Regenerative Fitness with Hamad Shirazi

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What is Regenerative Fitness?

Regenerative fitness is a foundational program that will empower you with simple tools and practices that can be applied to instantly improve health and vitality. Using movement as medicine, we will cultivate an optimal environment for our bodies to harmonize and create a more youthful presence. This movement-centered program will include principles of infant development and natural movement patterns, all with the intention of total body integration.

The fundamental principles of regenerative fitness include breath awareness, postural alignment, muscle pliability, mobility and balance. These principles are implemented with the core value of integrity. Movement with integrity leads to an enhanced ability to train for strength, conditioning, and peak performance! With this demonstrated focus, we are able to grow to our desired potential in all facets of life.

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Where do we begin? Change, growth, and transformation all begin with a sense of self awareness in the area that is to be transformed. It is important for us to have an understanding of self as we lean towards creating progressive change. I believe in empowerment, so I would like to just suggest you begin to ask yourself deeper questions. What is your dream lifestyle? What is the legacy you would like to leave behind? What type of impact do you want to have on your family, community, and the planet? All of these questions and their results are predicated on the relationship with your own health and well-being. It all starts with you.

The difference between mainstream fitness ideology vs this concept of regenerative fitness is cultivating strength from the inside out. Whenever I consult individuals about fitness, the outlook is naturally gravitated toward "working out", yet I am more concerned with the amount of time invested toward "working in". Mainstream fitness tends to begin with the most advanced forms of exercise. A foundation of awareness and education in this field is essential to developing the body we desire. If it was easy, everyone would be healthy and fit. Anything substantially valuable requires time, patience and consistent effort. Take a deep breath and let that sink in. We must first learn body awareness with the breath, then crawl, then walk, then run! Not the other way around.

What is your intention when you exercise and work on your physical fitness? Developing our bodies is similar to building a business or any relationship of value. We all understand the value of intention, execution, and organization to achieve optimal success. I have always been curious as to why we do not apply these same principles when developing a relationship with ourselves. Most individuals are chronically stressed, dehydrated, and lacking rest. If this sounds familiar or resonates with you, it may be best for to work-in before the work-out.

Working in vs. working out. This was a concept introduced to me by one of my teachers, Paul Chek. Stress management is one of the most critical components in creating a strong physical presence. If one is to work out intensely without a prioritization of balance and recovery, it may lead to pain, injury, and weakness. This seems counter-productive to the initial intention, but I have personal experience in this department. I grew up and was taught that more is better, "no pain, no gain", and other ideologies that did not serve me in long term health and peace of mind. I began lifting weights at the age of 15 with a personal trainer and at school with the "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" program. It definitely worked, initially. I became slightly obsessive with the strength and performance gains from this style of training, and loved how my body was looking. I did get drawn into the rabbit hole and ended up with multiple injuries from overuse, under-recovery, and lack of a balanced integration to where I was in chronic pain by the age of 18 years old. Without diving too deep into my story, it was through overcoming multiple obstacles and challenges along the way that led me to a more holistic, integrative approach to fitness and health.

Regenerative fitness is just an introduction into the realm of fitness and performance based training. These 12 simple practices are delivered with the intention of returning to the basics and gaining a deeper level of awareness. This program can be used as a supplement to your current fitness plan or be the foundation of your fitness journey. By following this process, you will have the opportunity to be empowered with the embodiment of your life's mission and work.

With this foundation of basic nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle practices, you will have a renewed confidence to dive deeper into specific performance-based training that is more suitable to your individual needs. My approach to optimizing human performance is by going through the stages of infant development to primal movement patterns. We want adequate cardiovascular health, flexibility, mobility, structure and strength for an improved performance in quality of life and longevity. Our physical body is the home for all of our life's experiences. Don't you want to have the ultimate vessel for this journey of life? Join us in this masterclass, this is only the beginning…

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Coach Shirazi's 7 Principles of Wellness

1.     Gratitude

  •      Appreciation for life and our physical body; cultivation of personal spiritual practices

2.     Breath

  •      Utilize breath as the anchor for your ability to remain calm, focused, and balanced as you go through life's experiences

3.     Movement

  •  Move mindfully and stay present of your body's needs at all times. Move playfully, and with integrity!

4.     Hydration

  •   Hydrate your body with clean water. ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water is a general reference point. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

5.     Nutrition

  • Eat whole foods grown organically and in harmony with nature according to your unique physiological and metabolic needs. Use supplementation only if necessary, and  mindfully with guidance and support.

6.     Rest

  • Prioritize sleep, meditation, and multiple forms of rest to allow the body to heal, grow, and REGENERATE.

7.     Mindset

  •  Develop clarity on your vision, mission, and core values to carry out your legacy. Positivity with discipline leads to a life of health, happiness, and freedom.

Regenerative Fitness Beginner Program

  1. Breath Awareness & Postural Activation
  2. Foot Mobility & Reflexology
  3. Balance (Single-Leg)
  4. Spinal Warmup (Bird-Dogs)
  5. Gait (Walk)
  6. Bend (Hip Hinge)
  7. Lunge (Stationary)
  8. Squat (Glute Bridge)
  9. Push (Modified Push-Up)
  10. Pull (W Reach from Modified Plank)
  11. Core (Cobra & Plank)
  12. Breathing Meditation

Regenerative Fitness Advanced Program

  1. Breath Awareness & Postural Activation
  2. Foot Mobility & Reflexology
  3. Balance (Single-Leg Eyes Closed)
  4. Spinal Warmup (Cross Crawl)
  5. Gait (Walk / Run / Jump)
  6. Bend (Dead-Lift)
  7. Lunge (Alternating Lunges)
  8. Squat (Loaded)
  9. Push (Push-Up)
  10. Pull (Plank W Reach)
  11. Core (Superman & Plank)
  12. Breathing Meditation

About Hamad Shirazi

Hamad Shirazi is a health educator and fitness coach. He leads individuals toward peak performance by focusing on body-mind integration and a balanced lifestyle. Hamad earned a B.S.Ed. in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Georgia and a M.S.Ed. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami. Additionally, he is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and trained at the C.H.E.K Institute as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Hamad is the creator of the Regenerative Fitness Program. His personal experience includes overcoming multiple injuries and health challenges; while his professional experience spans over eight years of successful results with clients and numerous leadership roles within wellness centers across Miami, Florida. He has hosted workshops, classes, events and retreats to educate, inspire, and empower the community. Hamad prioritizes mental, physical and spiritual wellness with the goal of helping individuals become the healthiest and strongest version of themselves.

Hamad Shirazi

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