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The New ‘Blue Plague’-Sick People, Mutated Fish,


Dead dolphins, turtles, sharks, whales, flesh eating bacteria, eyeless shrimp, and dying plants have been found in the Gulf of Mexico since the B/P oil spill in 2010. Back in 2010, emergency room nurses in Mississippi began to notice people more people coming in with a strange group of symptoms.

Chances are you've not heard much about this, as by now the B/P aftermath and decline of the area is not in mainstream media. But, radio shows, such as one hosted by Michael Edwards,(http://worldvisionportal.org) are trying to wake people up. He named this environmental sickness the 'The Blue Plague'.  

Toxic Personal Care Products Used Everyday?

Toxic Personal Care Products Used Everyday

If you thought your hair products, toothpaste, makeup, mouthwash had poisons in them would you continue using them? The power of advertising, marketing and lobbying make for packaged dreams of beauty and bliss absolutely compelling. We buy the illusions for thickly coated shiny hair, delightful smells, exotic ingredients, flawless skin, and pearly whites.

Aspartame in Your Food May Cause Brain Damage

Aspartame in your Food May Cause Brain Damage

Known as NutraSweet or Equal, Aspartame, is an artificial sweetener, and is 180 times as sweet as sugar. Present in over 6000 products, Aspartame itself does not occur naturally. It was discovered in 1965 and approved by the FDA in 1981. Many researchers have linked a host of health problems, including brain diseases, migraines and neurological ailments to Aspartame

Morgellons Disease, the Mysterious Skin Disease

Morgellons Skin Disease

Why would tens of thousands suffer from odd symptoms of fibers, and worm like debris sprouting from skin sores, and other symptoms, without knowing the cause? Unexplained constellations of symptoms from general fatigue, concentration difficulties, fibromyalgia, neurocognitive disorders, and skin lesions seem are continuously reported. This disturbing trend prompted a research project

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