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This is an open letter to the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Johan Carlson, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Authority, FHM - from a large and health-interested part of the Swedish population, sent via me. You have decided to buy millions of doses of a completely new, non-safety-tested RNA-vaccine against SARS-CoV-19, that has not gone through the always-required safety, toxicology and fertility studies on animals. There has not been any long-term studies, having only undergone testing for less than a month. This is not a usual vaccine, as it is based on genetic engineering and nanotechnology, which means that genes will be inserted into our human cells to produce corona protein. So for how long will this production of highly autoimmunity-triggering corona spike proteins take place? How will the new nanotechnology affect our bodies in the long-term? 

  • From Dr Sanna Ehdin, PhD, Immunologist, Author and Public Health Lecturer

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States has determined that this vaccine can cause a large number of life-threatening side effects, including death. What are your reasons for approving this experimental vaccine?

I am a PhD, immunologist, and have studied health and self-healing for 40 years in total. I have important questions that I and the hundred of thousands of Swedish followers on social media want answers too, as soon as possible, as this experimental genoccine is planned to be started in January. Mr Löfven and Dr. Carlson have both received this letter at their respective authorities.

For almost 20 years, the pharmaceutical companies have tried to develop a vaccine against SARS but failed. This failure is due to the major negative effects associated with, above all, autoimmunity, cancer, infertility, and even deaths in animal experiments. But now in 2020, several pharmaceutical companies are apparently succeeding in developing a vaccine against SARS-CoV-19 in less than a year. However, it is a completely new and untested method with mRNA-vaccination. The principle is that with the help of nanotechnology and strong chemicals (like polyethylene glycol), genes will be inserted into our human cells to make our cells produce corona protein - which will then trigger an immune response.

Below are questions that the Swedish people want answers to.  Informed consent for a medical treatment is important, and we see nothing of this here. This is even more important in the case of a rapid, experimental vaccine where the manufacturer - the pharmaceutical companies - have no liability for any damage that the vaccine may cause. This is an unbelievable setup! There are several unclear things around this, so what are your replies to the following questions:

1. Safety - what guarantees do you have?

The pharmaceutical industry has been allowed to skip the mandatory extensive safety and toxicology tests in animals and go directly to human trials. This is despite the fact that all animals in the first trials of the Covid-19 vaccine died a painful death when exposed to the wild-type virus. They developed an AID (antibody-induced disease) which triggered cytokine cascades in the lungs and painful death in all animals. 

The first human trials in 2020 were interrupted due to serious side effects in about 20 percent of the people in the Moderna study. The figures are not being reported for the others (AstraZeneca and Pfizer), but their human studies were also stopped. And now, only a couple of months later, it is claimed that an "effective" vaccine is available at several pharmaceutical companies.

But many world-leading experts, doctors and researchers now state that vaccinations can lead to sterility, and that as many as one in ten people get such serious side effects that they will die. Ten percent deaths! These effects may not be seen until after at least 24 months.

Allowing this goes against the Nuremberg Code, which clearly states that animal experiments must be performed before experiments on humans are started and that all unnecessary suffering must be avoided.

  • So what is the safety of this new RNA vaccine? 
  • How can you guarantee safety without toxicology tests?
  • What parameters have you used to make that assessment?
  • What exactly is the basis for your decision to buy millions of doses for a huge, undeclared sum of our tax paying money?

2. Why are you allowing genetic manipulation of human cells?

For the first time in vaccination history, these so-called "latest generation" mRNA-vaccines are used - and they will interfere with the patient's genetic production mechanism. With the help of nanotechnology, mRNA will be fused in our human cells to make them produce corona protein. The vaccine manufacturers advocate claim that the mRNA breaks down in the cell, but what do they really know about the long-term effects on our genetic material? How it really will affect our immune system and whether it will change a person's individual genetic material? Nobody knows this, because no safety tests or long-term studies have been done. There is no way to control it or turn it off, and how do you know how much "corona protein" will be produced - and which human cells will be affected? 

  • This procedure is a form of genetic manipulation, which has been banned for a long time and has been considered criminal. How can you allow that now?

3. What does "effective" mean?

When pharmaceutical companies talk about an effective vaccine - what does it mean? What figures are reported - and above all what is the control? I read and see no parameters specified for this alleged effectiveness:

The analysis evaluated 94 confirmed Covid-19 infections among the subjects comprising 43,538 participants. Pfizer and the German biotechnology partners claim that the difference between vaccinated individuals and those given placebo indicated a vaccine efficacy rate of over 90 percent seven days after the second dose. It was then after only 28 days, which is an extremely short time for evaluation of the immune system. (Reference 1 and reference 2 - First Glimpse at Pfizer COVID Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Data from the UK)

WHAT is the efficacy? What are the parameters for the immune response? Initially, it may seem good that the corona protein is present in the body - but a long-term effect of 6 months must be present before you can inject humans. Especially as you intend to start injecting the more vulnerable groups in society with this experimental vaccine.

