The Psychology of Blame: A Health Freedom Lawyer’s Message From the Front Lines

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I am an organic rancher who grows healing herbs like chamomile; my family eats 100% organic; we take no drugs or surgery; I've been a health freedom lawyer activist for about 15-years -- and I am the first to admit I am creating BigPharma.

Why would I do it? Well, I'm speaking energetically -- I think we are all creating BigPharma to help us learn a vital lesson about the undesirable consequences of replacing biology with technology (which is what Pharma sells: patented biotechnology). And that lesson, once learned, can save us from the much larger threat on our immediate horizon: transhumanism achieved through escalating forms of biotechnology.

So I do not blame Big Pharma, just like I don't blame a tumor. A tumor is just a symptom, an experience to teach us. What is BigPharma teaching us? BigPharma and nature are working together through us to show us that humans and biotech are not inherently in synch. Historically biotech was for treating symptoms, and nature for fundamental healing. But biotech has grown larger and now desires to replace/"enhance" nature. 

As natural and indigenous people, we enjoy immediate health benefits by desiring less technology in our lives, choosing instead to be happy with our unlimited imaginations and the wholeness of our natural biology. In other words, our most vital activism begins within ourselves.

Blame Addicts

My name is Greg Glaser and I'm addicted to blame. Okay, now it's your turn.

As health freedom activists we should genuinely admit we're addicted to blame, so we can begin to teach people not to blame. Why should we do this? Well, it's strategically surprising to Big Pharma, it is healing, and it creates new opportunities for freedom. So it's something that would benefit us on multiple levels.

For example, rather than blame Senator Richard Pan for mandatory vaccination in California, why not give him a health freedom award for helping us unify the entire health freedom movement in California? I mean, through his legislation the Senator mobilized more health freedom activists than anyone else in our State's history. Let's congratulate him and simultaneously realize that we are empowering him for a reason…

Everything happens for a reason, to help us! I know, surprising right? I may be addicted to blame, but I don't need to let it control me.

In the same way that a tumor is an incredibly useful and educational symptom of disease, your body's way of helping you discover the root cause of your imbalance, mandatory vaccination is also an incredibly useful symptom. Senator Pan is teaching us a lesson about our imbalance, within the victim/aggressor paradigm. Don't blame the tumor, and don't blame Pan. Don't blame anything, but rather learn from everything and in the process new opportunities arise.

Currently, our health freedom movement is stuck in a paradigm where each participant (vaccine injured child and Pan) tries to claim status as the greater victim. The consequence is that we keep losing our rights. Perhaps it's time to try a different approach than heaping blame upon blame upon blame?

In other words, the moment we blame "them/Pan" for our reality, we cloud our eyes to the truth that we are creating our own reality for our benefit. We are creating every healing moment just as surely as we are creating every tumor. We feed our healing through personal responsibility, and by contrast we feed our imbalance through blame.

For example, Pan says 'We blame you, we need to vaccinate the school children'. We feed him sugar by countering and saying 'We blame you, we want exemptions'. Pan says 'We blame you, we'll give you limited exemptions'. We say, 'We blame you, you are not respecting our rights.' Pan says 'We blame you, you are not respecting the rights of the people, and you are not following the law because you're misusing your exemptions by disregarding the CDC'. We say 'We blame you, let us have privacy and alternative medicine.' 

How much longer can we sustain this blame cycle? How much longer until Pan will say, 'We blame you, you're misusing privacy by moms faking shot records, so we need more advanced tracking of vaccination'. 

How much more blame will heal us? The solution is not blame, but rather exiting the blame cycle. This is accomplished by anyone in the cycle taking 100% personal responsibility for everything they experience. In other words, we don't need Pan to change because the moment we change there is an instantaneous change in the entire universe including Pan. As for the size of that change, well, how big is your imagination?

Trajectory of Global Domination

Currently, the health freedom movement is positioned to suffer some major losses when the grid starts going down (EMPs, hackers - you know, whatever the mass media is told to tell us). At some point, epidemic level diseases are likely to be unleashed on the international public, especially because most people are already ridiculously unhealthy in a world of GMOs and now 5G. And the unvaccinated are likely to be blamed, because people are addicted to blame. All sides of a paradigm blame each other, and everyone blames themselves constantly for doing things 'bad' 'negative' 'wrong'. Very few people realize we create our reality for our own benefit; everything is a lesson, and the sooner we drop the blame, we learn lessons while simultaneously new opportunities open up for root healing.

