Why People Are Sick and What Can Be Done About it

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We observe a world full of suffering populations. Disease has engulfed society. Chronic diseases have reached a peak. People suffer from not just one but multiple illnesses. Even small children are not spared. The joy of life, once the birth right of beings, has been replaced by the pain of having to carry the burden of a misfunctioning body and mind. Is it our fate to suffer? Why are we suffering so much? What can we do to emerge from this nightmare? It is not difficult to find out. Everything is in plain sight.

Chinks in the armory of modern medicine

The system of medicine we have today feels that laboratory derived chemicals and processes can lead to good health and longevity. But can health emerge from a laboratory? It emerges from within the body and nature has a huge role to play. Chemical and petroleum based products harm the body. The body is programmed to process only natural ingredients.

How did chemicals become the only treatment option? The present system of medicine is a product of oil baron Rockefeller who took over medicine to promote oil and petroleum based products. As a result the system was completely redesigned without any regard to the impact on physical and mental health of populations. The doctors and scientists who protested this takeover were sidelined. The institutes that refused to comply were shut down. Holistic systems that had flourished to form a system of integrated medicine in those times were dubbed quackery and their practitioners and institutions were driven out facilitated by the Flexner Report of 1910 and the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978. The system knew that it could survive only in a strictly monopolistic situation. The Rockefeller family has carried forward the legacy ably aided by corporate philanthropists like Bill Gates.

Disease then became the norm and clinics and hospitals flourished. However the presence of large numbers of hospitals and doctors denotes a sick society. The demand for more does not help. There are several studies that show the growth of disease in society is directly proportionate to the increase in number of doctors and hospitals. A few studies are provided here;


Not only the proliferation of chemical drugs; today pharmaceutical pollution is a huge threat. The hospitals and drug manufacturing industries are polluting the planet and the people are urinating the drugs they are taking and polluting rivers and water bodies, poisoning other humans and species in the process. Many studies have revealed how our water bodies are polluted by anti depressant drugs, pain killers, antibiotics, and other medications. This is leading to extinction of species. The vulture population has been wiped out due to the high potency non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs used on cattle. Yet another study has found very high amounts of pharmaceutical drugs in fish and other aquatic animals affecting their functions and behavior. People who consume these contaminated fish and marine products are falling sick.

Is medicine based on scientific principles? 

The two major theories of medicine; the germ and virus theory and the vaccination prevents disease theory have been discredited. The germ and virus theory was opposed by all qualified doctors of the day. Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD put forth his theory of microzyme which has been proven correct by the research on the microbiome. He had a simple argument, that diseases are caused by dietary and lifestyle imbalances. They cannot be caused by external pathogens. His microzyme principle is about how the body produces its own pathogens to rectify the waste buildup due to wrong diet and lifestyle. Similarly in 1937 Drs Karl Landsteiner and Merril Chase, both immunologists of repute, discovered cellular immunity. It was firmly proven that only natural infection provided immunity thus completely disproving the process of vaccination.

By moving forward with these theories we are in essence doing the exact opposite of what ought to be done!

The role of antibiotics in disease

All chemicals irreversibly harm the beneficial microbes within the body. A study on fruit flies had revealed that the harm caused by inadvertent pressures travels 14 generations. A recent study highlighted how the impacts of pollution will harm 15+ generations. What we are doing today has far reaching consequences. However antibiotics do the greatest harm. Even one course of antibiotics does so much damage that the body cannot hope to recoup. Antibiotics means anti-life. They target the doctors within our body. 

Reductionist Medicine

Critics have pointed out that the modern medical approach is faulty. It treats the human body as an assembled machine and divides the body into units. The MD's are taught specialized medicine based on the body part approach. They know only about the body part they are taught about and are not told about all the dimensions that result in the particular body part becoming dysfunctional. "They know more and more of less and less". This is a serious fallacy. The body is a dynamic biological entity with complex interactions and disease can be addressed only when its holistic function is studied.

Unnecessary medical interventions

Under the influence of the massive medical industry over-prescriptions are common. And so also are unnecessary surgeries and other medical procedures; diagnostic and invasive. The harm from such irrational acts is astronomical. When you visit your doctor, particularly in hospital settings, you should be careful or else you have to suffer the consequences, often for life.

So now you know

After going through what I have written so far you have a fair idea of what is wrong and why there is so much suffering. The medical world is in the grip of misguided elements and they are too powerful to be tackled. Things are set to go worse as pharmaceutical companies under the umbrella of the WHO are all set to take over the world. The doctors and scientists have unfortunately become subservient to the system pressured by lobbyists and medical associations. Governments seem to be puppets in their hands.

Now you need to know about the solutions. 

Nature based solutions

Your body knows how to heal itself. It has survived for millions of years on its own aided by a natural environment. Any system that does not acknowledge this and tries to impose its own theory is quackery.

If there is a science of medicine, it is naturopathy. All holistic systems of medicine are based upon naturopathic principles. The most advanced system of medicine widely practiced currently is homeopathy that deals directly with the vital force. Beyond that is soul level healing, one that taps into the fully intelligent potential (Goddess Kali as per Hindu theology) that lies behind the visible world and linked to it by the invisible light of awareness shown by Lord Shiva. Though these are Eastern concepts it is the Western world that is currently progressing rapidly on this front with highly qualified MD's leading from the front.

Naturopathy is about providing the right biological inputs to the body, keeping an eye on the process of digestion and elimination, taking care of energy and vitality needs, ensuring safe environment, and helping the body detoxify and eliminate waste. The inputs are food, air, water, sunlight, space, and earth. The process is about sticking to natural lifestyle, and ensuring purity of mind and body. In essence naturopathy is about teaching the person how to become ones own doctor.

The body has the ability to produce its own medicines. This is known from studying the placebo effect, the impacts of moods, attitudes, impressions, fight or flee response, meditation, hypnosis, auto suggestion, exercise, sleep, effects of light and darkness, effects of colors, exposure to magnetism and sunlight etc. These processes produce medicines and hormones. It is these medicines that ultimately work, not the ones provided from outside. You are therefore your own doctor. It is your duty to know about health and keep yourself healthy.

The importance of food

Food is essential for health. The quality of food decides whether you are healthy or sick. The present trend towards junk and processed foods and the prevalence of soil nutrient sapping chemical agriculture is leading to severe nutritional deficiencies deeply affecting the intrinsic powers to digest, assimilate, grow, maintain, and heal.

Those who feel foods cannot lead to healing must ponder over the fact that the body needs only food to grow and undertake all the processes needed to operate and survive. Is it not a travesty to claim that the body would need anything else to heal? 

External medicines for health problems are produced by nature in the vicinity of the people. Vegetation and herbs are different from place to place for exactly this need. In the mountains we find herbs that deal with lack of oxygen and physical pain, in cold countries we find herbs that aid in colds and pneumonia, in warm countries herbs that cool the body are plenty. Similarly for foods and crops.

The cures for seasonal diseases can be found in the seasonal crops, vegetables and fruits. In India taking seasonal foods was a part of our culture, entwined into our worship and festivals. It kept us healthy. 

Food has shape and behaviour patterns for easy identification of its use in health. Observing nature is a part of good medicine. The shape of fruits indicate the part of the body they are useful for. The herb brahmi, the brain tonic, is shaped like the brain. Mimosa Pudica, called the shy plant, that closes upon touch, is used by vaidyas to close open wounds.