4. Why non-liability for the manufacturer - pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical companies are completely exempt from liability for this new and untested RNA vaccine, so they take no financial responsibility for their product. And they themselves warn of unknown long-term effects, as there are no long-term studies at all.

How can you accept to purchase a product where the manufacturer has no responsibility whatsoever for the result and any side effects, injuries and premature death? Researchers and doctors report risks of autoimmunity, infertility and cancer. The industry receives thousands of billions in revenue - but has no responsibility? That kind of deal is strange and is lacking morals.

Would you Johan Carlson or Stefan Löfven, buy and drive a car from a car manufacturer who has no responsibility whatsoever for their car? Is that what you recommend? For these are substances to be injected into innocent people - which cannot be undone. If there are severe autoimmune effects, the affected person cannot get rid of it and it can cause an immune system collapse. That is not possible to undo, even by the most skilled doctors.

5. The FDA reports 21 risks including death. Do you consider that safe?

Leaked documents and public discussions from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) reveal that the FDA knows that the Covid-19 vaccines that are now being launched on the market can cause a large number of life-threatening side effects, including death (see image below). Unless the public is made aware of their real effects and is given a choice, it is contradictory to established standards. A medical preparation which is considered to be "safe and effective" and "necessary", should following the medical ethical principle of informed consent. Link here.

6. Corona protein - strong antigens in your body forever?

How do you know whether or not the production of corona protein in human cells can be stopped, once it is up and running. How do you view that concern? Thus, foreign genetic material must be inserted into our cells. Do you know anything at all about which cells will take up the foreign gene or what are they all doing, including the brain? These are questions that we must have answered, before we can take a position on whether or not to receive the genoccine (Covid-19 vaccine). All this must be reported and ready before you order and buy from the pharmaceutical industry.

The impending corona vaccination is increasingly reminiscent of the HC Andersen's fairy tale the Emperor's New Clothes. Everyone nods and blindly believes that it is the solution. But what do we really know?

The sugar spike proteins on the surface of the virus envelopes are highly antigenic, notorious for causing autoimmune reactions in experimental animals.

Corona protein has strong antigens and is notorious for triggering autoimmune reactions, which can also lead to cytokine cascades and rapid death. The immune system is extremely potent, and can become deadly dangerous if it is targeted at its own tissue - as we already know. Well-known researchers say there is a concept of "enhancement of the disease due to pathogenic priming" and that is what corona proteins can do. Listen to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.

Who takes responsibility if this completely new, untested vaccine goes completely wrong? Even if you take responsibility, it is we taxpayers who finance your work - so we are the losers in this vaccine experiment regardless.

7. Do we have informed consent?

Patients have the right to choose informed consent, but this is not possible here because we in Sweden are not informed. It is a person's right to receive full information about what kind of vaccine this is as well as the risks and side effects. As I said, there is absolutely no data on long-term security. The fact that Pfizer states that they have an effective vaccine after 28 days means absolutely NOTHING in a body that might continue to produce corona protein for a long time afterwards. This is a completely foreign substance to the human body, and is well known to cause serious autoimmune reactions.

  • The Nuremberg Code also states that a medical product that has not undergone all trials, including phase 4 studies, may not be imposed on humans in any way. It may only be voluntary to take. That said, it is not okay to say that people need to have a "Vaccine Pass" to be able to travel, work or gather in public places. This is not in line with our human rights under the Nuremberg Code.

8. We pay for a human experiment, but who takes the responsibility?

We Swedish taxpayers are therefore responsible for all costs, and you buy the vaccine from the pharmaceutical industry, which takes zero responsibility for its product. The vaccine has been untested in security studies and long-term studies, and it is based on a completely new method. Do you think this sounds like a confidence-inspiring approach?

Considering everything I stated above, can you look the Swedish people in the eyes while making this decision? Can you honestly say that you did the best you could with this? You civil servants are, after all, absolved of responsibility. You yourself made a law about this.

So please tell us: who takes the responsibility for this gigantic human experiment?

9. What does this cost?

The Swedish government is now allocating the equivalent 30 million USD to strengthen the preparations for this vaccination. But what is the final cost for the millions of vaccine doses? The Swedish Doctors magazine reported: "EMA (European Medical Agency) is expected to approve Pfizer's vaccine as early as December 29 and Moderna's vaccine on January 11. In the case of AstraZeneca - which has not yet submitted its application - there is hope for approval at the end of January. In that case, it means that Sweden will receive approximately 4 million doses during the first quarter of next year. Approval of Janssen's and Curevac's vaccines is also expected in April. 

This infection is already manageable. Covid-19 can be prevented, alleviated and largely cured with the knowledge we have gained in a short time. Now the time for recovery at ICU is cut in half by using high doses of anticoagulants early on. It is projected that we will have fewer deaths in 2020 than in the previous 20 years.

