Measles Vaccine: The Lies We Tell Each Other

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I feel like I've just been kicked in the stomach. Not the kind where you need a minute to catch your breath; the kind where you don't sleep well for days. 

The nonexistent Ebola hoax was one thing-- throw $6 billion at it and it vanishes. But the follow-up - the fake measles 'epidemic' has triggered something no one could have predicted. Momentum. The story itself got traction - they no longer had to push it. It went viral. Measles viral. 

Like all the rest of these Boutique Epidemics we have seen in recent years, the measles "outbreak" is centered on a fundamental lie: that the MMR vaccine can prevent measles. It cannot. 

Worse yet, as we will see below, the MMR vaccine is the probable cause of the majority of these new measles cases. 

But it takes a little study to discover that, and a little intelligence. Most people would rather believe the 140-character, push-button, soundbyte programming they're getting from the lockstep media than do the slightest amount of independent reading and study. 

But that's not us.  We shall start at the beginning:  

Despite hospital dangers, 99% of infants are born healthy. Most people are healthy when they get vaccines. Does it make sense to inject healthy people with anything that can kill them or possibly make them sick in order to maintain that health? Vaccines must have a 0% chance of any harmful effects whatsoever to the recipient. 

Are today's vaccines 100% safe, with 0% side effects? Keep reading. 


At this time, vaccines are not mandatory in the US. Why not? Why not end all the hysterical media controversy and simply pass a law saying that everyone must get the full complement of vaccines on the CDC Schedule? Why don't they do that? 

OK, no more exemptions. As of today, every man, woman and child in the whole country must get all the 69 recommended vaccines - let's just rock it. 

Most people would probably be in favor of that, statistically, with our 85% vaccination rate. 

Global media would certainly be opposed, since they would lose one of their favorite goblin/scapegoats - the unvaccinated. And also one of their favorite gods: life-saving vaccines. They'd have to invent new monsters and messiahs to sell their copy. 

But who cares about media? Why not just end all the emotional turmoil and make it illegal to opt out of vaccines? Just pull the plug. Vaccinate everyone. I can hear a lot of people out there salivating, saying Yeah! Let's do it! 

Well, they can't. The FDA can't. Obama can't. Congress can't. Don't you think if they could, they would have done it by now? 

OK, geniuses - why not? Think about it. Why can't they force everyone to be vaccinated? Here's the reason, which you will never be permitted to see in any mainstream press - one little word: liability. 

If vaccines were truly mandatory by law, then the medicine-as-government monolith would be legally and financially responsible for the millions of vaccine injuries that occurred. Though faithfully kept out of public awareness, the FDA admits to over 2 million vaccine injuries since the 90s. 

They also estimate that less than 10% of actual vaccine injuries are ever reported. So the real figure is enormous. Play this scenario out in all its legal and fiscal implications, and it would dwarf the $250 billion the tobacco industry paid out in the 1990s for tobacco injuries, by comparison. 


What saves them now from liability? Exemptions. As long as there are vaccine exemptions, people can't sue for damages, because the manufacturers can always say - well, you could have opted out. But take away the exemptions, and they would be responsible for all those millions of injured children and adults. 

With us so far? OK for you to backtrack here - don't want to lose anyone. 

So, they can't do away with exemptions altogether. Which means that any interested parent can learn about the 3 types of vaccine exemptions still available today. 

Well, if exemptions are still legal in the US at this time, that brings up the idea of Informed Consent. A parent making this critical decision for the child is presented with a Controversy -- two sides of the argument. Both sides citing their reasons. 

To make a truly informed decision then requires the parent to look at both sides of the debate. Really study it - usually takes a few weeks. This is not just some intellectual word game here. Without exaggeration, life and death hang in the balance. Children and adults really do die from vaccines, every year. And tens of thousands are injured, many permanently. 

That much is undisputed, even though restricted from most media. 