Fermented foods like curd, kombucha, and pickles are very important for health. Every culture had its own share of fermented foods. These foods are beneficial for the trillions of micro organisms that occupy our body and are known as the microbiome. These microbes that mostly live in our gut and skin perform vital functions. They even control our desires and moods. 

As food is of prime importance, the way we grow and process our food is crucial. Farmers who have observed nature and practiced sustainable agriculture and permaculture methods know that nature is always right. 

These farmers pay extreme attention to soil health and practice minimum interference agriculture. They know that soil health leads to healthy crops and healthy crops do not attract pests. Pests come to eat on unhealthy and diseased portions of crops. Soil health is dependent upon the microbes, worms, and insects present in the soil. Pests are kept in check by natural predators. 

Any kind of undue interference disturbs these organisms and their balance. Therefore the methods adopted are about ensuring presence of moisture in the soil through mulching etc and providing natural manure that adds to the health of soil and soil microbes. Such farmers are benefitted by greens that grow automatically in their fields. Natural paddy farmers are rewarded with crabs and fish that occur in their fields. 

People who work with nature see similarities between what they do and how holistic practitioners view health. This is a very interesting subject.

Agriculture and health; similarities are ignored - https://www.currenthealthscenario.com/2019/03/agriculture-health-similarities-are.html

The farmer is more important for us than a doctor.

Being with nature has a lot of benefits

Nature simply loves to provide and heal. In Japan there is a therapy called Shinrin Yoku. This therapy involves forest bathing or going to the forest and soaking it in. In Pune near Mumbai an MD is offering a similar therapy in his farm house. He calls his therapy MFL or Medicine Free Life. You simply go to him, eat his food, and spend time in his ranch. You walk out medicine free. Walking barefoot on wet grass or even the ground has health benefits. Being in natural sunlight gives you the elixir called Vitamin D and also helps you sweat and keep your skin pores open. Scientific studies show that living in forests hugely improves the status of microbes present in your body. Similar effects are observed in people who are engaged with horses and natural livestock. Pets do a whole world of good to you and your children by sharing their microbes with you.

When you visit forests please do another thing that is essential. With reverence in your heart please beg forgiveness for all the atrocities we have committed against nature. Pray for the wellbeing of forests and all the life nurtured by it.

Healing can be a wonderful experience, or a traumatic event depending on the knowledge you subscribe to and the type of doctor you visit.

What is the role of the doctor?

The doctor’s duty is to keep people healthy through lifestyle education and ensuring the basic determinants of health; safe and nutritious food, type and practices of agriculture, exercise, exposure to elements, healthy habits, healthy mentality, timely food intake and sleep, healthy habitations, urban planning, ensuring sanitation and hygiene, healthy livelihoods, adequate income, and safe natural environment. Medicine is a last resort.

If your doctor does not inquire about your diet, food habits, work and home environment, moods and idiosyncrasies, capabilities, hopes and frustrations besides your physical symptoms, you are probably in wrong hands. The first thing the MBBS doctor used to inquire about was the diet of the patient. They often found answers using only this inquiry.

If a doctor fully understands the concept of vitality or prana shakti he is an asset to society. It is vitality that truly works and aids in healing. It is a live healing intelligent energy generated at conception that is capable of curing any illness that occurs. It also carries the blueprint of the development of the body. You cannot treat a dead body that is devoid of prana shakti, all your attempts will fail.

In yoga philosophy, prana shakti is the primordial cosmic energy that governs all physical functions. The parents are responsible for the body but the life comes from the cosmic soul.

Vitality should not be confused with energy. Vitality is the life force, the vital force. You gain it at birth. If you live a wanton life you can dissipate it. But you cannot add to what you have received at birth. Energy may be a subset of vitality. You can raise your energy levels and correct your energy fields. 

Treatments need not be invasive. It is essential to study how the body heals itself and then aid the process. Often the doctors role is only to observe and step in only when absolutely needed. Once again it was the MBBS doctors who were masters in this approach. The maxim in those times was, "Doctors do as much nothing as possible". Medicine is the art of observation. It requires wisdom and patience.

What causes disease?

Toxicity and waste build up are primary causes of disease. This is mostly due to ingestion of wrong food and toxins in the environment, food and medications. The other common causes are wrong thoughts and actions, shocks and disappointments in life, anxiety and anguish, hurry and worry, disturbances in the food chain, disruption in social order, family disturbances, social upheavals, wars, and polluted environment.

Disruptive technologies like electricity, radio waves, and rapidly progressing wireless technologies are turning out to be the new menace. Arthur Firstenberg details with accuracy in his book 'The Invisible Rainbow' the waves of disease that have accompanied each step of the "progress" made in these fronts. Today there are thousands of studies that point out the widespread harm. The Spanish Flu that spread across the globe has interested researchers. They point out various causes ranging from the rapid spread of electricity and radio waves, to the introduction of experimental vaccines targeting the army personnel as well as civilians as the cause.

Role of acute disease

Acute diseases are how the body heals itself. They take the form of fevers, colds, cough, diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting, inflammation, and skin problems. They are mostly about elimination. This elimination is indicative of removal of waste and toxins. The body takes up these activities triggered by temperature and weather variations. 

Seasonal diseases are vividly described in ayurveda and also the ways and means to overcome them. These diseases are not contagious. They are taken up by the bodies that need cleansing and the seasonal changes facilitate the process. A lot of people undergoing the process in unison provides the illusion of contagion. Trees shed their leaves in the spring; should we say this is caused by viruses? Many experiments have been conducted using healthy people to prove the concept of infectious disease and contagion, but none have succeeded. The body seeks acute disease only when there is a need to do so; to correct imbalances within. Through seasonal illnesses the body sheds the dross and renews itself.

Pathogens (phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses) are the body's tools to break up toxins and consume and eliminate waste matter. They are not the cause but results of disease. They are the firefighters, not the cause of fire.

Fevers are essential for the healing process. The human body can handle fevers up to 108C. The body has a fever regulatory mechanism that stops the fever once it reaches a critical point. In cancer patients very high fevers are known to disappear cancerous tumours. Such high fevers also occur in vaccinated children in response to the extreme toxicity induced by the shots.

Skin diseases indicate serious problems within the body indicating deep seated toxicity, immune disruption, and autoimmune conditions. The cure should come from within. The skin, the strongest organ of the body, tackles the powerful toxins that cannot be eliminated by other organs. Suppressing skin problems have vicious consequences that can become difficult to cure and leads to unnecessary suffering.

People often make the mistake of thinking that factors like sweating and heat results in skin diseases. This may not always be true. The body needs triggers to detoxify. Often these very factors are the triggers. I have seen people suffering from years together justify their suffering to external factors. Holistic treatment alone can put an end to their suffering.

The way to tackle acute disease is resting, fasting and taking adequate water. Resting means rest of both mind and body. The fasting helps the body concentrate fully on the healing process. Water intake helps in elimination. One should drink according to the level of thirst.

Ensuring safe food and environment, and moral and ethical education, is how acute diseases can be reduced. In today's toxic world the body must display acute illnesses at least 7 times a year in order to stay healthy, active and alive. Acute diseases are indication your body is working. Once acute diseases stop appearing it is an indication you are proceeding towards cancerous states.

