RFK. Jr. Mic Dropping Speech Marks Birth of a New Civil Rights Movement Vis-à-Vis the Rise of the Medical Police State

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Medical Fascism Descends in California, While A New Civil (and Human) Rights Movement in the US is Being Born

While California's tragic fall into what might rightly be described as a Medical Police State has many up in arms, RFK. Jr's spontaneously delivered speech outside Gov. Newsom's office helped transform the anger and grief experienced by thousands of shaken onlookers into inspiration and hope, no doubt contributing to catalyzing further what is clearly becoming this country's next, truly grassroots civil (and human) rights movement

Following immediately after the California Senate passed SB 276 in Sacramento on Monday, which effectively removes medical exemptions in the state (even for those with previous life-threatening reactions to vaccines), a protest erupted at the state capital in front of Gov. Newsom's office, who would sign the bill later that day. Earlier, five protestors were arrested for exercising their First Amendment right of peaceful protest -- a painful irony, considering that the removal of religious exemptions also violates the First Amendment rights, which is why they were protesting in the first place. 

In the astoundingly powerful and uplifting speech by RFK Jr. below, one senses the historical importance of what just transpired. The fall of California into medical fascism also marks the beginning of a new, broad-based civil rights movement which includes all sexes, races, walks of life, religions, and socioeconomic classes -- as it concerns the primary, inviolable human right of bodily self-sovereignty and health freedom, and a parent's right to make informed health choices for their children, which can have life and death consequences. 

The fight for liberty and health freedom in California is far from over. There will be legal challenges, said RFK. Jr., all the way up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. In fact, this incident brings to the forefront a deep, dark problem in the United States that has been festering for decades: the rise of the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the government to mandate products that the free market would otherwise reject, due to the profound liability these products have (underwritten completely by the government via their indemnification through the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (the ACT) of 1986). Now, over three decades since the inception of the ACT, that same industry is starting to use the police powers of the state to enforce these mandates. 

California is a testing ground and the blueprint for the rest of the country. How much will the American people consent to forced medical interventions and related coercion necessary to push through a national and global agenda of universal compliance with an ever-expanding vaccination schedule? Florida is next on the chopping block, with the introduction of SB 64, which would reproduce CA's situation, but with one bill. Learn more here: The Medical Police State Metastasizes to FL: SB 64 Removes Religious Exemption for Vaccination, Threatens Medical.

To get updates and action items, please follow and support the following non-profit organizations: 

1) Stand for Health Freedom

2) National Vaccine Information Center

3) Children's Health Defense

The full transcript of RFK Jr.'s speech is below: 

RFK Jr.: It's a sad day for our country. And I have to ask a question, and I'd like to ask these legislators who voted for this [inaudible], for this God awful bill, if we can give government and big industries the right to inject untested medical products that are zero liability into our children, coercively, where does the power of government end?


What could they all, what else can they order us to do? Can they do the same thing they do in China? Which is to tell people they have to abort their babies for the good of society? Can they euthanize people for the good of society? Where is the legal boundary? Where is the rational boundary if we can give government this right, which we have signed treaty after treaty after treaty. Saying you cannot force American citizen or any citizen of the civilized world to take a medication or to submit themselves to a medical procedure without informed consent. 


What has happened to the Democratic party? What has happened to the party that use to stand for listening to women? Why are they listening to pharmaceutical companies and not for the women? 


The past two years the Democrats have been telling us, "well we are the party that stands up to the police and listens to women when they've been bullied." And yet, we have all the members who voted for this and none of them can answer the question, where is all the autoimmune diseases coming from? If it's not the vaccines, then where is it coming from? We have from my generation, according to HHS, 12 percent of the people in my generation, prior to 1986, had chronic diseases. Today, 54 percent did. Let's pretend all those hundreds and hundreds of studies aren't there that say it's the vaccines. Let's pretend that all the vaccines, every one of those diseases, the autoimmune diseases, CAMBRAY, Cerebral Palsy, umm…diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, neuro-developmental diseases, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, ticks, Terets syndrome, ASD, Autism. The allergic diseases- peanut allergies, food allergies, Excema, Asthma, anaphelaxis.


