Your Ocean Within... Riding The Tide

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Your Ocean Within... Riding The Tide

Ever thought about water?   Water is the matrix of all life.  It carries oxygen, nutrients and wastes.  Remember that every living cell is surrounded by water, contains water and IS water! But who understands common simple H2O?

Water is the commonly ignored context of biology.  If you can make water happy you can rock biochemistry at its charge driven foundations.  It is the place no one looked, the plain-sight secret never suspected of being "The" secret.   Science has detailed every intricate bio-molecular relationship without ever realizing that water is involved at their core.  Subtle ambient radiant energies are captured by water and power the chemistry of life itself.
 Dr. Gerald Pollack of The University of Washington dared to part the sea of H2O science  in "The Fourth Phase of Water".   Now we know the laboratory-proven workings of aqueous media.

  • When in contact with hydrophillic (polar) membranes and proteins, water molecules become structured into a hexagonal "liquid" crystal lattice, dubbed the EZ or Exclusion Zone.
  • Pollack has shown that water "splits itself" into oppositely charged zones.    EZ "water" becomes strongly negatively charged (-) as protons (+) are ejected into adjacent water forming a gradient.
  • Charge gradients move molecules and animate us.
  • Water acts as a battery when contained by blood vessels and cell membranes, and passively gathers energy from various wavelengths of electromagnetic radiations like light, heat, microwaves and even sound waves. These radiant and acoustic energies kick protons out of EZ water and negative charges follow obediently to drive life's engines. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates the effects of the electromagnetic frequencies of human intentions, pollutants and music upon  water crystallization. Patterns reflect the quality of these waves in their geometric snowflake symmetry when variously treated water samples reach freezing.  Intentions of unconditional love and gratitude, and classical music produce EZ/ice crystals of incredibly cohesive beauty while feelings of fear, hate and anger, industrial contamination or dissonant music create disorganized geometries and ugly results.

The Forbidden Healing principle finds oxidative stress/inflammation at the root of disease and Pollack's water-science provides clear proof of the mechanisms of electron exchange.  After all, oxidative stress is simply an electron shortage, a bio-energy crisis.  This perspective is borne out by the universal healing properties seen in dozens of diverse therapies that raise body charge and oxygen delivery. Healing is accomplished through manipulating electrolyte minerals, delivery of electrically-correct structural components for membrane and connective tissue reconstruction (nutrition) and the elimination of inflammatory electron bandits like metals, organic toxins and pathogens.  When appropriate voltages are returned to aqueous cellular environments,  cells regain function, cytoplasmic gel structures strengthen, DNA expression resumes, protein synthesis becomes more efficient/appropriate and metabolic energy production rises.   Cells/organs/organisms have no other option than to heal.
Life depends on energy and charge, and robust health exists only at "higher" voltages nearing 70mv.  Higher pH and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) levels indicate greater charge potentials. Water is the medium and every mineral and molecule dissolved in it,  every surface it interfaces and every internal and external energetic input weigh on the equation that determines the strength of attractions-repulsions and the flow of protons and electrons.  Ultimately it is electron abundance that preserves cell structures by protecting their covalent bonds from errant radiations, oxidants and free radicals including those deployed during immune response.  Charge gradients hustle ions to their destination and move biochemical materials just like UPS delivers fruit. The characteristics of water with its solutes and in its many environs is the bouncing ball.

The dots of disease connect at the intersection of our industrial grain-based diets and the plethora of toxic metals, organic poisons and stressful emotions we accumulate. These rob electrons, oxygen and cause oxidative stress, the self-same common origin of cancers, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gingivitis, etc., etc.. It is absurd to ignore first causes in favor of downstream pharmaceutical interventions, or engage in the destruction of malfunctioning cells and organs with strong chemicals, radiations and surgeries.  Now genetic predispositions are being touted as "causative," but testing and treatment will only raise the cost of bad medicine even further.  It is like hanging an innocent man.  Is this intelligent stupidity or scientific fraud?  The germ theory, the cholesterol/low-fat mythology, scapegoat genetic "causes" and a refusal to acknowledge metals like mercury, pesticides, GMOs and their wide ranging bad effects are faulty views that handicap well meaning physicians.  In a cause and effect universe, it pays to identify root causes if effects are ever to be directed.  Problems will never be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. I invite all researchers to investigate healing from a foundational charge-driven/oxygen-delivery/energy-based point of departure. 

The Forbidden Protocol has one goal ...the restoration of a healthy charge terrain in order to allow optimal oxygen delivery, biochemical activity and power the organism.  It involves raising charge and reducing inflammation with high doses of synergistic antioxidants while pathogens and organic toxins are destroyed using oxidative therapies. To assist charge building and oxygen delivery, alkalizing mineral electrolyte levels are addressed. Dietary correction and detoxification of heavy metals allows stronger EZ charge generation and enhanced conductivity by rebuilding membranes with undamaged fats, connective tissues with water-holding proteins and removing charge killing stuck-on metals.  Ideally, an informed individual practices a healthy disease-preventive lifestyle  to avoid the dire alternative of pain, chronic illness and early demise. And since imperfect prevention may raise its ugly head, the knowledge to choose appropriate care or take simple therapeutic steps are life-savers.

5 EZ Pieces

  1. Liver function depends on strong polarity to eliminate toxins.
  2. Cytoplasm is a highly structured gel state where countless syntheses and chemical interactions take place.  Acupuncture meridians flow through fascia and other connective tissues made of conductive water packed EZ-rich gels.
  3. Charge helps push blood through vessels and maintains friction-free fluids in joint capsules... sunshine, sauna, pulsed lasers and earthing improve circulation and ease joint pain. Things stick or un-stick due to charge like red blood cells that clump or separate while being prevented from ever touching vessel walls.
  4. Bacteria stick and un-stick due to charge and many thrive in areas of stagnant circulation and hypoxia.
  5. Flowing electrons generate magnetic fields. Water structure is influenced by electromagnetic radiations. If the Sun can "talk" to water, our intent generated bio-energy fields can talk to water.  Non-verbal communication? Intuition?  Manifestation?
  Science will never be the same.  Isn't water cool!

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