In any case, the world appears to be heading toward an endgame where health freedom activists are deplatformed internationally, unable to move and strategize freely in any UN controlled country. I expect the United States will remain independent of the UN, but most countries will not be so fortunate or empowered to reject UN dictates. 

After solar flares for example, or The Great Reset as another example, I can imagine the international grid (electric power & online activities) ramping back up with UN involvement. As a condition for reentry onto the grid, why wouldn't the UN require/coerce consent that involves their promoted policies: forced vaccination, electronic money, electronic ID, etc. It's all for people's "security" of course, international citizens would be told by the corporate media. At that point, it should be game over for countries under UN control, but if for some reason there has not yet been a check mate over health freedom, international activists would just get picked off one by one.

I am fear mongering, and I think we are all creating this fear-based system in order to teach ourselves lessons about health & technology. It's not us v. them. And it's not bad, negative, or wrong. It's just a lesson. And if we don't learn the lesson now, then like a tumor, it will get more extreme over time until we change or destruct.

Globalism pushes universal everything (universal healthcare, universal income, universal AI, universal morality, universal vaccination, etc etc). I think that this globalism situation is getting darker and louder (more extreme) because people do not want to admit to themselves their true desires. There are currently more vaccine zealots in power than natural people, so we see proverbial night encroaching. And we have trained our minds to recognize disease (i.e. plague) as night. I think our next seven moves are exodus from the global control grid. We exodus from our outposts in order to congregate (focus) our energy with a unified beam of light that can pierce an open lane in the United States, a straight path through the darkness.

If they are creating mandatory vaccination, then I deplete my energy fighting them. But if I am creating mandatory vaccination, then I am empowered to change instantly. And when I change, the entire world changes instantly.

SB277 didn't come from Pan, it was a joint effort with Silicon Valley, and it was supported by a lot of people. The more we focus on Pan as some powerful player, the less we'll see the power behind him. 

Likewise, Pharma and Silicon Valley want health freedom activists to petition the UN for help, because the WHO will be happy to answer our petition. Let's not walk into that.


The entire world economy and all systems of human governance are now built around computing. We are not stopping to learn about natural balance as a society. We are expecting technology to clean the earth and improve our health. We are growing quickly into Artificial Intelligence, Emulates, robots, etc -- that's the end game. It is no accident that SB277 was funded and backed by Silicon Valley. It is no accident that the Deep State and its front organizations (i.e., Google) have been creating AI for many years. The decision was made even before any of us were born: this world is on schedule to be depopulated, destabilized, and rebuilt. Or, according to Robin Hanson in this recent TedTalk about Emulates (computer versions of you), your job is to retire and die:…

Vaccination is just one of the system's tools to facilitate an endgame. Vaccination makes people sick, and forced vaccination is psychological dominance. The more that people are sick and 'victimized', the more they want to give up their natural bodies in exchange for something else. The moment you label yourself a victim, you lose countless opportunities for change. 

It is particularly telling when sick people want other people to be sick too. I've noticed people can get very weird when you try to take their victimhood away by suggesting they may be creating a harmful situation for their own benefit. "How could BigPharma harming me or my children be for my benefit?" I believe the answer is that it's a very extreme/loud lesson for the benefit of society, so that we will wake up to the greater threat of technological imbalance. Whenever vaccine injury happens to a child in particular, it just means we have even more time to learn the effects of that extreme lesson, and therefore more time to change our minds about who we are and where we're going. Are we people who inject technology into our tissue? Vaccination is an opportunity/lesson to change who we are, and to return to biological harmony.

I'm just telling it how I see it.

Victimhood/blame is currency for victims. It is identity, etc. People are literally addicted to blame. Addicts think about their desire (blame) all day long. Even "I forgive you" mostly means "I blame you". 

If we health freedom activists want to play a very surprising next move in this dance with Pharma, it is simple: we don't blame anything. We admit we are creating vaccination for our own benefit. Yes, mass vaccination is helping us save mankind, because it is helping us learn and prove a valuable lesson, just in the nick of time: here is what happens people when we merge even a simple technology (vaccination) with human tissue. 