10. Why zero resources for health products?

When will the Swedish Public Health Authority come up with recommendations to strengthen health and build a competent immune system? You promised in June that recommendations to strengthen the immune system would come in autumn, but you have said nothing more than wash your hands, keep your distance and stay at home. No dietary advice, no advice on activities and natural nourishment and supplements that are recognized to be effective in strengthening the immune system. Nothing about it being important to bring down inflammation, fix metabolic syndromes and change to a healthy diet. Distributing free vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc would be a hugely important public health effort, as more research studies have shown that they are highly antiviral. And this would cost a fraction of what the pharmaceutical industry experimental vaccine costs.

Vitamin D deficiency means an increased risk of several diseases. Now a Spanish study shows that a large majority of covid-19 patients in hospitals were very deficient in this important vitamin. As many as 82.2% did not have adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood, and men had lower levels than women. Reference: Spanish study: D-vitamine deficiency in 80 percent och covid 19-patients on hospital.

11. A new Swine flu fiasco?

Are we seeing a new "swine flu vaccination" fiasco, as we did in 2008-09 - with wasted money and even worse, people got seriously sick? It was precisely the same Drs. Johan Carlson and Anders Tegnell, now State Epidemiologist, who decided on that purchase and pushed for the mass vaccination as well. It cost us Swedish taxpayers 1.6 billion SEK completely unnecessarily for a harmless infection, and around 500 young people got narcolepsy with damage to life from this vaccine. Did these two men have to shoulder their responsibility for the acknowledged failure? No, not at all. They were both promoted.

However, the Swedish people have learned something from the horrible example of the hysteria surrounding the vaccination against swine flu. Then the government authorities and the Public Health Services conducted a hot pursuit of all people who did not want to be vaccinated. Anyone who expressed criticism to this vaccination panic were vilified and hung in the press. But it turned out to be a poorly substantiated campaign, staged by the pharmaceutical industry via the World Health Organization. And only at a press conference on March 29, 2011 did the Swedish FDA finally acknowledge its mistake and the failure of the mass vaccination against swine flu.

We taxpayers paid for all the expenses. The Swedish authorities even bought vaccines with high levels of mercury as a preservative, despite the decision that this poison should not be present in vaccines.

"The Swedish mass vaccination against swine flu was a scandal and a medical historical disaster," says Lars Olof Kallings, former head of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control and internationally recognized epidemiologist.

Now you are once again whipping up a storm around this "fantastic new vaccine" as the one and only solution to the closure of society - that you yourselves have ordered! This disease is not any more life-threatening than an influenza, as the survival rate for ages 69 and below is at least 99 percent (data from CDC). Also, there will not be more deaths in 2020 than in the previous ten years, especially if you exclude the 2,800 elderly people who died because they only received painkillers, such as morphine, which is a respiratory inhibitor. The covid-related death statistics represent only five percent of the total deaths in Sweden so far this year.

Everything comes down to a very realistic question. What guarantees do you have that the new vaccine you praise for EVERYONE in Sweden will remove this Covid-19 infection? A 28-days trial says nothing about long term protection.

  • We, Swedish citizens, have the right to get honest answers to these questions. And I will share your answers with the Swedish public.

12. Why suddenly the need for a Pandemic law?

A Swedish pandemic law threatens our fundamental freedoms and rights, such as our freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and is a threat of total closure. It is not okey to push through in haste a major law, that goes against the Swedish Constitution. It will severely deprive Sweden's population of our liberty. This will be decided over our heads by a government that can never be held accountable for its decisions. That is not acceptable.

This is especially true for a viral disease that we and the healthcare system can now deal with. This disease has only contributed to just under five percent of the total mortality in 2020, and this year will be about the same mortality as in the last ten years. It does not sound like the country is paralyzed in a serious pandemic. Why this sudden agitation and stress? Read about the Pandemic Act here (in Swedish).

We Swedes do not need a pandemic law. We need responsible politicians who make sure to listen to logic, reason and true research. We need leaders who dare to go against the negative, crippling currents of fear in the world. We say a powerful NO to a Pandemic Act.

Genoccine is the correct term

Finally, this is not a vaccine in its true sense so you are fooling people by using that term. There are no similarities with traditional vaccines with attenuated pathogens. This is a new, genetically modified, nanotechnology-based experiment with a number of foreign products - and a correct name would be "Genoccine".

Genoccine is a more accurate name for the new genetically modified, nanotechnology-based injection solution intended for SARS-Cov-19.

I look forward to your answer as soon as possible, because now you are exclaiming everywhere how fantastically good this experimental RNA vaccine is. So please give us Swedish citizens, who finance this entire Human Phase IV experiment, the basis for your decisions. 

In service of health & humanity,

Sanna Ehdin, PhD, Immunologist, Author and Lecturer

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.
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