It is sometimes observed that the patient (particularly children) gets into a loop of acute disease. This is because of immunotoxicity caused due to presence of heavy metals and powerful adjuvants in vaccines. The body finds it difficult to eliminate these toxins and gets into a loop trying to eliminate them. Other exposure to heavy metals come from industrial and automobile pollution, cosmetics, and dental procedures.

Toxins are the bane of society

Toxic pollution in various forms is killing millions all over the globe. A wide range of symptoms ranging from influenza and acute respiratory problems to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, strokes, and lung cancers are caused by pollution. These diseases are being attributed to Covid / long Covid and vaccines are being pushed. The vaccines are causing heart and brain stroke, serious neurological problems, blood clots, period problems in women, sudden deaths, high blood pressure and diabetes, and exacerbating existing problems. In future scientists predict abnormal increase in deaths once the condition called antibody related enhancement associated with these vaccines sets in. The emerging diseases due to vaccines are being attributed to long Covid and variants. The system has no mercy and is essentially profit and growth focused. The sooner you abandon it the better.

When toxins and waste matter build up in your body you start suffering from fatigue, a general sense of malaise, your tensions and anxiety levels shoot up, you suffer from loss of sleep, you may develop acidity and constipation issues, and aches and pains become a part of your life. If the situation persists this is the time to consult a naturopath or holistic healer. You can easily be healed and escape serious disease. Once you get a "named" disease you will fall into the mainstream medical trap from which there is no escape. Be alert and vigilant. Know what to do.

Chronic disease

Diseases that are prolonged and cannot be resolved by the body are called chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are iatrogenic in nature; meaning medical inference is the cause. Acute disease states when repeatedly suppressed can lead to chronic diseases. Vaccines are a prime cause of chronic disease as they create the Th1 Th2 immune shift predisposing the body to chronic disease. This is known to the medical profession and yet never spoken of or addressed. It is chronic disease that keeps MD's alive.

What about India? A hospital based study by the Harvard University in 2017 showed that nearly 50,00,000 deaths occur in India annually due to medical errors triggered by lack of practical knowledge among the doctors and nurses to handle patients when brought to the hospital. 


Role of vaccines

1346 scientific studies published in the NIH Pubmed database discuss vaccine connection to 404 disease states.


The vaccine package inserts reveal 217 diseases reported after vaccination. Clinical trials record 180. If you study these lists you will find ALL the chronic diseases and conditions prevalent in society today. In Covid times Pfizer has been forced to disclose that 1291 disease conditions have been recorded after administration of its vaccines. The list is growing with more disclosures 

It is important to know how vaccines cause such widespread harm. A few indicators are;

  • The ingredients are extremely toxic in nature
  • They mix together to become more toxic than the total of their individual toxicity
  • The ingredients are neurotoxins, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and immunity disruptors to name a few
  • The adjuvants used cause genetic changes that have been observed and recorded
  • They impact the gut and the microbiome
  • They damage the mitochondria - the powerhouse of energy that is behind most biochemical and physiological processes that are vital for growth, movement, and homeostasis
  • They can impact each and every organ of the body
  • They can gain access to the brain and the fetus
  • They cause inflammatory and autoimmune conditions that form the basis of all the chronic diseases currently witnessed in society
  • They suppress beneficial acute diseases and disrupt the normal functions and development of the body
  • The effects of vaccines can be observed in the short term, mid term, and long term
  • They have intergenerational impacts
  • There are no official protocols for treating vaccine injury. Doctors improvising on their own are shocked at the extent of damage
  • A vaccine injury stays with you for life

Vaccines are not tested for their ability to cause cancers, genetic changes, infertility, and impacts on fetus. These exact impacts are observed and vehemently denied. As far as vaccines are concerned, not studies but opinion of industry funded experts is final.

Good health is not possible unless the system of vaccination is stopped. The claim that vaccines eradicate or eliminate disease is false. A mirage is created by fuzzing data, renaming diseases, fiddling with diagnostic criteria, and suppressing adverse effects. Vaccines are given because they flood the society with disease. These diseases are then managed by the industry to grow and profit.

You can go through my presentation on vaccines to get an idea; - https://www.slideshare.net/jagchat01/vaccination-need-to-address-the-serious-concerns

If you question vaccines you will be told that there are risks, but that the benefits are greater than the risks. How justified is this statement? Find out here in my article; - www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/vaccines-benefits-exceeds-risks-argument-justified

It is a tragedy that doctors are kept in the dark about the issues surrounding vaccination. If they read and find out they are dubbed quacks.

Vaccinating infants and children

Vaccinating infants is a meaningless exercise. If vaccination is about creating antibodies, children up to 1 year of age do not have an immune system capable of doing so! Children develop an immune system by the age of 7. The studies required to find out how this immature immune system will respond to toxic interventions have never been done.

Present day tests do not determine the cause of disease

The external appearance of a person, observable physical changes, and the change in behavioural patterns after disease sets in, coupled with change in nature of excreta guides the good physician towards cures. Expensive tests are not required. The MBBS doctors carried a stethoscope, a tongue presser, a torch and a percussion instrument which was enough. They added to it the power of observation and experience. They did not order unnecessary tests. They were not into business but cared for the patients

The tests available in the market are more of a business tactics. The various gadgets are a source of profit to the manufacturers and hospitals. Once a machine is installed in a hospital targets are given to doctors so it can be utilized, whether needed or not, to recover the cost as soon as possible and then profit from it. Many tests involving ray emissions and sound (Scans, ultrasound, X Ray) have serious adverse effects. Due to the presence of these gadgets hospital atmosphere becomes unsafe and a threat to health. The staff operating these machines suffer due to exposure

What additional tests are required in the modern world? There is need to test for toxins in the human body. When such testing is done using hair and nail samples, a huge range of heavy metals and other toxins are found far exceeding normal limits. The human breast milk has 300 toxins as per a 2006 report. The placental fluid has more than 200 toxins as per a 2009 study

(https://www.dailycal.org/2016/11/06/research-campus-scientists-suggests-environmental-toxins-can-accumulate-fetuses/ )

Toxins are the cause behind the present day diseases and yet this vital knowledge is not acted upon. The whole world is affected by toxicity. Our air, water, and soil are full of toxic ingredients. But we pretend that the human body is not toxic and that toxicity is not the cause of disease.

The present day tests do not determine the cause of disease but the changes induced in the body due to toxicity, and also the response of the body to ward off the evil impacts of toxicity. The current system does not understand this process. It tries to battle the changed parameters without understanding the actual factors behind them and yet hoping things will turn out fine. But they don't and further complicate matters. Unless a system of detoxification is in place nothing can be achieved and people will continue to suffer.

Treatment is about diagnosis, cause, treatment, and prognosis (outcome). Currently the cause and outcome are ignored. It is just diagnosis and treatment. This aids the sale of drugs and vaccines. Can any disease be healed without understanding the cause? This crime continues because there is no transparency and accountability in medicine. The system can do anything and get away with it.

Concept of morality and ethics 

Morality and ethics are essential for good health. They are normal components and qualities of a healthy person. A person with a pure mind and body will develop a superfine intellect because he or she becomes capable of practicing brahmacharya or sexual continence.

We see plenty of interest in sexuality and deviant behaviour because animal, avian, and human serum is being recklessly pumped into us along with heavy metals and other extremely toxic ingredients. These impact our cells, microbiome, nervous system, and thanks to agents in vaccines that permeate the blood brain barrier, access the brain as well. The poisoned mind then becomes the devil himself after acquiring all animal propensities. The body that indulges in the wants of the depraved mind saps its vitality and progresses towards incurable diseases.