I think the path forward is gentle -- we can begin approaching news in the context of how it is helping us learn a lesson, so people will be more open to hearing and learning, including people in the mainstream. 

So for example, there is powerful evidence that vaccines cause infertility, but the mainstream story here will never be "Vaccines are part of NWO depopulation campaign". Rather, the story would be, "Researchers continue to find sustainable population applications for vaccines." And then we ask whether it is ethical to use contraceptives in vaccines. I could see mainstreamers being eager to discuss that issue, and then the underlying facts become mainstream in that palatable context.

For decades our health freedom movement has been plagued by the victim mentality, "It's not me who is creating my pain. It's them. They are hurting me. I am the victim."

But there is another school of philosophy, where I take personal responsibility for literally 100% of everything that happens in my life. If I wake up with a headache, I am creating the situation. If a drunk driver hits me on the road, or if I'm mugged, or forcefully vaccinated, then I created that situation as well, to teach me some lesson about my heart's true desire - perhaps I needed an excuse to finally rest my body (car accident), or an excuse not to go into public because of my anxieties (mugged), or an excuse to feel sick so I don't need to confront my fear of failure (vaccination). 

Excuses and labels are not the truth; they only obscure the reality that…

Everything is meant to teach me and others a lesson, so whenever I blame others (or even blame myself), I fail to learn the lesson that I am creating all situations for my own benefit. The sooner I learn the lesson, the sooner the extreme situation disappears, regardless of whether the situation is physical (disease) or societal (mandatory vaccination) or even spiritual.

Examples like this are in everything: John does not like his office job. He would prefer to be a farmer. One day he wakes up with a headache. John labels the headache "bad", rather than sees the headache as a lesson designed to help him realize his heart's true desire is not to go to the office but to begin changing his life. So John goes to work and has a "bad" day. The next week, John's car won't start in the garage. John labels again, "This is bad". So he spends $500 on a mechanic, rather than realize his car not starting is a more extreme version of the headache - both are simply signs to change his life rather than go to an office. The next month John is hit by a drunk driver on the way to work. Again John labels, "This is bad" rather than realize he created an even more extreme lesson. But now the lesson is an excuse, because John is so badly injured he physically can't go to work. So the decision was ultimately made for him. Rather than simply acknowledge his true desire to be a farmer, John created a car accident in his life so the decision would be made for him to leave the office job. The headache wasn't bad; the car not starting was not bad; and the car accident was not bad. They were just lessons that got more extreme over time because John wouldn't listen. John is addicted to labeling (narrow perspective) and blame (victimhood).

Forced vaccination is not bad; it's just an extreme lesson. Rather than blame "them", I can accomplish more change by learning why I created it for my benefit.

Vaccine injury is not bad; it's just an extreme lesson. It is teaching us what happens when we bypass the normal immune channels (lungs, gut, etc) and inject foreign substances directly into our tissues. Can we imagine how much more extreme this lesson will become in the future as people 'inject' computers directly into their tissues? We are creating mass vaccine injuries to help us learn this lesson. And BigPharma is a great mechanism for this learning because Pharma specializes in documenting results (i.e., medical records).

Again, vaccine injury is not bad; it's just an extreme lesson. It is an opportunity to learn about natural health, and bring the entire family of a vaccine-injured child into a different paradigm: perhaps a paradigm of activism for health freedom; and/or perhaps the whole family goes back to nature and traditional skills. It's not bad, it's a lesson. It's an opportunity. We are not victims, we are students.

If this thinking resonates with you as well, then living without blame is the next move I propose for our health freedom movement. Indeed, it is often advantageous in a chess game to play a surprising move. We are creating the board. When we change, everything else changes instantly, even effortlessly.

Perhaps I can give another example that is less controversial than vaccination: the video game industry. Today it produces 3-D interactive helmets for children to wear over their heads and eyes. The children develop headaches, eye injuries, disruptions in their spatial orientation, etc.

Health activist groups reflexively blame the manufacturer, rather than see how we all created the helmets to teach us a lesson about 3-D computer interfaces smothering our heads. The industry has helped us learn a lesson that we created ourselves for our own benefit. Blaming the manufacturer just means the lesson moves into a new area and becomes more extreme.

Our bodies are so wonderful in the way they provide inherent checks and balances. When we listen to our bodies, we heal. When we accuse/blame, we become accusation.

