Shingles, Vaccines, Vitamin C, and Codex

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Imagine needing a prescription to buy a diluted vitamin C and paying $100 for a small bottle, instead of $10 to $15 today. Visualize each tablet being only 250 milligrams of 'synthetic' material, when today the vitamin is up to 1000 mg or higher, and are available from 'natural' sources, no prescription needed. Why this scenario?

'Codex Alimentarius' is a United Nations organization creating international food safety supplement standards, among other standardization, to impact all of life as we know it today. Sounds good? Maybe Not.

Many 'Codex' nutrient guidelines are already in effect in Norway and Germany. The food safety leaders would like to make Codex global. Its goal is not only to control vitamin C, but most of the vitamins, herbs, and minerals available today, 'for your safety.' Despite Codex, (within Agenda 21), there are intelligent groups of people who believe that restricting the quality, price, and quantity of vitamins, minerals, could become another health hazard.

While we are concerned with GMO, irradiated, chemically altered foods, and some imported 'fake' food, Codex is a chilling scenario evolving. We already know that tampering with food can create disease. Very few people are aware of Codex working hard to change nutritional supplements, (i.e. changing the laws).  Despite protests from consumers who fear being charged more money, for less protection, Codex is charging ahead. There appears to be a lot of confusion over ingesting food, or supplements. 

People are appearing to be getting sicker these days the cause, unspecified. When looking at the food source, the sauces, the chemicals, the processing of nutrition, it is no wonder. Removing the quality of nutrition, and the abilities to naturally improve health, appears to be emerging as a potential new wave of health decline.

For example, lets take Shingles.

Shingles is an infection that results from the Varicella Zoster Virus (related to chickenpox). After having the chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in nerve cell bodies for decades (living 'peacefully' in our bodies).  For unknown reasons shingles can be triggered causing an extremely painful skin rash with blisters along a nerve. Although analgesics can relieve the pain and antiviral agents help to resolve the length of time, some people experience a  'neuralgia',  a residual lasting nerve pain. 

Today the pharmaceutical industry, is suggesting that we rush to be vaccinated to avoid this dreadful condition. They are promoting this new vaccine with enthusiasm, despite some documented alternatives. 

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, suggests ( that vitamin C can be effective in relieving some of the symptoms of Shingles. He continues to suggest that the side effects of vaccinations are not yet clear. His opinion is that vitamin C should be utilized in treatment protocols for an infected patient to help resolve acute viral syndromes, not limited to the varicalla zoster (also referred as the herpes zoster virus).

Frederick Klenner, MD, a pioneer of vitamin C therapies, studied patients with shingles. He published the results, and gave 2,000 to 3,000 mg. of vitamin C by injections twice a day, plus 1000 mg in fruit juice by mouth every two hours. Complete pain relief was reported within hours of the first vitamin C injection. Vitamin C has a general virus inactivating effect. It may be helpful according to research in reducing symptoms of Shingles.

Getting vaccinated may have long term, yet unknown, complications. Restricting natural vitamins such as vitamin C could create a cascade of preventable diseases. Pay attention to Codex. Enjoy the freedom today of being able to choose your nutrition, those days may disappear without your consent. Check out the source of what you put inside your body. Learn what you can about the new realities that are unfolding, that knowledge, could increase your lifespan.


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