Today we notice the males becoming feminine and the ladies becoming masculine. This is disrupting society. What role is medicine playing in this? Vaccines contain fetal cells of both male and female fetuses. In mercury polluted water bodies species display cross behavior. Mercury is a component of vaccines. It is industrial mercury and there are ingredients in vaccines (aluminum, formaldehyde) that multiply its effects.

This is obviously an attempt to change our genetic make up. Vaccines are full of ingredients whose presence in vaccines cannot be justified. After all we are only talking about introducing weakened pathogens to create antibodies. Why do vaccines exceed this brief? There are no answers. The medical fraternity has never studied vaccines. They have been satisfied with whatever the system has informed them.

Lack of morality and ethics and knowledge of spiritual health in physicians leads to downfall of the system of medicine they are a part of and cause widespread suffering in society.

Human being as a spiritual entity

A human being is a vast spiritual entity connected to nature, earth, and the universe by an ethereal body and an intricate energy network. The physical appearance is not even the tip of the iceberg. A healer must realize this through deep learning and meditative intuition. The wisdom that comes through such an attitude results in profound respect for the individual, for he/she is an image of the universe! Instead we have a system of medicine that treats a human being as a machine and a tradeable commodity to be exploited for profit! Such foolishness has resulted from lack of application and forgetting the inherent objectives of medicine; to heal, and to cure at several levels. It is this limitation that is lamented at an age where MD's are currently at the soul level healing through their individual efforts. Instead of appreciating their efforts the system lampoons them and calls them quacks. The doctors of today must look into themselves and remember why they have chosen this profession.

Lack of awareness about our spiritual side is what has kept us trapped in the false paradigm. The genie needs to escape the bottle. The system has kept the spirit caged under the pretense of being scientific and objective. That pretense must be shattered. Our experience with health and disease has opened our eyes to the subtle world, the source of infinite health, wellness and happiness. We are souls in human bodies sharing a common origin and connected to the most intelligent conscious energy ever possible. This is the right time to display our spiritual side as we are faced by demoniac forces. The battle is on.

As per Indian philosophy life is a play of Shiva and Shakti. Shakti is the creative power of the Universe. Shiva modulates Shakti or else she would go haywire. Shiva again is both Shiva and Shakti. And then again both are one having emerged from a single source. This interplay is difficult to comprehend and is beyond human capacity. Only a being who has truly surrendered gets a glimpse.

Shiva is the potential energy while Shakti is kinetic energy. This play also goes on inside every living individual. Therefore astute medical men in the Asian sub continent try to understand this play through diverse methods.

Karma and disease

Without going into a lot of metaphysics, it is evident to everyone that our actions and thought processes are best controlled. When we are gripped by the vices of desire, anger, greed, and infatuation the impacts on health are easily noticeable. Ayurveda is based upon Samkhya Yoga, and the vata-pitta-kapha theory is based upon the elements space, air, fire, water, and earth. These are dynamic elements that have their own balance. When due to our food, exposure, and actions they get out of balance it causes disease. Being aware of the nature of ones constitution and acting rationally wards off disease. Thus there is a physical basis of karma. We would do well to keep this in mind. Self control and respect towards life and creation will make us healthy human beings.

At a subtle level disease is our attachment to this world that makes us forget our true nature. The cure lies in recognizing suffering for what it is and through discipline or contemplation breaking free of the structured illusion that envelopes us and keeps us trapped in the realm of falsehood.


Mind Body Medicine

The mind is more important than the body because it is the mind coupled with samskaras (latent impressions) that attracts the body it needs. The mind and body are inseparable. Suppressing physical symptoms have severe mental repercussions which in turn aggravate health problems creating a vicious cycle. The epidemics of mental illnesses and vicious mental states observed in society today is due to a misdirected medical system that practices a reductionist system of medicine,

The concept of physical and mental purity is not a religious obsession but a non negotiable instrument for good health and cheer. This concept of purity made our ancestors reject the small pox vaccine. They had learnt that cow and calves were used in the process. Muslims resented the use of animal serum. People therefore refused to get vaccinated. Ultimately it was made mandatory and the army and police were engaged to force vaccinate people. This history, known as gun point medicine, is erased as it is extremely shocking.

The truly healthy persons own a healthy mind. Such a mind is controlled, empathetic, and has a strong sense of discernment between right and wrong. The healthy mind also seeks its point of origin providing the person the goal of life. In seeking that goal lies the fulfilment of life. A life solely given to the world leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment - the first steps towards dis-ease and disharmony. It also leads a person to vain pleasures that sap the vitality and wrong actions that lead to disease. Self discipline and efforts to achieve the goal of life has optimum health as a beneficial outcome. India talks of "bhavaroga" or the continuous sorrow that the person seeking pleasures in life experiences. This is the true disease that afflicts us in this age.

Disease originates in the mind. In the present world people are made to believe that the doctors role begins after pathological changes set in. But holistic healers know how to tackle mental aberrations as soon as they happen. Do not wait for pathological changes. If you feel the burden of the mind, or you are unable to control it do visit a healer. Homeopaths in particular are very efficient at treating mental symptoms. 

As per familydoctor.org, "Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system. This makes you more likely to get colds and other infections during emotionally difficult times. Also, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, you may not take care of your health as well as you should. You may not feel like exercising, eating nutritious foods, or taking medicine that your doctor prescribes. You may abuse alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs." 

Does prayer and meditation help?

If you are suffering from stress related disorders or if stress accompanies other illnesses within you, prayer and meditation should be your daily companion. If you can devote some time to yoga and pranayama as well it would be wonderful. Often as you do these activities detoxification can take place. As you become more energetic you can experience diarrhea and skin issues. If they persist please visit a natural healer. A homeopath would be best. By doing this you will be relieved of your other physical problems too!

It is not just about health benefits. An entirely new paradigm of life opens up if you earnestly adopt these practices.

Astrology and health

We are stardust. Our body is composed of elements that have come from stars eons ago. We are made up of space, air, fire, water, and earth. These are basic components of the Universe and therefore there are various forces playing on us. Sensitive persons notice how the phases of the Moon influence their physical and mental health. People also notice periods of ill health that do not seem to respond to logical cures. It is as if there are influences that one is destined to. 

India values the science of astrology. It was an essential part of life. At birth the family astrologer gifted parents the birth chart that remained a prized possession the rest of its life. There were avid discussions on the child's future based on the chart. It was a map of the direction the child's life would follow. The forecasts were accurate and the parents kept them in mind while dealing with the child. This was the best life counselling that the child received.

The placements of planets in the chart also denotes the health status and the diseases one could be subject to in the normal course of life. Therefore astrology was an important part of the ancient health system of India called ayurveda. Vedic astrology was taught in all Indian Universities.

The Tibetan system of healing too is dependent on astrology. In India there is a big Tibetan Medical Astrology Institute near Siliguri in West Bengal. It is on the way to Sikkim. People from all over the world visit it.

Astrological remedies for health issues are adopted by people from all over the globe. It not only helps tide over health crises but makes people aware of a new dimension of their lives. It deepens their respect and they awake to the sacredness of the world beyond the planet. However one should take the services of experienced astrologers and not be swayed by posts that appear in the media. 