You can tell me 1,000+ stories of children who received an MMR and then regressed into autism. I believe you. 

I can you tell you 1,000+ stories like these:

A man is experiencing chronic back pain, and so he chooses surgery, drugs, etc. Still in pain. Then he spends just 30-minutes with a friend realizing that his back pain started when he blamed his business partner for 'stabbing him in the back' (stealing his ideas). When he vocalizes the words "he stabbed me in the back", he achieves realization. The friend helps this man realize he created the entire situation for his own benefit (to change his career), and then instantly the man's back pain disappears.

When the reason for something disappears, so does the cause. We even have a California law that says this, "When the reason of a rule ceases, so should the rule itself." California Civil Code section 3510.

I can't explain how it works - but the mind and body are connected like this. And when we avoid over-attachment to our labels of things, and avoid blame, and just follow synchronicities (i.e., listening to what we were thinking when we injured ourselves), we can learn the root emotional reason why we are creating our situation. 

The moment we learn the lesson, the injury releases automatically. Granted, some injuries release over time in ways just as interesting as how they arose.

I should also note that law & order remains in full force; I am not trying to take that away. I am discussing psychology and societal empowerment. Society has been blaming since the dawn of recorded history. And here we are, addicted. How much more blame will heal us?

I am proposing that it is interesting that when we don't blame others or ourselves, our bodies heal. 

I am not proposing moral relativism either. I think that responsibility is inevitable. Justice is inevitable. And the sooner we take responsibility for things, the sooner the world changes.

Charles Manson was abused as a child. He blamed his parents, he blamed himself, and the cycle continued as he abused others. Compare the thousands of stories of abused children who choose a different paradigm than Charles Manson. Children who choose not to be labeled victims, and they create amazing lives and resources for others. I find it to be an interesting phenomena.

Did blaming the Nazis help prevent the Third Reich from reemerging as a more extreme lesson elsewhere (project Paperclip; military-industrial complex, etc)? Remember the pharmaceutical companies and IBM that operated in the concentration camps in WWII - are they more or less powerful/extreme today? 

We are creating our reality. We are powerful. What we think, exists.

My friend Denis explains it beautifully:

Blame is a belief-system designed to solidify our current world view. As people, we are deeply deeply afraid of being wrong, so we create situations where we can tell ourselves, "I knew it, I was right!" So for many activists that means, "I knew it, BigPharma is harming me". For the machine it means, "I knew it anti-vaxxers are harming us". The blame cycle perpetuates itself.

Nazis were a symptom. The Allies eradicating Nazis was a story we told ourselves to cope with a system we all created. Blaming symptoms makes us feel good for a while, because we are just addicts getting our blame fix. Ultimately, blaming symptoms doesn't heal us. We never eradicated the Nazis because we labelled them as the guys in the brown uniforms; you know "them". "They did it!"

Vaccines are a symptom of industrialization. Even industrialization is a symptom of something deeper. We are creating it.

Diabetes is a symptom on the surface. 

The list goes on. Blame is everywhere -- it is so common that diagnosing blame addiction is nearly impossible - it is like diagnosing sugar addiction - it is so common people don't even see it from moment-to-moment. When someone eats bread, it converts to sugar in the body. It is the same with blame. "I forgive you" mostly means "I blame you". It may look like bread on the outside, but its sugar on the inside. It takes psychological finesse to see that true forgiveness is a relationship without blame.

Isn't it interesting when billions of people agree that when they label something "bad" "negative" and "wrong", they get more of that something? We are creating our own perspectives. The moment I change my perspective of you, then you change. The moment you change your perspective of me, I change. We are limiting one another, and likewise, we can free one another to see more possibilities open.

Blame is limiting. But personal responsibility opens doors - we just need to see we are creating everything for our own benefit. Vaccine injury is not bad; it's just an extreme lesson because we didn't listen to earlier lessons. 

Imagining Solutions

Here is a way we can use imagination and personal responsibility to clear the blame cycle paradigm:

(1) Listen. Listen to BigPharma. That means we genuinely read their studies. And we discuss their studies genuinely with them because we all created the studies for our own benefit. We helped write every study. We don't need to come to the same conclusions as BigPharma, or come to any conclusions at all. We just need to genuinely listen without blaming anyone or anything as 'bad' or 'wrong'. Inside that space without blame something amazing happens simultaneously to everyone present… healing. I love this so much, we can heal ourselves and others by genuinely listening without blaming. That is such an important lesson for humanity, and that's exactly the point of all this.

