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14 Attorneys General Use Foreign Hate Group's DISINFO Against Whistleblowing US Citizens Exercising 1st Amendment Right

When a shadowy, foreign dark money group sows disinformation by falsely and deliberately accusing U.S. citizens of "harming the public" for exercising their First Amendment rights, including blowing the whistle on government and corporate agendas that boldly deny the health risks associated with increasingly coercive medical interventions like experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, what do you call this highly Machiavellian ploy?

Leaked Dept. of Defense Document Reveals Evidence of Widespread VACCINE FAILURE

View the entire 17 slide presentation on Scribd.

A leaked Department of Defense document first reported on by attorney Tom Rentz reveals high rates of "breakthrough" infections (4% of which died) and hospitalizations within a cohort of 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries all of whom were fully vaccinated.

YouTube Bans All Content Questioning Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness, Colluding with Big Pharma, WHO & CDC

YOUTUBE Bans All Content Questioning Vaccine Safety or Effectiveness

On September 29th, YouTube announced a new "vaccine misinformation policy" on a blog post titled "Managing harmful vaccine content on YouTube," which was immediately followed by hundreds of mainstream news articles declaring this a major victory against so-called "anti-vaccine content." 

RESEARCHERS: Jab Kills At Least 5 Times More Than Covid, So Why Are We Vaccinating Kids?

View the full study published in Toxicology Reports here.

A new study published by an international team of researchers proposes that the weight of evidence is AGAINST vaccinating children with experimental and sometimes lethal COVID-19 vaccines when the risks to their health far outweigh their purported benefits.

Dr. Warns FDA: 46-Fold Increase in Vaccine Deaths reported thus far in 2021 relative to 2020! [Sayer Ji's Video Report]

Sayer Ji gives an important update on concerning signals coming from government databases (including the WHO's VigiBase resource) that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing unprecedented levels of adverse events and deaths --  none of which are being reported on within the mainstream media. 

Secrets of the Field: Human Hair As An Antenna & Transmitter of Energy and Information.

Sayer Ji interviews Karen Elkins on recent discoveries proving that human hair is both an antenna and transmitter of bioelectromagnetic energy and information; a discovery confirming the wisdom of the ancients: human hair possesses profound, if not 'super-natural' capabiliities!

Biden Threatens Experimental Jab Mandatory for 100+ Million Workers; Blames Unvaccinated for the Jab's Rollout Failure

President Biden declares sweeping new vaccine mandates which could affect over 100 million American workers, and usher in a highly unconstitutional, two-tiered form of medical apartheid in the United States.

Dr. Fauci Megadoses Vitamin C, Ivermectin vs. Vitamin Therapy, and Censoring the Science on Natural Healing [Dr. Saul]

In Sayer's latest interview, he dives deep with one of the world's foremost experts on vitamin C therapy, juxtaposing the extreme controversy and hype around ivermectin with this far more suppressed, effective, safe, affordable and available therapy that virtually no one is talking abo

BREAKING: "Disinformation Dozen": A 'Faulty Narrative' With No Evidence, Says Facebook, Despite 16,000 News Headlines



In an unexpected turn of events, Facebook has called out The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) for manufacturing a "faulty narrative" without "any evidence" against the 12 individuals it has repeatedly defamed and labeled as the "disinformation dozen."

The 'Vaccine Hesitant' & 'Conspiracy Theorists' a Domestic Terrorism Threat - New Homeland Security Report Implies


Sayer Ji reports on a concerning development: The Department of Homeland Security just released a terrorism bulletin implying that those who question, resist, or disobey government COVID-19 restrictions, or question the origin of COVID-19 or vaccine effectiveness, could be (or are being) treated as a domestic terrorism threat.

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