Religion and health

These are revelations from a medical conference on the subject;

"More than 3,000 studies indicate that religion has a potentially beneficial effect on health, said speaker Neal Krause of the University of Michigan, School of Public Health. Belief in a deity engenders hope, which has been linked to positive physiological changes, Krause said. Those who regularly attend religious services benefit from a community that is there to help members cope in difficult times, he added.

"Others discussed how religion could play a part in interventions with adolescents around drug and alcohol use or to improve cigarette smoking quit rates among African Americans.

"Tracy Balboni, HMS associate professor of radiation oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, cited the results found in a national Coping with Cancer Study, led by Dana-Farber. "Patients receiving any form of spiritual support reported a higher quality of life at the end of life than those who didn’t," she noted. Both those who received support from their medical team or from their religious community were more apt to transition to hospice care and to decline aggressive treatment, she said."


You need not be apologetic about your religion. Your religion is the cumulative knowledge and experience of your ancestors. It also contains the history of your culture. You have been divorced from religion and spirituality for a purpose. What is happening all around you reflects the aim of that very purpose. Soon a new religion will be imposed on you; a very "progressive" religion but with satanic intent. It will tell you that all that is currently happening in the world is necessary and has a "spiritual" base. That spirit is nothing but Satan himself. In a few years it will be standing before you and you will be asked to bow before it. This is the time to return to your roots and oppose whatever is coming. We are spiritual beings. Our powers are limitless. Our existence encompasses all of creation. We are not bodies but gifted souls.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a combination of deep meditative stances, prayer, and a system of belief and catharsis. The meditations link one with the universal consciousness, the prayers call upon the power of that consciousness, and introspection, self criticism, and repentance do a cleansing that enables healing. There are thousands of instances of spiritual healing and many are documented in medical journals. Today doctors of repute are practicing this system.

How does spiritual healing work? I have told you about vitality. The vital image of your unadulterated self is always with you. It gets affected by happenings in this world. Spiritual efforts clean the accumulated dirt and again reestablishes the original self.

People studying near death experiences and the after life talk about a healing that is experienced. The person who undergoes these states say that they are taken to a chamber where a light energizes all the parts of their spirit body. Then they become whole and maybe ready for the next life.

Divine healing was a prevalent practice in India. People laid down before deities in temples for days without food and water. Then they received a solution from the deity in a dream. Practicing the solution invariably led to cures. There were specialized deities for healing. One such deity very near to my ancestral village is very famous. The Holy Mother, the divine consort of Sri Ramakrishna who lived in the village, used this path to heal from an incurable eye ailment. 

Pathway to cures

In chronic disease the appearance of acute ailments during treatment indicates the approach is correct. This phase of treatment is known as Herxheimers reaction or the healing crisis. The symptoms get worse as the toxic load is released by cells into the blood and lymphatic systems to be cleansed. This reaction is needed and beneficial and must not be interfered with. It leads to cures.

Cures proceed from within to without, from top to bottom, from more important organs to the less important ones, and in the reverse direction of progress of disease. This is the Herring's laws of cure.

Physical labour and exposure to air water sunlight and nature are the individual’s contribution to health. The natural system is geared towards preserving and maintaining health. It abhors death and disease.

The body is clock work

The body functions in a timely fashion. It has an inbuilt clock. Maintaining that time for eating, sleeping, and active duty ensures health. The body receives inputs and digests during the day and performs the function of elimination at night.

Not knowing about the clock and disregarding its importance leads to dis-ease. The healthy person hesitates to visit a doctor and consume medicines, it requires serious disease to make him confused and dependent on the medical system.

Role of fasting

According to Naturopathy, the root cause of most of the diseases is the accumulation of toxic matter in the digestive system. Fasting is considered as one of the most important methods of nature cure. In Naturopathy, fasting is practiced to enable nature to perform its cleansing process in the body, without any hindrance, and without any additional load of food to digest. The digestive organs are given a rest, to enable them to regain their health and work efficiently. As per Naturopathy, initially, one should fast for a limited period of time and then gradually increase the time period. One should break the fast with juice, vegetable juice, soups, and fruits. But the best and the safest way of fasting is the lime juice fasting. Before fasting, the bowel should be completely empty. Rest is advised during fasting.

You can do water fasting, juice fasting, or raw vegetable juice fasting. However the safest and most effective fasting method is lime juice fasting. A very important part of health is not to ignore your thirst. Drink as much as your body needs and indicates by way of thirst.


Modern science calls this autophagy. It is a process by which a cell breaks down and destroys old, damaged, or abnormal proteins and other substances in its cytoplasm (the fluid inside a cell). The breakdown products are then recycled for important cell functions, especially during periods of stress or starvation. Autophagy also helps destroy bacteria and viruses that cause infection and may prevent normal cells from becoming cancer cells. Once cancer has formed, autophagy may protect the cancer cells by providing extra nutrients to them or by keeping anticancer drugs or other substances from destroying them. Autophagy may also affect the body’s immune response against viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells.


Pregnancy, childbirth and childhood

The health of a child is determined by the health status of parents at time of conception. It is the duty of parents to heal themselves using holistic systems before conceiving a child.

Drugless pregnancy and natural childbirth are the gift of parents to the child. Every MBBS doctor once knew that drugging mother and child is a sin. Such concepts have been demolished by a medical system aimed at income generation and profits.

Childhood illnesses are necessary for health. They are the pathway to good health as they are vital detoxification procedures aimed at eradicating toxicity inherited from parents. Minimizing these illnesses require parents to detoxify themselves before conception, ensure drug and vaccine free pregnancy, and natural childbirth. All are immensely possible. Fear is generated to disturb the natural way of things and force drugs and vaccines.

Caesarian childbirth is a curse for both mother and child. The excuse that wrong position of fetus and placental chord entanglement prevents natural childbirth is false. Whatever the position of the fetus and however it is entangled, during the time of delivery everything is automatically rectified. This is borne out by doctors observation where the birth process starts suddenly before any intervention can be done. The doctors are surprised at the outcome but their reports are ignored. Caesarian childbirth is a tremendous earning opportunity. This is the reason it flourishes. In a recent report the Government has appealed to the hospitals to at least have 50% natural deliveries! The WHO states that caesarian delivery should not exceed 10 to 15% of deliveries in any country. 

Childbirth becomes very easy if the sitting or standing position is adopted. The sleeping position is good for caesarian delivery but does not benefit the mother. Caesarian childbirth also leads to medication of the mother. These medicines travel to the child with breastmilk. The mother is also not able to feed the first milk - colostrum - to the child as she is drugged. The child also misses out on the birth process that squeezes the child and exposes it to vaginal microbes. This loss is irreparable and nothing can compensate for it. 

Lotus Birth

There is also the concept of Lotus birth. The child's connection to the placenta is not severed and the child remains connected till the placenta delivers all of its content to the child. This is a very healthy practice. The placenta can be kept wrapped in cloth or in a earthen container.

There are many benefits of this practice.

Wait, there is more! In many cultures there is the practice of the mother eating the placenta after its use is over. Though medical science frowns at the practice, it has benefits.

Is 100% natural childbirth possible?