But what we have observed in the new Disney Adventures in Fantasyland media circus, is that the militant Vaccinators want to end the controversy. They want to force their opinion on everyone, and remove medical freedom and the right to informed consent from the equation. Put an end to rational discourse. First Amendment. Just like Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong-un, Pol Pot, Nikolai Lenin, etc - don't just eliminate the opposing argument - get rid of the whole concept of debate itself. 

Look how they demonized New Jersey's governor last week, when all he said was 'strike a balance between parental choice' and public health. All he did was acknowledge the existence of exemptions, and now media is drawing battle lines between him and Obama, who always always cheerleads for any pharmaceutical lobby. Low-end yellow journalism - conjure up an issue where none exists. 

Three days later they're investigating him for corruption. 

The worst attack on medical freedom in the US has just been introduced into the California legislature, that would abolish the 40 year old personal beliefs exemption. The bill has a lot of support and political capital, riding the tails of the recent measles hysteria. 

There has been no new science. This legislation is based 100% on a nonexistent, media-created threat. 


The passage of the new bill in California to abolish parents’ right to choose to vaccinate would be a quantum policy shift, - an unprecedented disaster not only for medical freedom, but furthering the ongoing negation of constitutionally guaranteed personal rights. 

We're talking about making it illegal to refuse drugs for perfectly healthy people. 

Making it illegal to refuse drugs is not something that has happened overnight, but little by little, step by step. This new bill will be a giant advance in that erosion of personal freedom that has been inexorably progressing since 9/11, always under the tricky old banner of security, security, security. 

The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight either. It took 10 years of slow and steady stripping away of the Jews' freedoms. No one objected. Then finally one day the trains arrived. 


Remember, there has been no new science conducted, no breakthrough discovery to necessitate such a radical policy shift as to abolish people’s right to refuse drugs and vaccines. 

This current measles outbreak is at the very least extremely suspicious, not significant, and almost completely engineered by a coordinated effort of drug industry advertising and media. It has nothing to do with safety, or health, or immunity, or protection. And everything to do with market creation and political mileage. 


So, that brings us to Disneyland - an apt focus for the whole discussion - global home of manufactured illusion and fantasy. 

The Disney measles fanfare was timed perfectly, with the Ebola illusion having run its course in just 3 months (see #2 above) But what's going on now is a feeding frenzy gone exponential. The chimera they invented out of nothing is now in a self-perpetuating momentum. Cyber reality eclipsed physical reality. 

Science is a funny word today. In all the scripted op-ed pieces we're seeing every day on CNN, Yahoo, Google, etc. they all have their mantras for the science of measles vaccines. 

We've seen the soundbytes, from those with no background in medicine: 

"The science is clear" (Hillary) 

"vaccinations are profoundly important and a major public health benefit" (Jerry Brown) 

"The science is, you know, pretty indisputable." (Obama) 

But after mentioning the word 'science' they will never ever cite any. Ever. Not one study, not one document, not one clinical reference - no legitimate science. They just use the word like it's magic, like they own it, but then offer nothing to back it up. 

Science? Fact is, they’re afraid to death of science. The reason they never cite any is that all the legitimate science proves the opposite of what they’re selling – that the vaccine not only does not work to protect against measles, but worse - that it is the cause of today's atypical Disney version. 

Same with all these local TV doctors and 'personalities,' maybe a CDC or NIH guy with the same message - the science is there, etc. Worse yet are the "science writers" of CNN, Yahoo, or Foxnews - no academic credentials, no CV, except as "science writers." 

All spouting the same groundless platitudes and cliches, over and over the same phrases. 

The actual science of measles vaccine proves the polar opposite: that the current measles vaccine not only does not prevent the disease, but it is also the most likely cause of the current roster of new cases. Whenever mainstream pro-measles vaccine copy invokes the science button, it's usually the antithesis of science -- trying to ignite an emotional, uninformed religious fervor--- like a revival meeting, complete with fried chicken. 


Here's a brief summary of the actual science of measles vaccine: 

Science Fact #1: Measles defined 

Science Fact #2: Measles is usually a mild, self-resolving disease 

     - Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2015 - p 133 ff 

     To make any sense when discussing measles, one must start with a history and background of measles virus and disease. Without this basic information, most people don't even know what the whole dialog is about. 

