Mainstream Medical Myths / Alternative Healing Pitfalls

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Mainstream Medical Myths / Alternative Healing Pitfalls

Staying healthy is hard enough without intentional disinformation.  Basic science and logic can reveal the life-saving truths forbidden by our medical industrial complex and corporate media.

It's hard to find anyone who does not believe in the Germ Theory of Disease or that butter will clog your arteries or that we are somehow defective and at the mercy of a genetic weakness. These fictions have spanned several generations; most doctors and the misinformed public accept them without question.

While the medical system has made great strides in trauma care and intervention, it fails miserably at prevention and the treatment of chronic disease. What's ironic is that many naturalistic physicians and supplement makers work from the same faulty "need the right drug" idea and could be more effective if they recognized the electro-chemical nature of life and broadened their focus toward manipulating macro-conditions favorable for cellular health. Then again, the marketing of everything has resulted in confusion everywhere.

One must understand that modern healthcare is a profit-driven state-sponsored business that builds high walls to protect its hyper-complicated paradigm and deter all competition. Why else would every cheap effective treatment be branded as dangerous quackery? In my experience, the therapeutic ideas that really work, from mega or IV vitamin C to hydrogen peroxide to ozone to baking soda to iodine to chelation to hyperbaric oxygen to dozens of natural antibiotics to herbals, polyphenols and cannabinoids to chiropractic to still-free sunshine and earthing, have been either warned against or dismissed as worthless. This rejection is not just philosophical elitism, it is malicious disinformation, malpractice, and many times, manslaughter.

With a large chunk of the population debilitated by chronic disease or consumed as caregivers, half million cancer deaths a year, and a significant portion of the nation's wealth devoted to sick-care, the odor of fish is unmistakeable.  Coincidentally, 90% of American agriculture is involved in a genetically modified chemical abomination. Toxic disease-generating fare is served on every table and industrial filth contaminates every mudpuddle and minnow. And no secret, nearly 90% of Americans are mineral deficient, lacking magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, zinc and selenium. Few get a full range of vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols, healthful fats and collagenous proteins. Metabolic dysfunction, junk "carbage," heavy metals and media-generated stress, however, are in ample supply.

Simple chemistry shows we are made of molecules which interact according to charge. Repulsions and attractions are like boys and girls, where negative charged electrons are attracted to positive charged protons. Electrons are either removed by protons or free radicals (oxidation), or shared forming a compound, a couple so to speak. 

Electrons, like money, go to the strongest hand. Gather them where ye may: from nature, from antioxidants, sea minerals, charged air, earth and water. Water is the collector and universally overlooked matrix our cells swim in, where electrons are energized by light, heat, sound and friction. Strong charge gradients and polarities make stuff move. This is standard basic unimpeachable science, only without wires, batteries and generators.

Where conditions are acidic or positive, electrons are scarce and may even be stolen from the chemical bonds of complex molecules such as those making up our bodies. When a system is alkaline, electrons are plentiful so DNA expresses properly, structural bonds are not attacked, positive charge metals are dispelled and our cells remain powered up and intact. Life itself hangs on this delicate balance.

Consider the energy equation:

Sun Energy > Food/Water (+) Oxygen > Metabolism  =  Electrons (-) Oxidative Debt (Acidic metabolic wastes, Toxins/Metals, Emotional Stress, Inflammations)  (+ or -)  Electrolyte Mineral Levels, Emotions of Fear/Joy, Lifestyle Habits  =  Total Body Charge  (Approximately 30-50 millivolts or pH 7.35 to 7.40 is Healthy Range)

Natural healing can be powerfully effective if implemented holistically and quantitatively. Raising body charge is the goal. (Holistically means addressing every aspect of life.  Quantitatively means using ridiculously overwhelming quantities of certain safe substances to restore a healthy voltage to the system, as with the counter-intuitive megadosing of vitamin C, niacin, oxygen, magnesium, etc.)