I will tell you about my own experience. The Deccan Development Society (DDS) of then Andhra Pradesh had invited me for a study. During the study there was a session with the indigenous natural delivery workers of the region. These workers are famous for their methods. They take care of the pregnant mothers with special diet and oil massages. During delivery the sitting or standing pose is adopted. The district administration of Medak district was impressed by their skills and invited them to train the doctors of the district. After this the Primary Health Centers (PHC) of the district achieved nearly 100% natural delivery. The people took the services of these experienced workers and delivered at home. Those who went to the PHC's also delivered naturally. The rare case where doctors were not confident were sent to the Community Health Centre. But even there the doctors told me that they could manage to have natural delivery. Only a handful required caesarian. This was in the year 2010.

Childhood diseases were not feared

Just as hospitals now prepare vaccination charts for the parents, earlier the government hospitals used to prepare charts of normal childhood illnesses instructing parents on how to deal with them. Having diseases like measles, mumps, chicken pox was a normal part of childhood. Nobody feared them. 


Breastfeeding can continue much beyond six months. There is the practice of breastfeeding toddlers and it should not be frowned upon. It benefits both mother and child. It is very important that the child receives the first breast milk called colostrum. It is of immense benefit to the child. From conception to end of breastfeeding the mother and child are one unit. Care of the mother is care of the child.

Children should never be given baby foods available in the market. They can start with liquid food after breastfeeding stops and then progress towards solids.

Adolescence is a period of non interference. The body changes its functions during this crucial period and should not be disturbed in any manner. Injudicious medications and vaccinations given in childhood show their effects during adolescence when the body starts gearing up for changes. It is this reason why our adolescents are so sick and unruly today.

Good medicine vs Bad medicine 

Overflow of health in society is the prime indicator that the system of medicine is effective. When naturopaths and ayurveds were in charge health was the norm. The people were taught the basics of health and season based health behaviour was a part of religion. The ladies of the household were the doctors and they knew a lot about vata-pitta-kapha based diet and kitchen remedies. This knowledge was preserved and handed down to the next generation.

Overflow of pain and disease in society indicates the prevalent system of medicine has failed and ought to be replaced. The practitioners of the present system must pay heed to what is happening and rectify themselves. They should study the research findings in the areas of cellular health, the microbiome and mycobiome, nutritional health, the emergent science of nutrigenetics, the circadian rhythm, mind body medicine, epigenetics, autophagy, the chaos theory of health, the role of the lymphatic system (the body's drainage), and the emerging concepts of energy and vitality in health and include their new found knowledge in practice to help the suffering masses. Thousands of distinguished doctors all over the world are changing their treatment methods according to the new research and achieving outstanding results.

Often doctors react with anger when they are approached with methods that run counter to what is a part of their medical education. When that happens I tell them they need this knowledge to take care of their own health and that of their family and relatives. When I say this they understand. There is no harm in learning. There is nothing called ultimate learning. There is always scope for improvement. If doctors are healthy and they have the ability to deliver health to their patients it creates an entirely new environment and both the parties gain. Today many senior doctors of the country run naturopathic and integrated medicine clinics at home even as they work in the hospitals they are employed in. By doing this they understand health and are able to convey this knowledge to their colleagues through whatsapp groups and other closed media. It is a delight to learn from these doctors and their interaction with other doctors

If a system of medicine says good health and cures are not possible, should such a concept be accepted by the practitioners of that system? Without these goals can a system profess to be the sole method of treatment? Such assertions and the consequences must be debated in society.

As per a 2013 study supported by the BMGF, only 4.6% of the world's population is healthy. As per a study in 2011, 54% of children suffer from one or multiple chronic disorders. Is this not alarming? Is this not the time to change?


Getting back on track

Treatment must begin with detoxification and organ cleansing (lymphatic system, lungs, gut, liver, kidney etc) , then proceed towards nutrition and exercise, restoring alkaline balance and the microbiome, reducing acidity, meeting oxygenation needs, addressing constipation, compensating nutritional deficiencies, supplementing with necessary vitamins and minerals, and alleviating stress, strain and anxiety. Other methods come later. Any kind of disease must include these steps. Once the required steps are taken the body automatically goes into the healing mode using the acute disease route and often completes the cure. Treatment must end with educating the patient on ways and means to stay healthy. Many current day toxins are very difficult to fully detoxify and their effects difficult to fully overcome. In such cases homeopathic treatment helps.

Practices like vaccination, and indiscriminate mass drug delivery for anemia, deworming, and tampering with food in the name of food fortification must not be a part of public health. They lead to disease and not health.

It is the duty of the people to point out the deficiencies in the system and encourage the practitioners to change their ways. This feedback must be welcomed by the profession many of whose members are feeling stifled because they are unable to achieve health and cures.

The need for change is not a choice but a compulsion

We are suffering because the prevalent medical system is designed to create incurable diseases. These diseases are then managed with illogical tests drugs and devices to create a ponzi scheme that benefits all stakeholders. Doctors first fight the system but then join it when they sense that resistance is futile. They are then reduced to becoming salesmen of the products of the industry. The abnormally high cost of medical education also drives incompetent medicine. Medical education teaches nothing about health and how to keep people healthy but encourages 'disease management' - a vague term that leads to incalculable harm as nobody has a clear idea about what to do. The disease state progresses towards worse and this is considered normal. 

"Infection" and "contagion" are two other concepts that have no basis but form the backbone of modern day practice. Sincere doctors must unlearn and arm themselves with knowledge regarding health and wellness. We must move from the disease model to the health model.

The Virus Game

The disease model states that bacteria and viruses cause infection and disease. This, as we have discussed earlier, is a half truth at best. Pathogens are involved in the cleaning process. That is not disease but rectification in order to restore health. The emphasis on viruses as a cause of disease is foolish. Viruses cannot be purified and isolated. It is also not possible to induce disease by introducing viruses into the body. These two facts are enough to negate the "external viruses cause disease" theory. 

Viruses are capsules of genetic codes created by the body to perform certain functions; cellular communication and toxin cleansing being two important ones. Extreme toxins like heavy metals cannot be cleaned by living pathogens that would die in the process. Therefore viruses (non living particles) do the cleaning up. Heavy metals get stored in brain and spinal matter. While doing the cleansing some impacts like mental confusion, and temporary lameness may be observed. These get rectified after a time. To call the process deadly is not correct. The process becomes deadly only if the viruses are targeted and the elimination symptoms are suppressed. After the work of viruses is over, a wave of bacterial infection follows to clean up the debris. But these are targeted with antibiotics leading to adverse outcomes. The medical profession needs to urgently study the way the body works in order to heal itself.

What are the basic problems with the virus theory?



The economy of the world is running because Big Pharma is generating disease and revenue. As a huge population is benefitting from this sinful exercise it becomes difficult to challenge this atrocity. Like components of the matrix, the beneficiaries rise in unison if you even drop the hint that things are wrong. This infinite business network is the reason why medicine is so "scientific". This is another simple truth. Instead of success the system is riding on its failures.

Today the doctor is sidelined and the manufacturers, drug dealers, pharmacists, lobbyists and politicians are influencing the health policies of nations. The WHO is all set to become a dictator with the coming Pandemic Treaty. It has come out with a 10 year Pandemic Plan where it predicts what diseases will strike and what mandatory measures are to be taken. Countries are coming out with public health policies that will mandate drugs and vaccines and override constitutional and patient rights. 

