'Water Is The Most Dangerous Ingredient In Vaccines,' States Prominent Pediatrician

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Watch Richard Pan's presentation on vaccines above.

One of the country's most prominent pediatricians wants the American public to believe that water is the most toxic ingredient in childhood vaccines, not aluminum or formaldehyde.

Democratic Senator and pediatrician Richard Pan, principal co-author of the Californian bill SB 277 that ended personal belief exemptions earlier this year, stated at a Nov. 5th event held at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, that parental concerns over vaccine safety are misguided, and water -- not formaldehyde or aluminum -- is the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines.

Here is the transcript of his entire statement:  

"There's nothing that's 100% safe."

"In fact, actually, people talk about what are in vaccines."

"Right, They say, "Oh, I'm worried about formaldehyde..."

"...I'm worried about aluminum."

"Thimerosol is not in childhood vaccines."

"People say they are worried about thimerosol."

"You know what's the most dangerous substance in vaccines?"


"More children die of water toxicity, than anything else that's in the vaccine!"

The talk, sponsored by UC Berkely's Center for Public Health Practice, and titled "Child Immunization: Herding Parental Concerns," included co-presenters Leah Russin and Renee Diresta, Co-Founders of Vaccinate California, and was billed as follows: 

Amid new outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, Governor Brown recently signed SB 277, which will require all California students to be immunized before entering school. The campaign to pass this bill was one of the hardest-fought in recent times. We're honored to have the bill's author, a working pediatrician, join us for a de-briefing of the campaign, along with two mom-organizers who played key roles in pushing back against misinformation that flooded the internet and polarized parents. What worked? What's next?"

Vaccinate California, which on the surface appears to be a citizen's group run by two moms, is actually part of a pharmaceutical industry and government funded cadre of front groups, whose collective efforts to misinform the public ultimately succeeded in passing SB  277, a Californian bill which violates parental, religious, civil, and human rights. You can learn more about how a "tightly knit group of insiders, lobbyists and individuals with strong associations to pharmaceutical companies" succeeded in passing SB277 by reading Vactruth.com's newly released expose titled, "Lobbyists Knew Optimal Time to Introduce SB277."

Is Water, as Richard Pan Says, Really More Dangerous Than Formaldehyde? 

Not since Dr. Paul Offit, patent holder of a rotavirus vaccine (Rotateq), stated in interview that an infant could safely receive 10,000 vaccines in one visit, has a public statement of such extreme inaccuracy been made on the topic of vaccine safety.

Just in case common sense isn't enough to reveal Pan's statement about the dangers of water as the epitome of rhetoric, let's look at an objective standard for assessing toxicity, which is known as the LD50, or the amount of a substance required to kill (lethal dose) 50% of a test group of animals.

The amount of orally administered water required to kill 50% of a test group of rats is 90 grams/kilogram. In comparison, it only takes 100 milligrams/kilogram of orally administered formaldehyde to reach the same LD50 in rats. Water, therefore, is three orders of magnitude lower in toxicity. Additionally, the oral LD50 for aluminum hydroxide (the metal adjuvant that replaced thimerosol in most vaccines; see citations on aluminum hydroxide toxicity here) in rats is 5 grams, which means it is 18 times more toxic than water. 

Pan's statement that thimerosol is no longer used in vaccines given to children is also false. The multi-dose flu vaccine, for instance, still contains mercury. Here's what the CDC's own website says about the topic: 

Do flu vaccines contain thimerosal?

Flu vaccines in multi-dose vials contain thimerosal to safeguard against contamination of the vial. Most single-dose vials and pre-filled syringes of flu shot and the nasal spray flu vaccine do not contain a preservative because they are intended to be only used once.

list of available flu vaccines and their thimerosal content is available.

How any medical professional, especially a pediatrician, who purports to know the truth about vaccine safety and efficacy can make such clearly inaccurate statements is difficult to understand, but perhaps not too uncommon. 

In reality, formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury are only the tip of a massive, submerged toxicological iceberg, representing dozens of problematic and/or toxic compounds which all vaccines in the CDC schedule contain, many of which have not been studied adequately in isolation, and none of which have been studied together in acknowledgment of the phenomenon of toxicant synergy. You can take a look at the CDC's vaccine ingredient list to see just how extensive are the number of ingredients in each vaccine. 

It's Not Too Late To File A Personal Belief Exemption in California

Even though Pan's bill succeeded in passing, California parents' vaccine choice rights are can still be PROTECTED by a Personal Belief Exemption (PBE), but only if the PBE is filed with a school before the end of 2015. 

California's SB277 vaccine mandate bill requires evidence of all vaccinations (or a medical exemption) in order to enter public school in fall of 2016. 
The PBE is the last bit of grandfathered protection against forcible vaccination of school children in California. Don't miss it! 
Learn how the details apply to your individual situation at www.raphaelmedicine.com/vaccinearticle.
This free article and e-book is written by a California medical doctor with 40 years experience. Dr. Sutton is eager to inform California parents of their rights, and help them navigate the new must-vaccinate era California is entering.
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