At the bottom of man's inharmonious relationship with reality lies a conditioned proclivity to rely on force to overcome his neurotic fears. Military aggression and chemically violent "wars" against cancers and pathogens are primitive brutish low intellect approaches. Greed, rape, envy, deception, consumerism and instant gratification are attitudinal creations of the chimp mind we've been forced to adopt in our fantasy of the American dream. No artful finesse here, it's ecocide.

Connect the dots, track the energetics of living organisms.
Trace the flow of oxygen from nose to bloodstream and through the metabolic process until it exits as carbon dioxide and water.
Follow food and minerals from intestinal tract out into the cells.
Consider the nature of fluids, circulation, viscosity, membrane construction and the digestion of waste debris by phages and garbage removal via the lymphatic system, skin, liver, kidneys and intestines.
Think of the tone of the body and how the consciousness is reflected in it. 
Big picture: it all runs on electrons.

The Germ Theory of Disease

The question that never gets asked is, "Do pathogenic bacteria, virus and fungi cause disease... or do unhealthy conditions inside and outside an organism invite their proliferation?"

The wholesale use of antibiotics and vaccines in humans and their food animals followed the shift to artificial grain/soy monocultures and feedlots, and preceded the prevalence of pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella in foods and the appearance of superbugs. The existence of a beneficial human biome has been broadly publicized, yet is largely ignored when a scary new bug arises from antibiotic-induced floral imbalances and resists killing. Hospitals are in crisis mode attempting to halt the lethal infections they unwittingly propagate.

So widespread is deficient immunity that disease control officials use the term "herd" immunity, but ignore the underlying causes in what the "herd" is fed.  Maybe an acid-forming grain-based diet, deficient/contaminated animal products, missing minerals and metal/chemical pollution throughout the human "feedlot" play a role?

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are welcomed where metal loads are present, circulation is sluggish, oxygen is not delivered, pH buffering minerals deficient, metabolism is faulty and cells acidic. Doesn't this mean immune mechanisms lack the energy in the form of electrons to mount an effective response? Wouldn't it be prudent to use high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, proton scrubbing hyperbaric oxygen and alkalizing minerals like magnesium, potassium and bicarbonates to boost cellular energy and dampen inflammation? Or add the natural immune oxidant, singlet oxygen, via hydrogen peroxide, ozone or again, mega C which generates hydrogen peroxide? Or use charge protectant high ORAC oils and herbal polyphenols which are antioxidants that simultaneously scrub damaging free radicals and knock down pathogens? Instead of pouring antibiotics with inherent collateral damage upon the world, why not restore healthy conditions and optimize immune function to "un-invite" them?

Though some bad bugs can attack the healthiest person at times, it is usually marginally healthy people who succumb and develop complications that robust individuals can withstand. Many live too clean, too sanitary, and rarely encounter the bugs they need to cue immune development. Many more unknowingly carry antibiotic damaged floral populations and intestinal infections like strep, staph and candida (think oregano oil) that weaken the system to the point that acute emergencies like C. difficile and pneumonia follow.  Nasty anaerobes silently invade scurvacious gum tissues, and their toxins travel to affect the heart. Tooth decay and chronic root canal infections also source toxins and disrupt electrical acupuncture meridians.

The very idea of vaccination and antibiotics distracts from the thought of personal responsibility over immune fitness, to the point that a fearful public now holds anti-vaxxers responsible for their (in)security. Again, real science is squashed by corporate "science" which solidifies into political correctness and psychological dependence. The public only knows it has a tummy ache and is scared, but lacks the first clue. Ignorance is highly contagious, and false premises always yield faulty conclusions.

Cholesterol/Fat Mythology

The drive to change U.S. agriculture into mechanized corn/wheat/soy monocultures spun a web of lies so thick few have penetrated the deception. The public was switched off butter, eggs and animal fats onto the USDA "food pyramid" consisting of cereals, corn syrup, vegetable oils, margarines and "lean" feedlot meats. Today, after all the science to the contrary, saturated fats are still heart attack food. Polyunsaturates and omega-3's are recommended though few suspect the danger of easily oxidized vegetable oils. Sugars, salt, gluten and processed grains are falling out of favor, but apparently whole grains are OK even if loaded with glyphosate? The picture is still deceptive.