People must rise

Medical reforms are urgently needed. This reform will never be initiated by the system for obvious reasons. Recently the Govt of India has initiated some steps. The IMA has been sidelined and the National Medical Commission has come to the fore. Doctors have been warned not to cozy up to pharmaceutical companies. But these are cosmetic changes that will not benefit the suffering masses. Medical reforms is primarily about restructuring medical education as per emerging research. That research points towards holism and buttresses naturopathic concepts to the hilt. Will the medical empire ever accept this? They will not. Therefore a genuine people's led movement is the need of the hour.

We need a public health campaign to assert the need for a health friendly system. This campaign should inform and educate the masses about the concepts mentioned in this article. It should engage with the government, state, and doctors associations to convince them and negotiate the path of change. It should use public gatherings and public appearances to spread the message. It should promote holistic systems. The campaign should continue till the objectives are met.

Transhumanism ahead

Medicine is adopting a destructive path. The ultimate objective is transhumanism and treatment through a wireless network aided by artificial intelligence. Wireless sensitive ingredients and nanobots present in the Covid vaccines point towards this reality. The logic is nanobots within the body transmit signals to a central server and the server interprets the message to order pre installed capsules within the body to release the required drug. Whether this is to help people or conduct a Pavlovian experiment of reward and punishment can be easily guessed.

This Orwellian scenario is overwhelming and everything possible must be be done to prevent it.

How do we protect ourselves?

We should create health. Health and wellness is what this behemoth fears from the bottom of its heart. It knows that if people come to know about health and manage to become and stay healthy their evil empire will collapse like a pack of cards.

You can read the text of my speech on health delivered to indigenous communities to know more about health. Please acquire a working knowledge of naturopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and nutrition to keep yourself healthy. You have to also fight vested interests. 


Your health depends upon how your family members understand it. So it is your duty to awaken your own friends and relatives for a dual purpose. When you show the signs of acute disease it is this group that forces you to see a doctor and torpedo the useful procedure. It is very difficult to counter this pressure. Secondly unless your family members understand the naturopathic and ayurvedic approach to health, you cannot follow the procedures yourself. Moreover it is the ladies of the house who should know and imbibe the path to good health. Without their support it is impossible to stay healthy.

How did people get fooled into accepting this chicanery?

One disease helped; small pox. The small pox was not really a killer. It appeared to help people get rid of toxins generated by social upheavals and the world wars which using chemical weapons swamped the world with toxicity. Eruptive diseases always come to heal.

From Indian records we know that small pox was just an aggravated form of chicken pox. It was named "Basanta" or spring because it emerged during that season every year. The treatment adopted was based on Neem, turmeric, and sandalwood. The patient was often encouraged to sleep under the Neem tree, a tree that was ubiquitous in India. Care was taken to ensure that the eruptions were not suppressed. Post recovery a diet plan nursed people back to health.

The western world did not have any idea or plan to tackle the disease. The eruptions were targeted and suppressed and the end result was internal poisoning and death. However observers did notice that those uncared for had a much better survival rate. Just like in this times of Covid research papers are pointing out that those who were unable to afford treatment and hospitalization were saved, countries that ignored the WHO protocols fared better, and poor countries with populations that indulged in physical labour under the Sun escaped.

But Jenner's small pox vaccine changed things. It was a horrendous concoction that spread among other things, bovine syphilis. This added fuel to the fire and it spread syphilitic pox with horrible disfigurement and extremely high mortality rate. Instead of stopping the vaccines, the aggravated crisis became the excuse to push in more. People were vaccinated every six months where initially it was promised that a single shot would provide a lifetime of immunity. Rings bells?

The vaccine mass poisoned populations and 62 diseases have been recorded as adverse effects. More are on the suspect list. Ranging from tuberculosis, various forms of cancers, diphtheria, whooping cough, mental illnesses, to leprosy and tetanus, the wonder shot created the base for modern medicine to justify itself and flourish.

Contrary to popular belief the vaccine did not eradicate small pox. I will give some pointers;

  • Even before Jenner came out with his idea the concept of cowpox vaccine had been proven to be false. A farmer had floated the idea but the doctors had pointed out that maids that suffered cow pox did go on to develop small pox. It offered no protection
  • The vaccine was not standardized and each country devised a way to prepare it. Cows, calves, horses, monkeys, mules, goats, dogs, and rabbits were used in the process, whatever was readily available. Thus it was simply an attempt to create something to inject people with in a bid to appear in control and derive satisfaction that something was being done to control the epidemic. Very few pointed out the futility as it was a profitable exercise
  • It was observed that small pox was easily controlled in areas where people refused the vaccine. Steps like nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and isolation and proper treatment of those afflicted were used in such areas with huge success
  • When ultimately small pox disappeared, it disappeared irrespective of vaccine status; from countries where vaccines were given, as well as not given
  • When the remaining vials of small pox were examined a few years ago, neither the small pox virus nor horse pox, nor cow pox virus was found in them. The vaccines were duds! They were given without rhyme and reason. The whole thing was a superstition
  • Doctors carried out extreme experiments to know if small pox was contagious. They lived with small pox victims, slept in their beds, and even handled corpses of small pox victims but they were not affected. Such experiments have also been officially carried out involving healthy army personnel for the Spanish Flu and the results proved that the Spanish Flu was not contagious either! We know that scientists have injected themselves with HIV samples and also drunk the vomit of cholera victims to prove that these pathogens do not cause disease by themselves

The American Indians had a prophecy, "When white men come, herbs stop working." The prophecy came true. Bereft of vitality and suffering from extreme toxicity due to the repeated injections of small pox shots the body failed to respond to the efforts of the herbalists and natural healers.

In India people noticed the change in behaviour and tendencies of the toxic population and concluded, "Kali Yuga has come." Indeed.

The harbinger of the Iron Age was the small pox vaccine. The others that rode piggy back on the diseases it produced sealed the fate of populations.

Third World War

Today we are in the midst of the third world war. A war that has begun with a false epidemic designed to launch the ferocious weapon of vaccination. The vaccinated people will encounter multiple illnesses and ultimately death will overcome them. These are not vaccines but gene therapy products with novel ingredients and never before used technology. They have introduced components that are wireless sensitive that can lead to manipulation and surveillance. Besides declared controversial ingredients like nanoparticles and aluminum hydroxide gel, undeclared alarming substances like graphene oxide (proposed use as sensors within the human body), heavy metals, strange objects, and 14 types of parasites have been found in them. 


Adverse effects everywhere

All the trial animals on whom these (mRNA and past Coronavirus) vaccines have been trialed upon have died. The manufacturers admit this and are seeking legal protection because they expect that within 4 years of the vaccine process the full force of adverse effects will become evident. Already the vaccine adverse effect reporting systems of Europe, USA and UK have reported millions of adverse effects and tens of thousands of deaths. A report from Germany reveals 500,000 adverse in that small country. One shudders to think of the long term impacts. A time will come when people will drop dead like fleas. This is a great depopulation agenda.

It is being admitted that only a very small percentage of adverse effects have been reported and recorded. In the US military doctors have revealed that doctors are being sternly instructed not to report. It has also come to the fore that large numbers of adverse effects listed in the reporting system are being stealthily deleted. India is refusing to record adverse effects and its recording system has been called a "black hole" in medical journals.

Vaccinated populations must seek ways and means to detoxify and counter the adverse effects. The whole population must rise and fight the goings on. We need to win this war. 

Mon(k)ey Pox!