(2) Recognize. Recognize that we are all creating BigPharma for our benefit. This realization is so powerful, I really cannot repeat it enough. It limits us when we label BigPharma as bad and evil. I know I've already done it a thousand times in the past, so I know from personal experience it was limiting. It limited me because I never saw the truth that I am creating BigPharma to help me. Like I said at the beginning of this article, I am an organic rancher who grows healing herbs, and my family eats 100% organic and we take no drugs or surgery, and I am the first to admit I am creating BigPharma. To see more possibilities for changing BigPharma, we should try not to become attached to any of our expectations for exactly how we must end BigPharma, or for that matter how any particular conversation must progress, or even what any person must conclude. In this moment, BigPharma, Paul Offit, the CDC, and Richard Pan are literally helping us save mankind because we need their extreme lessons at this critical stage of human industrialization. If it wasn't BigPharma teaching us, this same lesson would come through BigComputer or BigChemical or BigMilitary, etc. And indeed, it already is coming through those Biggies as well. Lessons get louder and LOUDER until we listen or destruct. One of the best ways to bridge the gap with BigPharma is to recognize our shared interests. Start from the foundation - for example, we all like cleanliness and nature and science - let's talk about that without any blame or judgment or expectations whatsoever, and we can experience immediate healing. 

(3) Release. Release expectations because our expectations are often limiting to the billions of possible ways to creatively achieve our goals. When a person is addicted to blame, he labels everything and tends to blame himself and others whenever his expectations are not satisfied. And so he builds coping mechanisms (limiting beliefs) to conceal his pain. Everything that is not in harmony with his heart's true desire is just a coping mechanism. It takes energy to create and sustain coping mechanisms (walls), which is stress, which leads to disease. Interestingly, whenever his will power wears off or weakens, his true and vulnerable self is exposed. 

(4) Synchronicities. Look for synchronicities along our journey that orient us onto fertile ground for change. For example, when I was working on Public Health Department privacy issues in Santa Barbara, I had a dream that I worked as an employee of the California Public Health Department. At one point in my dream I saw the boss of my boss, CDPH Director Karen Smith, present an opened bottle of Coca-Cola to Kanye West during a live concert performance. Karen was in the front row and Kanye drank the fizzy drink on stage to everyone's surprise, or at least to my surprise because why would Kanye trust a potentially tainted/opened drink. Karen seemed very enthusiastic and human. I don't know what that dream means exactly -- Coca Cola based in Atlanta, like the CDC, probably represented a vaccine, and Kanye represents the west (like California). All I really know is that everything in life is a lesson, and everything is connected, and clues are in everything. 

(5) Imagine. Imagine the possibilities in every word you hear. Life is meant to be experienced through possibilities (e.g., all light and matter are probabilistic), and every lesson in life teaches us about our heart's true desires. When we live in harmony with our true desires, we find life becomes more effortless. And in that harmony we accomplish change with exponential ease, which is precisely what we need at this time in history because industrialization is also growing exponentially.

A Radical New Approach to Activism

So I think the time has come for a radical new approach to activism "against" BigPharma. The root problem of our movement is probably blame. And the solution is to genuinely embrace responsibility -- imagine how much public support we can attract toward us as we embrace and share this energy. I hear it everyday from moms and dads who resonate with this thinking (with the exception of about 10% who find it silly). I think most everyone on the planet already know this deep down, and the time has come to bring the ethic of responsibility into the light.

Key point: I've learned it is not enough to simply understand or intellectualize this idea of not blaming people. It is a practical and conscious skill that takes daily practice, practice, practice. Like playing the piano, it's not enough to just read about playing the piano. You have to invest yourself and actually play the instrument daily to start getting really good and creative.

I think that as a society over millennia, we have been using our anger and violence and blame toward crime to push crime underground: secret societies, pedophilia, depopulation. The lesson never goes away, it only gets more extreme. (Hear me out here, and remember I uphold law and order, and at one point applied to be a criminal prosecutor).

So we have come to an extreme moment in human history where underground powers (i.e., Deep State, secret groups) appear more powerful than people who live in the light.