The real problem with factory meat, milk, cheese, poultry and eggs — besides antibiotic, hormone, other drug residues and bacterial contamination — is the fats. They are built on grain so Omega 3:6 ratios are reversed. Omega fats are polyunsaturates that oxidize easily especially when the animals lacked antioxidants from pasture grasses in their tissues.  CAFO (concentrated animal feedlot operation) animal fats like others are saturated and therefore slow to oxidize, but are different: harder and higher melting out of the feedlot.  Polyunsaturated vegetable oils get damaged, oxidized and turned trans in processing. Since brain cells and all cell membranes are made of saturated and omega fats, it is important to consume the best and freshest and most electrically conductive fats from pastured free-range sources. Membrane transport can be a bottleneck for oxygen and material delivery. Faulty membranes mean poor mitochondrial energy production and a decline in vitality. Membranes are also damaged in situ through oxidation under low body charge, inflammation.

Grains and sugars are generally acid forming since they generate protons faster than they can be absorbed by available oxygen and converted to water. Though these high-glycemic carbs provide energy up front, they sap electrons on the back end. Un-neutralized protons are temporarily stored in lactic acid with spillover grabbed by NADH (nicotinamide/niacin). Excess carbs are converted to triglycerides, "bad" cholesterol and body fat.

Cholesterol itself is an essential fat whose levels become elevated upon high carb/sugar intake. Trouble occurs when fat consumption is low, body charge is low, and inflammatory toxins and acidic oxidative stress are present. If vitamin C and collagenous proteins are scarce, vessel linings begin to oxidize and erode. Cholesterol is called upon to deposit band-aid plaques which can eventually occlude the lumen or break free to travel and block small vessels.

Statins are the wrong answer, based on a false and fraudulent premise— yet another example of research confined to an imaginary box by corporate "science." Instead, consider vitamin C megadose, vitamin E and the proteins and minerals (lysine/proline/glucosamine/hyaluronic acid/sulfur compounds) in homemade bone/cartilage soups, not only to halt blood vessel erosion, but to rebuild them along with all other connective tissues for beautiful skin, flexible joints, conductive fascia, healthy intestines and strong bones.
Doctors are trained to ignore nutrition, bad agriculture and fake food, and to preserve the lucrative business model of the sickness industry. As a profession, they will sell you dangerous drugs, but are remiss in pointing a finger at factory foods. Of course individual physicians may know better, but are locked into their standards of care. And what doctor has the time to correct patient habits and overcome the 24/7 harangue of the commercial media?

What if Americans were aware of the unhealthy counterfeit grain-based fraud that has replaced real foods? Wouldn't cutting down on high glycemic carbs and sugars be a better answer? What if they figured out that we jam more glucose into our cells than can be processed by available oxygen? What if they learned to eat pastured animal fats and proteins instead of fast-burning sugars that fry their cells in acid? What if they maintained an adequate daily intake of plant nutrients, minerals and fiber? What if they found out that modern "sick-care" is largely a trap that feeds off diseases caused by a politically favored food industry?


There are a number of rare yet well known genetic disorders, but today cancers and other chronic diseases are being blamed on genetic weaknesses. I don't buy it, since epigenetic expression is largely dependent on the context of body charge. In fact, all normal biochemistry requires a charge terrain of 30-50 millivolts which translates into a pH of 7.35 to 7.4 which closely tracks ORP or oxidation/reduction (redox) potential. A finely tuned body maintains this electron majority through breathing, electrolyte mineral levels, robust metabolism and a number of other feedback mechanisms.

