants like glutathione via redox signaling. Use oxidants and ant-oxidants at least 4hrs apart from each other.

*It is wise to strengthen tissues before undertaking more aggressive oxidative therapies.  4-6 weeks of high-dose oral Vitamin C/baking soda plus collagen rich soups will strengthen all connective tissues/joints/skin/blood vessels.

*HBOT, IVs and ozone infusions require professional assistance and special equipment.
*Search ACAM and oxidative medicine websites, use physician finder for practitioners.

Many facts of early life on earth lie lost in the dust of time. Even now amidst the confusion of too much information and all too frequent fabrication, the full-on story of oxygen is yet to surface. When it does, it will become the most practical scientific approach to health, healing and the riddle of ageing....just because it is.

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