Killertrails and the Destruction of Life on Earth

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Really chemtrails should be called "Killertrails," because they permanently make the land and water incapable of generating life. The sooner people know this to be so the better, so the more shocking the news presentation the better. I have watched ALL the trees and shrubs in Boulder die over the last 3 years, and it is a greater shock to the biological mind that losing loved ones. A ubiquitous and unrelenting threat to the continuity of LIFE is the greatest shock there is ECOSHOCK. The killertrails kill the land and water so people cannot grow food, they render the population helpless, sick, dependent and without the resources to fight back. They then ramp up the disease vectors, and the EMF mind control, perhaps even resorting to an EMP attack to take the people's money from the banking system. With coffins, crematoriums and FEMA camps at the ready, country after country will be depopulated, and I don't see how it can be stopped.

100% of the trees and woody plants are cracked, dead and dying in Boulder and the Front Range...caused by the nano-metals from chemtrails, paid for by the oil companies that are extensively fracking the Niobrara shale, which sits more than 6,000 feet below the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. If they don't stop their poisoning, ALL of the grasses and other plants will die also and the land will be reduced to permanent desert.

CLIMATE VIEWER 3D: Jim Lee has constructed the ultimate interactive map to track geoengineering. On this map you can see they are doing chemtrailing up and down the Rocky Mts. Jim mentioned there was a connection between fracking, and that the chemtrails increase drought. Here is Jim Lee's video where you can see the chemtrailing along the entire ridge of the Front Range.

DROUGHT: Boulder's trees have been killed by chemtrails paid for by the oil companies, who do not like rain on their fracking fields...which lie in all surrounding areas to greater Boulder. Overseeding is when an excess of nucleating material is released over an area to prevent rain. By distributing of too much seeding material this creates too many ice crystals because they compete for the available water vapor, and few of them will grow large enough to fall as precipitation. Chemtrailing California and Colorado leads to flooding in the east coast states.

POISONING RAIN: The chemtrail program's most predictable feature is heavy spraying in the skies one or two days before a predicted rainfall, thunderstorm, snowfall, hailstorm or any other type of precipitation event. The heavy precipitation events particularly ensures that the many aerosolized chemicals end up on lakes and rivers, farmland and forests, homes and offices, roads and sidewalks, malls and shopping centers, cars and trucks, etc...

WEATHER MODIFICATION: "Weather à la carte" to create drought or flood over target areas for the purposes of weather wars, political extortion, weakening an enemy, creating poverty and hardship, destroy food production, eliminating rain for sporting events, weather derivatives and hedge gambling on Wall Street, engineered climate catastrophes, and media fueled materialistic mass distraction mayhem. Record drought disasters have occurred in every single country in the Middle East prior to the destabilization, toppling and "regime change" of these countries.  Weather warfare has been used for decades for profit and power, to manipulate and control populations all over the globe. The US "homeland" is a prime target of ongoing weather warfare by its own military, the epic California drought is one example.

TOXIC INHERITANCE: A new study has found that children born near greater densities of natural gas development sites in Colorado may have an increased risk of some birth defects. However, the studies have yet to be done on the long-term genetic effects of nano heavy metal poisoning on consecutive future generations. Since the tons of chemtrails sprayed over the Front Range have already killed all the trees...I can only suspect that the repercussions to human health, wellbeing and cognition will be severe, geometric and lasting. Apparently it is the oil companies that are paying for the that is a double-quadruple whammy...gas fumes, poisoned water sources and absolute devastation of the vegetation and soil by chemtrail toxins, poisoning of the air we breathe and the lakes, rivers and drinking water. Leaking at every stage of the oil and gas supply chain is 7 million tons of methane emissions a year – the same 20-year climate impact as 160 coal-fired power plants.

THE COST OF IGNORE-ANCE—If people ignore it, and the chemtrailing continues the USA et al will turn to desert, after it becomes a towering inferno first, and the land may never be usable again due to nanometal poisoning. Chemtrailing oxidizes the bejesus out of everything it touches! The chemtrail method of depopulation renders the land and water electromagnetically unfit for life by destroying the necessary cation/anion balance. Thus not only will they break down civil and civic life and destroy civilization itself, they will break the natural bounty of nature that makes highly complex society possible. They are killing the electric potentials of life and rendering the planet into a barren mineral rock.

"We have participated unknowingly in the creation of a spurious reality, and then we have obligingly fed it to ourselves. We have colluded in our own doom." Philip K Dick

UNLOVE AND PLANETARY DEATH—The human psyche is a flower contracting and expanding in time with the opening and closing of the heartmind. Love opens us, but then we are afraid of losing love. If there is a conspiracy of unlove around us we contract over time in defeat and dejection - the social environment being too harsh to open. Listening to Ian Crane's video yesterday, he pointing out the obvious that in Borg society everything is focused around money to the point that we are all spiritual paupers. The world could be regenerated, abundant, healthy, alive, giving and OPEN! if money was not the currency of exchange, but "ideas, creativity, love and assistance" was the social fertilizer. Our left-brain dominance prevents us from seeing the obvious and so we miss out on the life we were born to live.

—Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix!, Ian R Crane.

KILLING CONSCIOUSNESS—Reality is forbidden by the profit invested consensus mind...the Matrix of Mammon, but that Reality will eventually make itself known as the sandcastle empire collapses. By trimming the lushness and networking of the brain's neurons with killertrail nanometals the population will not only suffer dementia, they will become schizophrenic, manic depressive and psychotic. As people's organs break down, decomposing fungi, bacteria and viruses will invade, and general society will be composed of zombies. The increase in apocalypse, zombie and vampire movies may be predictive programing for what is to happen to us when our neurons are cut back and our brains eaten away by oxidizing metals just as the trees are now.


—See David LaPoint's series on The Primer Fields to see how nanometal killertrails break down the fabric of life.

Good people do not stay in politics...they either wake up and get out, die of a heart attack or they get killed. The "work" of culture building through sovereign leadership, has nothing to do with the current political theater or the entrenched institutions of exploitation and subjugation.

ENVIRO-RESTITUTIONAL JUSTICE— These diabolical ecocidists must be apprehended and charged for their wholesale destruction of the land and human population, and pay the superfund for the detoxification and restoration of the land. These arch criminals have no right to exist on this sacred planet, for the sanctity of life is the ultimate law! To evil genius nothing is sacred...especially the sacred. Their crimes must be stopped regardless of the expense or effort the people can bring the land and water cycle back to full health.

Prison is too good for these ecogenocidal maniacs. No not prison, crime on this scale needs a new justice and punishment system...more along the lines of an eye for an eye...and restitution EQUAL to the crime. Enviro-Restitutional Justice must be established by a new legal structure built from environmental and social justice lawyers around the world. The perpetrators of the chemocide of the planet must be made to drink their own coolaide AND restore the land, the water and the people to the condition of full health and abundance. Using the wealth of nations to destroy nations is the ultimate treason...treason against the sanctity of life.

Reparations Justice and Sovereignty Law can lay the foundations for the stairway out of our degenerative, delinquent condition, where power-abuse and infringement on the life of others is used as a desperate attempt to feel good (via powerlust chemistry) and achieve a personal advantage over others. If we can teach the children to gain pleasure by supporting life rather than destroying it, there may be hope for us all! What we are hoping to achieve through reparations justice and sovereignty law is the repairing of our breach of biological faith and trust so that perpetrator and victim can recover their love and reenter the state of grace with the evolutionary Lifeforce. We can first attempt to share the morality of sovereignty and equity in our own families and communities as such. However if we manage to do that...then we can spread civility and magnanimity throughout the globe.

From our present global condition it is obvious that modern humanity knows full well how to create disease conditions. To move beyond this pointless suffering we have to use our mystical intuition to get real with the "reality of living things." To love all life including oneself seems to be the quintessential goal of life. As we regenerate our physical body and the planet we deepen consciousness and in doing so we gain even greater knowledge of ourselves and how to promote Life in the Universe. Success is inevitable because the resurgent, rising sun energy is more sincere, hopeful, ecstatic and enduring than the forces of decay, slumber and cultural myopia. Conscious civilization is the only way humanity can endure the repercussions of our own existence.

In Sovereignty Game Theory all forms of energy, resource and power acquisition that arise from dependent, subversive or aggressive means are counter to the generation of collective upward momentum to Civilization Next. Thus we see that crime, theft, prostitution, wage slavery, military, bullying, and the commercialism of anti-life science, usury, politics and all facets of degenerate culture, are efforts to "cheat" at reality and achieve energy, resource and power acquisition via delinquent means. This is evidently a wasted effort for the inherent corruption within all methods of "cheating" leads to the inevitable collapse of whatever angle or advantage the presovereign may have "attained or created." Thus presovereignty itself is entropic because it is not in accord with the universal laws of the creative process of the evolution of consciousness, matter and culture. Thus the modus operandi of the sadomasochistic Borg form of HUman is coming to an end...and the potential is wide open for an evolved Hominid to come into being. The playing field for the sovereign is essentially empty, and ready to be molded by the most elevated and illustrious minds of the times.

Transcending Hindbrain "false power and cheating" is the principle codon to establishing Civilization Next. Everything else can be built from this central axis. The voyage begins!

BIO: Author Jana Dixon is a Transition Culture Innovator and regeneration researcher focused on integral spiritual development toward life lived in worldcentric mode. She is a Kiwi Mystic Philosopher, Pundit of Perturbation, or Thinker Scribe presently troubleshooting in America. Since the 1980's Jana has been working on building the ethical, philosophical, technological and mystical framework for Civilization Next.

"It's irresponsible not to say it," – Mulder

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