Currently fear is being created around monkey pox. Monkey pox was first discovered in vaccine injected laboratory monkeys undergoing polio research! There was a simulation event in May 2021 (just like Event 201 for Covid) predicting that a monkeypox outbreak would occur in May 2022! The same parties; the WEF, BMGF, and the Johns Hopkins who conducted Event 201 attended the monkey pox simulation event as well!

The vaccines were ready before the "outbreak". Canada had purchased the vaccine before the new "outbreak" was even declared. It is also being said the monkey pox is but small pox and the small pox vaccine will protect against it. So the small pox eradication was a joke?

The symptoms are a clear sign of toxicity. It has never been proven to be extremely contagious. It is a self limiting illness meaning it resolves by itself. It does not kill people unless there is misdirected treatment. Only in Congo a certain strain of monkey pox, it is said, caused mortality. That fear is being universalized to push draconian measures and more vaccines. The more the population is vaccinated, the more poisoning symptoms will emerge as "new diseases" and more drugs and vaccines will be pushed. As I have said this is a war and the objective is depopulation.

It is emerging that shingles, and autoimmune blisters that are recorded as Covid vaccine adverse effects can easily be diagnosed as monkey pox.

Tomato Flu

India is also seemingly in the grip of "tomato flu" occurring in children. This is very similar to "pink disease" observed in children in the first half of the 20th century. The cause? Mercury poisoning via teething powders. Currently mercury is a very important part of childhood vaccination. Once again toxicity is being blamed on a virus!

What was Covid?

We see doctors and scientists divided on the issue. While one group claimed that it was a viral infectious disease the other exposed the fallacy behind such thinking;

  • No virus was purified and isolated
  • Everything revolved around modelling 
  • Nobody has a physical sample of the virus
  • No virus was introduced into any living being to see if they caused the symptoms classified as Covid - 19
  • The test was not calibrated to identify the supposed Covid virus
  • Up to 98% of "cases" were asymptomatic or perfectly healthy
  • Experiment after experiment failed to prove that the asymptomatic were spreading disease
  • The disease was exactly similar to influenza and common respiratory diseases caused by pollution and other factors
  • These diseases were treated by drugs that had serious adverse effects including death
  • The first wave was purely on TV
  • Mass vaccination was pushed ignoring the fact that treatment options were available 
  • The second visible wave emerged after mass vaccination programs were launched. Doctors reported how the vaccinated were returning home and infecting other members of the family
  • The other factors behind the second wave had causes like prolonged use of masks, lockdowns that deprived people of income, nutrients, sunlight, and subjected them to extreme tension 
  • The vaccines neither protected from infection, nor stopped transmission (rather they actively aided in transmission) 
  • The assertion that they are protecting from serious disease and hospitalization is not possible to prove, and the reverse is being observed in highly vaccinated countries that have gone in for mRNA based vaccines 
  • Wireless experts pointed out that wireless configurations were changed during the outbreak
  • No autopsies were allowed to know if there was any distinguishing mark separating Covid from other illnesses
  • Nearly all "Covid victims" had other probable causes of death that were ignored

Therefore the disease was not as deadly as claimed. The group of doctors and scientists pointing out these fallacies were heavily censored.

Detoxifying from the Covid vaccines;

The Awaken India Movement (AIM) has developed a detoxification protocol after consulting experts on the subject.

To summarize;

  • The body knows best. It is driven by energy and vitality. 
  • Vitality is the intelligent dynamic energy that takes over during conception and guides all the development after that. It is the blue print of the human being containing the potential of the full blown life the individual is blessed with
  • It is the vitality that guides the healing process
  • Safe food and nutrition is essential for health
  • Innumerable studies have proven diseases can be cured with food alone. This research cannot be ignored any longer
  • Junk and processed factory foods must not be a part of the diet
  • Physical exercise and proper breathing ensures long life
  • Disease is caused due to wrong food, waste accumulation and toxicity
  • Vaccination is the major driver of chronic disease in society
  • Viruses do not spread disease, mass vaccinations do
  • The germ and virus theory of disease causation has been proven wrong by scientific research on the microbiome and the mycobiome
  • That vaccines cannot prevent disease is known after the discovery of cellular immunity
  • Instead of attacking the beneficial microbiome with antibiotics we must instead concentrate on restoring it using prebiotics and probiotics
  • The body tackles disease/ responds to toxicity with acute symptoms
  • The disease is the cure!
  • The present medical system suppresses acute diseases and resorts to unnecessary interventions to create chronic disease states
  • Chronic diseases can be healed by restoring the acute disease process, further detoxication, providing nourishment, and rectifying damage with natural healing systems
  • The environment must be cleansed of toxins
  • We must be wary of and restrict the use of wireless technology
  • In a polluted environment a person should suffer from acute diseases at least 7 times a year to stay healthy
  • Having a holistic naturopathic and/or holistic detox every year will keep you healthy
  • The absence of acute diseases indicates a cancerous state
  • Parents must ensure good health before conceiving
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood is best kept normal and drug free 
  • Adolescence is about changes in the body and disturbing this phase with medications has long term consequences
  • Mental and physical health are inseparable. Damaging one leads to damage in the other
  • A healthy mind begets a healthy body. Mental hygiene is of utmost importance. A person who knows how to control the senses does lot of good to oneself
  • Thanks to scientific research on crucial subjects enough knowledge is available for doctors to adopt and produce good health in populations. Disease management is a dead horse being flogged because that is where the profit is. People are needlessly suffering 
  • The present medical system must bury its ego and rectify itself based upon the earnest work of sincere doctors who are practicing the right kind of medicine and crying for reform
  • The farmer and farming methods are more important than a doctor
  • Nature nurtures and its impacts lead to health and wellness
  • There are various aspects of healing. Spiritual healing, religious healing and astrological remedies merit attention
  • Covid is a war; a depopulation agenda, and people must know how to protect themselves. This war will make life nasty, brutal and short thanks to the vaccines and multiple boosters
  • Those vaccinated must detoxify themselves or face the inevitable diseases and death. They are sitting ducks
  • The vaccinated will suffer from thousands of disease conditions. These diseases will be declared new outbreaks and more vaccines will be directed at people
  • The current monkeypox scare according to doctors could be shingles and autoimmune blistering disease reported as adverse effects after the Covid vaccines 
  • The WHO is not about health. Propped up by pharmaceutical industry and vested interests it is a clear threat to the health of populations and yet it will soon acquire dictatorial powers unless there is a public uproar


The objective of this article is not to show the mainstream in a bad light. I have just pointed out facts. I do not blame anyone for this state of affairs. The humongous money and muscle power behind the present day medical enterprise has molded the entire system to a purely physical approach. Consequently the profession has remained trapped in a very narrow sphere. Through this article I have pointed out that human beings are more than a body and mind. I hope the current day physicians will realize this and start looking at health from a different perspective. The level of dissatisfaction among doctors is huge. Survey after survey has found that doctors are not happy at the way medicine is shaping up. Consequently they are into depression and drug abuse. This is very unfortunate. In this article I have not only provided them the direction they need to take but also the path of self improvement; how they can lift themselves up from the current drudgery. Depression cannot be warded off by drugs. A doctor can live a full life only when he does what his soul wants. No doctor enters the profession to indulge in disease management. No doctor wants to exploit patients. No doctor wants to betray the trust of the people. The inner urge is always to ensure health and cures. I sincerely hope the profession sees light at the end of the tunnel. I wish them well. I want to see them bring in the new dawn. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina. Sarve Santu Niramaya.

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