When we choose not to blame anyone, including not blaming ourselves, we also realize that we can no longer blame God. And that's important for our movement, which I think is ultimately spiritual for many of us, or even most of us. I am a Christian myself, and I really like Psalm 82:6. When we see that we are co-creating everything for our benefit, we love the lesson, and we love self-improvement. In that space of 100% responsibility, accusation finds no home in our hearts. Another way to say this is that God creates opportunities (opportunities for love, opportunities for courage, opportunities for justice), and we choose to explore the possibilities. 

Our movement chooses to be weak because we choose to play the victim - we petition the present regimes of power from a mindset of victimhood and blame.

I believe we can change that paradigm instantly by realizing that we are the authority. When I take 100% responsibility for creating mass vaccination, I see why I am creating this lesson for my benefit. I am galvanizing a health freedom movement to value nature. Mass vaccination is just a symptom of something much larger that is displacing nature.

Mass vaccination is one-size-fits-all pollution, so it is not in harmony with nature, because nature is diverse and fractal and filled with possibilities. 

Despite our best intentions, blaming Pharma limits our power, because in reality Pharma is helping us see that we are injecting ourselves with disharmonious technology in all areas of life: vaccines, wifi, pollution, computers, etc. Like I said, Pharma is especially benefiting us because it just so happens to be the one industry that best documents its injuries, including vaccine injury.

Granted, it feels really, really satisfying to blame "them". That is because we are addicted to blame. Like all addicts, we create endless excuses to justify our blame addiction. Excuses are coping mechanisms. They stress us out, like anger. Anger is just one way to cope with reality. 

Anger has a purpose; that's the point of any coping mechanism. Indeed, coping mechanisms help keep the world very normal to the 'normal' perspective. They are also routinely practical: helping keep people safe; building shared experiences.

I am not saying anger is bad. I am saying it is a lesson.

What I am trying to do here with this article is appeal to a different energy. If it doesn't resonate with you the reader at this time, I understand. Indeed, I prefer to avoid feeling attached to my expectation that you should listen. And oddly enough, the more I release you from any attachment/expectation, the more likely you are to gravitate toward my message because you observe energetically there is freedom present there.

Everything is connected. See: physics. See: billions of examples of people who experience 'you know, it was the coolest coincidence'; 'wow, small world', 'the more I feared it, the more I experienced it', and on and on. 

The question still stands: how much more blame will heal us? How much more blame will empower us?

I do not believe our strength comes from anger or blame. I believe our strength comes from our authority.

What we eventually need to happen is for the public, the majority, the idle ones, the wave, to respect informed consent--and in that way we see the people's energy accomplish health freedom, not just our own energy. All we need to do is flick the switch and turn their lights on through education and science. Once they realize they have been led away from nature, they will unlock the door 0f freedom. 

And I believe that is when we execute justice.

It's interesting too. I think true justice is not simply the work of an angry people redoubling pain upon others (though it is possible that can be part of the execution), but rather true justice comes from the deepest possible understanding of what is necessary to cleanse and discipline the whole body and mind.

If we created the health freedom movement, then BigPharma also created us. Perhaps to keep some of humanity in place as truth holders?

War is like this too. For as long as the American people assumed that the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Koreans, whoever, were a threat to American lives, then it was considered acceptable to sacrifice American soldiers whilst mass bombing sovereigns and polluting nature liberally (agent orange, depleted uranium, etc). Once the ruse starts wearing off for any given nation-threat (i.e. Iraq; polio), then the military industrial complex simply claims "success" (i.e., democracy is restored; the vaccine works), retains it bases (i.e., American bases in Iraq; vaccination program), and points at a new 'threat' (i.e., Afghanistan; H1N1). That's the game. So you can see the exact same game with war is played with infectious disease, because the root issue is deeper, and there are just as many viruses to blame as 'dangerous' sovereigns. See the parallels, everything is connected. Follow the signs to the root, learn the lesson, and experience healing.

That is why society needs to learn now this greater lesson about blame; otherwise the war/disease/whatever lesson just repeats in a new area/form and gets more EXTREME over time. Polio, korea, Measles, VietNam, h1N1, WAR ON TERROR, H5N1… it's all rooted in blame.