DNA is just a complex bio-molecule and its on/off switches, replication and enzyme production are charge dependent. Just look at the common acidic charge killers that dampen expression: emotional stress/fear/shame, improper nutrition, toxins and unhealthy lifestyle choices; compare the longevity-boosting telomere protection of laughter, happiness, exercise and sunshine...or electron-rich antioxidants and free-radical-stopping polyphenols...or any action that keeps the electron balance to the good and away from inflammation and acidic oxidative stress.

Deciphering the genetic code was a Herculean task using incredibly sophisticated science. Applications, though, can cut both ways, correcting defects or creating dangerous monsters. Shouldn't the first order of business be to provide an optimal charge terrain to maximize expression and appropriate enzyme production?

Genetics? When diseases run in families it is helpful to remember that nutritional habits, lifestyle elements, health awareness and general attitudes do, too.

Toxic Metals and 80,000 Chemicals "Generally Recognized as Safe"

Thousands of chemicals get a free pass in our industrial machine, being GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), but which have never been studied. Other chemicals and metals, e.g. mercury and cadmium, that are known to be highly toxic, are deemed acceptable at sub-lethal part-per-million concentrations that result from current levels of pollution. The trouble is, they accumulate to reach dangerous levels in fat, brain and bones. Medicine generally opts for blood tests which do not reflect their hidden presence. Hair analyses are much more telling and even reveal mineral deficiencies associated with heavy metal loads. Medicine tends to dismiss these dangerous molecules as causative, preferring to address downstream symptoms far removed from their oxidative source. The best example of this switcheroo is the war on tobacco, where it's not the tar and nicotine, it's the cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, mercury, pesticide residues and radionucleides.  Almost every disease has been blamed on the mysterious workings of cigarettes.  And what links all these diverse "diseases?"  Could it be the positive charge metals and lack of electrons?  Too simple for complicated minds?

Twenty-two military veterans commit suicide every day due to PTSD and millions of men, women and children are taking psychoactive drugs. At the bottom of many neurological/psychiatric disorders is brain inflammation caused by metals, radiations and other toxins coupled with inappropriate nutrition, not drug deficiencies. These toxins are everywhere in air, water and food and place positive charges where they shouldn't be. They catalyze the production of vicious hydroxyl radicals which gnaw at cell membranes and short-out the body's electrical system without ever being consumed. They reduce circulation and oxygen penetration which causes cell acidity and loss of function. They must be dispelled from the body before cells can begin to heal. Military PTSD and "football dementia" also contain the element of repetitive brain-rattling concussion where highly underutilized HBOT is being proven effective.

"Poisons" have different modes of attack. Plastics mimic human estrogen. Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) bonds to manganese, zinc, cobalt and sulfates, creating deficiencies and disruptions of flora and normal biochemistry. Factory food processing has been found to create high levels of free glutamates and one more avenue to autism. Others, such as ionized fluoride, destroy enzymes or block receptor sites or precipitate calcifications or carry metals into the brain and generally trigger acute inflammations. Pharmaceutical wastes, fracking gases, by-products of mining and chemical production and anything burned, buried or flushed finds its way into living cells. When you say "detox," people think either Betty Ford or high colonic, not the mobilization and chelation of metal burdens and freedom from a stealthy cause of many dire diseases. Learning to avoid them requires being aware of the unnatural chemistry in one's everyday environment. But face it, we live on a drugged-up grain feedlot in an industrial sewer.

Different Diseases?

Medicine likes to label individual diseases as if each were unique. In fact they are all the result of inflammation, a shortage of electrons. Powerful oxidation is how metabolism generates energy and how an inflammatory immune response handles problems, which is well and good. Chronic inflammation brought on by various insults is just rust and decay. The question is then to determine the source of inflammation, remove it and recharge the body. Had medicine operated under this approach, precise protocols could have been established through clinical trials. As things stand, we can only use a general approach to correct nutrient/mineral levels, detox the system and try to improve emotional and lifestyle factors. Perhaps the best idea is for each of us to take charge of our own health.

We are nearing a point where sensitive humans are of necessity beginning to think. They see their survival at stake and are penetrating many modern delusions. It's time to take the next step and evolve.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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