Science Fact # 3: 
                   No deaths from measles in the past 10 years. 108 deaths from measles vaccine. An up-to-date, well-organized summary of verifiable science on measles vaccine is at a site called Vaccine Impact 

From that site: 

     - CDC: zero US deaths from measles in the past 10 years 
     - VAERS: 108 US deaths from measles vaccine, past 10 years 

Science Fact # 4: the measles vaccine does not prevent measles 

      Zhejiang province in China (population 54 million) has a 99% measles vax rate. Measles continues unchecked. Same in America, with an 85% rate. The vaccine simply doesn't work. Worse, it perpetuates the new mutated version of the disease, not just in the US , but worldwide. (

Science Fact #5: 
          There is no single measles vaccine available in the US. 

      Everybody has to get the MMR shot: measles-mumps-rubella. The mumps portion of that vaccine has been in litigation in US district court for fraud for 5 years. That case is undecided, but the MMR shot continues for every child, with the presumption of safety. 

Science Fact # 6 
   Measles was 95% gone before the MMR vaccine began in 1978. 

     - US Dept of Commerce. Historical Statistics of the U.S. Part 1       
     Bureau of Census 1975. also Vital Statistics of the US ,1937-1992 

Science Fact #7      We never needed a measles vaccine. 

         For over a century, measles has been a mild, self-limiting, immune-building disease of childhood. Parents wanted their children to get it so they would have lifetime immunity. 

Without the vaccine, measles would have faded away completely, like smallpox, bubonic plague, and typhus. 

With the MMR shot mandated in 1978, measles was resurrected but mutated to a different form - the atypical version. Manmade. This is likely what most of the new Disney cases have. Remember - they've mostly all been vaccinated. This is a group of vaccinated people. 

Any media story on measles vaccine which omits this science is deliberately misrepresenting the facts. It's not newsgathering any more - they are following a vested agenda. 


These 100 cases being claimed as having originated from Disneyland – a few obvious questions about them occur immediately: 

- How were they diagnosed? 

- Were they diagnosed? 

- What percentage were diagnosed on the phone, with no physical examination? This common practice we saw with swine flu and other recent disappearing epidemics, employed when trying to create numbers for maximum fear value. 

- What clinical tests were run that would distinguish wild measles from the manmade strain in the MMR shot? 

- What percentage were vaccinated? 

Statistically it would be at least 85%, at the very least. And with the scientific reality of the atypical version of measles being created by the MMR vaccine, it is more than likely that majority of the Disney cases were vaccinated. 


As the sickest of all industrialized nations, what assures our uninterrupted de-evolution is the decline of intelligence and education where perfectly healthy people willingly accept being forced to take potentially dangerous drugs and vaccines. Without a squawk. 

Exempting one’s child from vaccines has always been a path chosen by a small percentage of the most educated people. The militantly uneducated will always accept as many vaccines as they are told. That will never change. 

What has changed dramatically is that now we have arrived at a dangerous and uncharted new crossroads in national politics, where the will of the uneducated mob is being imposed by law on the educated. Such a trend will ensure the continuation of the academic, ethical, and moral deterioration that we have witnessed since 9/11. Today's measles hysteria is just a symptom of that more systemic, more profound malaise. 


The unvaccinated don't care what the vaccinated do, or what they read. But now suddenly the vaccinators want to take away the right of anyone to disagree with their beliefs, and even the right to study the issue. 

It all comes back to Clarence Darrow, attorney of 100 years ago. His question still holds true:   OK, some people want to vaccinate and some do not. But why do the vaccinated care if some go unvaccinated? Aren't their vaccinated children protected? Don't their vaccines work? 

The vaccinators cannot answer that question. They don't understand it. Their faces go blank when asked it. They change the subject and absolutely will not answer the question. They demand to have their opinion on vaccines, but refuse to allow an opposite opinion, even though both positions are protected by law. 