Genuine Learning is Healing

Finding parallels/synchronicities like these is an essential tool for learning. It's essential because learning is healing. Actually, I'll rephrase, genuine learning is healing. And again, it is not enough for us to simply intellectualize these ideas. Learning not to blame really is like playing the piano - it is a skill that grows stronger with daily practice -- taking 100% responsibility without labeling or blaming is a skill that takes daily practice, practice, practice. The skill improves over time as you see the subtle ways that blame is in everything. For example, when you feel like you need to 'walk on eggshells around someone', that's blaming them; you're creating it. When you feel you need to 'just accept him for who he is', ask yourself: have you actually hidden a label in there that 'he is bad' or 'I don't deserve to get what I want'? If so, that is blame. Does it stress you out when your expectations are not met? In every instance, follow the signs back to their source, and you find blame of self and/or blame of others. 

Literally 100% of everything: we create it for our benefit. We create it all to help us. Mandatory vaccination is helping us learn how to build checks & balances for mankind. If this lesson was not being experienced in mandatory vaccination today, then the lesson would simply come through something else, like GMOs, pollution, etc. And indeed, we have reached such an advanced/extreme stage of this lesson that our experiences are also manifesting through those other areas. 

In the blame game, the 'winner' is the most violent - and here I refer to all forms of violence (force, anger, fighting, suicide, etc). I can assure you that our health freedom movement is not more violent than the military industrial complex. We need a different strategy than violence.

Fortunately, in the learning game, the winner is the sustainable body. Everything that is not sustainable in a fractal system is disciplined away in time through self-improvement. And on a societal level, that process of discipline manifests as checks & balances <-- that's our goal.

We are creating crime for our benefit, in order to learn and grow reliable tools for crime detection and law enforcement. Ultimately, we desire security, so we use our energy to create strong detectives, prosecutors, and law enforcement, and we strive for harmony with individual rights. Here in the 21st Century, we are currently creating crime on all levels, from the very top with the CIA/MI6 (drug trafficking, pedophilia, secret weapons, black ops) all the way down to local thugs, and we are also creating things like police brutality, because all of it is helping us learn about checks & balances. We have not yet built a sustainable system; we are trying to discipline ourselves, but our system is so flawed our energy is not used most efficiently to redress the roots. Simply: we have designed a system to conceal and treat symptoms. Fortunately, when we learn to exercise our authority for self-improvement, we can heal from the root: our authority.

We are creating disease for our benefit, in order to learn and grow reliable tools for health and cleanliness. We desire wholeness of body with the help of strong doctors and researchers, in harmony with individual self-determinism. We are currently creating disease on all levels, from the very top with neurological disorders all way down to our toes with diabetes, because it is teaching us about checks and balances. We have not yet built a sustainable system. Fortunately, when we learn to exercise our authority for self-improvement, we can heal.

I know we can continue to expose vaccines and execute justice in the name of self-improvement, rather than in the name of blame. It's all about intention. That's key, because intention is primary. We can inherently feel each other's intentions. This lesson is easier to see with our children - we do not need to blame them to self-improve both parent and child. Same with friends. Neighbors. Even strangers. Politicians. Criminals. Animals. Pets. And again, friends.

I find it particularly interesting that when a person chooses not to blame anyone or blame themselves, their body heals and their life improves. Most people like being around others who do not blame/judge, and yet who are confident and assertively moral. It is very empowering. 

Self-improvement does not require blame. Healing does not require blame. We can learn from the lesson that healing is enhanced when blame is released. That does not mean we abandon justice and self-improvement. To the contrary, we enhance them. In addition to the experiences of my friend Denis (from whom I have learned so much), we find countless studies showing that healing occurs when genuine forgiveness is experienced. We can forgive/release someone psychologically, and still execute justice physically. Parents do this daily when disciplining children.

It appears that we humans were not designed to slaughter one another or experience prolonged stress - we are not very efficient fighters, and even our facial expressions of anger are humorously simplistic (i.e., the face for moral disgust is the exact same as the face for disgust toward rancid food). Blame is not in harmony with our bodies.

Deuteronomy 32:35, "It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them."

Matthew 5:44, "But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you."

Notably, in the ancient language of the bible, the word for blame is "satan". I for one would like less blame/satan in my life. I would like God in my life, and I would like to share God's message of love, responsibility, justice, and healing.

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