Where can we find those listed in two places? One in the list of chronic diseases, that are now epidemic among American children and on the vaccine inserts. And why would the company put them on the vaccine insert? They put them there because the only you can sue them under VICA is if they know or suspect of an injury being caused by their product and they failed to put it on the insert. So it's the one place where they're honest. 


For many years they told us "well just because we put it on the insert, doesn't mean it's actually a vaccine adverse event caused by the vaccine." But the code of federal regulations says you cannot put it on an insert unless you believe that it's caused by vaccines. So they're lying and all these legislators in here, we went office to office and we talked to every single one of them and they know what they're doing. Because we exhausted them. We went in and we answered every question. We answered all the lies that Richard Penn has told them. We answered and we showed them in black and white that's not true. There are no grandfathering of medical exemptions. This state is doing something horrendous. It's stepping between a doctor and the 4,000 children in this state, whose doctors have told them you cannot afford to get a vaccine because it could kill you or it could cripple you. Their doctor, who's known that child, often times since birth, who has reviewed their medical records, who has done all of the tests on that baby, who knows the family has said It is dangerous for you to receive this product. Don't every do it. And yet, the state of California is going to come in a step, a beaurocrat, between that doctor and that child and say we're going to give it to them anyway. 


This is criminal!




RFK Jr.: For many years I spent my life working on environmental issues. One of the things I knew about the environment is that it was a war between large corporations who are trying to treat our planet as if it were business and liquidations, convert our natural resource to cash, have a few years of pollution-based prosperity for themselves and our children are going to have to pay for their joyride. With deluded landscapes, poor health, huge cleanup costs that are going to amplify over time and they'll never be able to pay. 


That was my life's battle Because these were corporations that were commoditizing our landscapes. The landscapes…the purple mountains majesties, these countries that enrich our children spiritually, culturally, economically and their health. And when I got sucked into this issue, I saw something a hundred times worse. 


Not just oil companies trying to pave and commoditize our landscape, but big pharmaceutical companies are the most evil companies on earth who are commoditizing our children. Who are giving our children a tsunami of chronic disease and then making the money to try to tell us "well we're going to get rid of infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles, but we're going to trade that for rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, and autism, and ADD, and ADHD." And all of those infectious diseases are treatable and curable usually within a week. And none of those chronic diseases that they are causing are treatable and curable. And they're making $50 billion selling our kids these mandated vaccines that are untested and liability free, but they're making $500 billion a year selling them the EPI pens. The seizure medications. The Prozac. The Albuterol inhalers. The rheumatoid arthritis medications. The diabetes medications that our children are now addicted to, for life! Because of these vaccines. 


And we went through this with all these Democratic legislators. They knew what they were doing. I'm going to tell you what Henry Stern told me. I said to him, "Henry…" I've known him his entire career. I gave him his first fundraiser. It was all the people in our community who came to that fundraiser because he made a promise to us. When I called him up two months ago and I reminded him about that promise, he said "Bobby, if you insist on doing this, you're not goingto have any friends left."


Crowd: [inaudible chants]


RFK Jr.: I have plenty friends! 


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: I have the [inaudible] kind of friends. The friends you can rely on in a fight. The friends you want in a foxhole with ya. I don't need those other kind of friends.


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: But when I look at [inaudible] today, of all the people that voted for this bill, I saw all the Democrats voted for it, even the people who told us they were not going to. Who knew what they were doing was wrong.


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: Why they did it? Why they did it?


They did it because of friendship. Because that's their tribe. And they decided to stick with their tribe rather than sticking with our children. And my question is why in the world did any of you get into politics if it wasn't about protecting children? Why would you do it? This is the party that's supposed to stand up to big corporations. This is the party that's suppose to stand up to women.. for women. Supposed to stand up to the bullies. This is the party that's supposed to stand up for freedom of choice.


When did it become the enforcement weapon of the pharmaceutical industry in its war against our children? 


Oh, I told you a couple of months ago and spoke on the Capital steps. I told you something I learned very early on as an advocate, which is, discredit advocacy. Where you're dealing with the inertia, with the momentum of a giant juggernaut corporate structure, that is unstoppable. A juggernaut. It's very hard to slow the momentum, because they've captured everything. They've captured our newspapers, our press. Some of it is paid off and a lot of media has appointed itself as the guardian, as the gateway to protect the American people from dangerous knowledge. That's not the job of the press. The job of the press is to inform the public. 


