The powerful healing ingredient in Kraft's new mac & cheese

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Why Did The FDA Approve Turmeric for Kraft's Mac & Cheese But Not Medicine?

A powerful spice extract now replaces toxic synthetic dyes in Kraft's mac & cheese, but the FDA has yet to approve turmeric for a single medical use despite thousands of studies support its value.

In a world where FDA-approved chemotherapy can cost 4,000 times the price of gold, it is the height of Orwellian cognitive dissonance to learn that one of the most powerful anti-cancer agents in the world is approved by the FDA as a GRAS (generally accepted as safe) food coloring agent and not to prevent or cure any of the deadly diseases plaguing humanity today.

Kraft foods, for instance, recently launched an advertising campaign patting itself on the back for silently replacing the synthetic dyes in their mac & cheese (yellow 5 & 6) with curcumin, the powerful golden hued polyphenol that comes from the ancient Indian healing spice turmeric.  

Companies like Kraft should be acknowledged for taking this healthier step. Perhaps also, their decision signals a growing awareness among Americans of the superiority of natural compounds over synthetic ones. But why limit its use to mac & cheese? What about its medical value in over hundreds of diseases, as established by an extensive body of published research that has been accumulating for decades?

Check out our curcumin database to take a look at the vast body of published studies.

If you take a moment to skim this research, you'll quickly see that curcumin has vast potential as a medicine. But because it can not be patented, it threatens a multi-billion dollar drug industry simply by existing. Learn more by reading "Why Is Turmeric Still Not FDA Approved?"

Let’s do the math.

If ipilimumab costs 150 per milligram, and an entire course of the chemo-drug about $120,000, how much does turmeric (curcumin) cost in comparison?


Let’s look at the price of a good, organically certified brand of turmeric online. For just $14.29 you can buy an entire pound of fairly traded organic turmeric from Frontier Natural Products Co-Op. So, 1 lb equals 16 ounces. There are 28 grams in an ounce, or 28,000 milligrams in an ounce. That would make 448,000 milligrams in a full pound.


Before we compare this price to ipilimumab, let’s remember that the curcumin in turmeric is only 3-5% by weight. So, let’s then assume as an approximation that 4% of your average turmeric powder is curcumin. That equates to 17,920 milligrams of curcumin per lb. Now, for the sake of comparison, IF this curcumin was the same price as the FDA-approved drug ipilimumab, it would be worth a staggering 2,688,000 dollars.

Ironically, ipilimumab was never even proven safe or effective through the “evidence-based” standard of randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials. In the clinical trials submitted by the drug manufacturers to the FDA, no placebo or true control group was used. Instead, they compared the effect of ipilimumab with an experimental vaccine (control) and without one, assuming that the slightly increased survival (only a few months) in the non-vaccine combined group was an indication of the drug’s value instead of the other possibility: the experimental vaccine was causing harm, or amplified the deadly side effects of  ipilimumab. If you want to learn more details, read my recent expose on the topic.

The point is that turmeric and curcumin’s value in health is well-established already with thousands of years of cross-culturally validated experience.

There is also the amazing fact that hundreds of studies have been performed showing turmeric can prevent and kill a wide range of cancer cell lines, almost all of it which is available to view on our turmeric research database that has over 1,900 studies on turmeric and curcumin’s value not just for cancer but for over 750 different diseases.

The only real barrier to its being integrated into the standard of care and used to alleviate suffering is political and economic. If you consider that in some states in the US the possession of a simple wild-growing plant -- cannabis -- can land you in jail, plants like curcumin or cannabis are commonly either ignored or demonized because they threaten the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry's status quo.

And so, if curcumin is really safer, and more effective at killing cancer (I say this because we know it kills cancer stem cells which are at the heart of cancer malignancy and recurrence) than FDA approved drugs that bankrupt entire families due to their exorbitant cost, clearly relegating this powerful healing substance to be used solely as a food coloring is highly unethical. 

Technically, at .000797 pennies per milligram versus 150.00 per milligram for ipilimumab, curcumin is over 150 million times cheaper, and would therefore provide an accessible, safe, and effective chemotherapy alternative to the entire world’s population!

So why aren’t more using it?

First, there is still an information vacuum. With the mainstream media’s primary advertising source being pharmaceutical interests, curcumin can’t expect to get much free advertising (coverage) anywhere. Quite the contrary, the pharmaceutical industry and media have a vested interest in keeping the truth about its healing properties suppressed. Consider that preliminary research indicates that turmeric (curcumin) could provide a natural and effective alternative to at least 14 block-buster conventional drugs. 

Second, folks are still too afraid to take their health destiny’s by the reigns. They are still habitually entrained by the “priest of the body,” assuming that if medical advice or orders are not meted out by an external authority that healing will not be in their grasp. This “faith in authority” versus faith in one’s own healing power is exemplified by the placebo effect. If you are given a pill (even if it contains sugar) by a doctor who you believe has given you a healing substance, only then will patients give themselves permission to heal. The truth, of course, is they had the power all along. The conventional medical system is based on the so-called “evidence-based” model, requiring that all clinical trials be “placebo-controlled” for a reason. The placebo effect (and conversely, the nocebo effect: literally "I will harm.") is so powerful, that it often eclipses the power of the drug intervention itself. And so, at the very core of the so-called “science based,” highly “objectively based” model of medicine is the often overriding power of the mind/belief system to determine health outcomes.

The body's miraculous power to heal, and your full understanding and belief in that power, is the most important thing there is in determining your health destiny. You are invited to learn more about my views on this topic by watching the The Truth About Cancer docu-series, going live on April 12th. I will be sharing what I have learned over the past 15 years on the topic in 8 interviews scheduled to occur over a series of 9 consecutive days. Join me, along with 100+ scientists, physicians, and health experts, by registering here. Below you will see the daily schedule of topics. Please share this information with friends and loved ones. The information can help to prevent unnecessary suffering. Register FREE here.

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