Shut up. This is not the time to announce the sanctity of your unmodified immune system. You're the Salem witch du jour, the baconburger dragon that every two-bit junior science writer is dreaming of. Time for a low profile. How about that European vacation you've been talking about all these years? 

You're about to get the rudest awakening to the state of the union you've been paying taxes in all these years. Your survival instinct not to allow your children's bloodstream to be the battle ground for one of the most corrupt political battles ever - your right to medical freedom, to decide which medicines you may choose - all that is in play right now. 

You're no longer a person or a citizen with rights, etc - none of that. Suddenly you're just dinner. Red meat for a salivating, amoral, goosestepping, lowborn media mob. Your new script is "Oh yes, I've had all the vaccines I need." 

No interviews. They'll never air your views and the simplest science is miles over their head.. They 're just looking for that one weird sentence of yours that makes no sense, that they can turn into an looped soundbyte and make you look like a dangerous imbecile. 

Ask Jack Wolfson. Or Chris Christie. 


Even for the vaccinated in California who have never needed exemption forms, now may be the time to sign them - before they disappear forever into the misty archive of faded rights and lost personal freedom that we have carelessly bartered away for the illusion of security. 

Sign the exemption form? Me? Are you nuts? Why would I do that? 

Because when the misbegotten, spineless lemmings in Sacramento pass the new bill to abolish exemptions, they'll have to leave the exemption door open just a crack in order to prevent massive liability claims for vaccine injuries. And that crack will be medical exemptions. 

The only way you'll be able to opt out of vaccines in California then will be to get a medical doctor to sign an exemption. The difference will be that now, he won't have to do it just because you have a philosophical objection. No, now the child will need a clinically verifiable allergy to vaccines to be exempt. 

Every exemption the MD signs will be one less patient who has to pay for an office visit. How motivated are they going to be for that? 

Beginning to see how this works? 

But why would the vaccinated need exemptions? Wait for it -- because even if you believe in vaccines, having an exemption form will allow you to pick and choose the vaccines you want. With 69 mandated vaccines and climbing, what do you think the future will bring? 

Unlimited vaccines into your child's body, mandated no longer by science but by a politically motivated gang of bought-and-paid-for legislators, who always vote the way they're told. The party line. 

It will take some time for the new bill to pass through and become law, so now is probably the last chance to act. Whether or not you have faith in vaccines. 

List of doctors who MAY sign exemptions:  


For years, I have had no takers to my standing challenge to any and all professionals for a debate on the true science of vaccines - a debate in the classical collegiate forensics format. 

Why are they so afraid? Because in a debate, with equal time, the true science of vaccines would be aired in a public format. Full disclosure - that's not the way they do business - it's their worst nightmare. 

That's why you've never seen a debate on vaccine issues. E.L. Bernays traditional media must control both sides of any argument, so that the result is there is only one opinion. Theirs. To have the indolent, unlettered public exposed to the raw factual science of vaccine safety and toxicity, according to the manufacturers themselves - no, no we can't have that. 

But there it is - the challenge still stands. Any of you Pans or Offits or Guptas feeling frisky? Not saying you're chicken, but you sure seem to have henhouse ways. 

Anyone who has ever read our vaccine textbook knows that I am not an anti-vaccine activist. All the research on our website is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science - research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers and their satellites. 

This short article is too much for the majority of people to read, let alone digest. The lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, thank you Mr Goebbels. 

We are in a position where the popular opinion created by this nonexistent "epidemic" of vaccine-caused measles cases is being brokered into a new and unprecedented level of insanity and social irresponsibility. 

The failures of modern medicine are apparent all around us. We have the worst overall health of any industrialized nation. Our children receive twice the number of vaccines than any other country on earth. Those are scientific facts, and they are undisputed. 

This new wave of greed and mind-control, ushered in by an irresponsible media representing an amoral drug cartel with unlimited resources - has the potential to weaken the genome of the American people to its lowest level in the country's history. 

Measles vaccine does not prevent measles. It causes it. 

Mandatory drugs and vaccines...Really?   What's next - mandatory obesity? 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.
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