Democracy relies on the free flow of information. When you start censoring information you better look at whose behalf are you censoring it for? Because that is the tyrant. And that's what they're doing. So… this is a juggernaut. They own the press, they own the regulatory agencies, they own our doctors, our pediatricians. They own all… They have disabled the courts and the lawyers, the groups that would be on our side. Then they… They've captured every other agency. How do you stop that kind of juggernaut? It's like stopping a huge oil filled super tanker. And I've watched these tankers be turned around at New York Harbor. And what happens is they get 4 or 5 tug boats. The tug boats push on the bows. They hit them again and again and again and again, and there's no perceptible movement sometimes for hours. And suddenly one of those blows and causing it to start turning and then it flips in a matter of minutes. And all of that work, I don't want any of you to go away today disheartened. We have had loss after loss after loss and what happens every time we lose? 


Crowd: [yelling] WE GET STRONGER!


RFK Jr.: We get stronger! We lost in the Assembly, we lost in the Committee. We lost in the Appropriations Committee. We lost in the health committee. We lost in the Assembly, we lost in the Senate. We lost in the Assembly in the Senate again. And what happened? Every time these crowds got bigger. And you women got stronger.


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: And I'm telling you, we are going to win this battle.


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: We have plans. We have a strategy. And we are going to sue them.


Crowd: [cheering]


RFK Jr.: And we're going to sue them in the State courts. We're going to sue them in Federal courts. We're going to sue them in the appellate courts and if we need to, we're going to sue them in the Supreme Court. 


Crowd: [cheering}


RFK Jr.: We are going to win this. What I need from you is no complaints. Don't whine, don't cry. ORGANIZE! That's what I want you to do, organize and communicate with each other. Communicate with us. We are an insurgency. They cannot stop us now. We will not go away. Raise your hands if you're not going to go away.


Crowd: [cheering]




RFK Jr.: We have nowhere to go! And you know what, this is the biggest battle of our lives and we have the privilege to be a part of it. You are on the frontline of something that you know is important. My father told me you have to find something to give your life to. And you guys have something and you know you're right. You know this is the most important battle in human history. And you know from the beginning of our national history of our nation, our greatest political leaders have been warning Americans about the danger of big government. But even more importantly, from the very beginning from our battles with the East Indian company, Jefferson and Adderson and all of our great, visionary, most beloved leaders, have said the biggest threat to our American Democracy is excessive corporate power. 


Thomas Jefferson, Republicans, Teddy Roosevelt who said that America would never be destroyed by a foreign enemy. We're too big and powerful, but our beloved Democratic institutions would be subverted by malfactors of great wealth who would corrode them from within. Dwight Eisenhower, warned America, another Republican, in his most famous speech in history. His greatest speech ever against the domination by corporations and military industrial complex, which the pharmaceutical industry and CDC are part of. 


Abraham Lincoln, the great Republican, the Founder of the Republican party. This Republican in history has said in the height of the Civil War, "I have the South in front of me, I have the corporations behind me, and for my country I fear the corporations more." 


What we have to understand is that the domination of government, the domination of business by government is called Communism. The domination of government by business is called Fascism. And what we are fighting for are the essential tenets of American Democracy, which is free market capitalism, which we don't have. They destroyed the markets, didn't they. There's no market for vaccines because they couldn't sell them. So they had to disable the markets and force us to take them against our will. 


And for Democracy… they've taken democracy from us and they've taken the institutions of justice directly. They have gotten rid of the 6th and 7th Amendment guarantees, the Federal Constitutional guarantees for jury trials. We're the only people in our country, who you can injure…. A private corporation can injure and disable and you can't get a jury trial. 


They have dismantled all of the institutions of our Democracy in order to make this business function. They know they cannot get people to take this willingly. They know they cannot win this debate [inaudible], in the public square. The only way is through censorship and coercion. And those are bowling balls that are meant to destroy all of the tenets of our democracy. 


What we're standing up for is our children. It's also all the major democratic institutions that make the world function in a humane and dignified way. 


So I want to thank all of you for coming out here on short notice to show these guys what we're made of and to tell you we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder. We are going to bring them down and I'm going to see you on the barricade. 



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