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The Natural Database Pharma Doesn't Want You or Your Doctor To Know About [Sayer Ji's Walk Through of GMI PRO]



Could the core value proposition of -- providing access to the most powerful concentration of research in the world proving natural medicine is safer, more accessible, and works better than pharmaceutical medicine [in the vast majority but not all cases] -- be the reason why it is now the most heavily censored and vilified website in this space, next to and

President Biden Accuses Sayer Ji of "Killing People" - Here's His Response


Facebook Deletes's Page with Half a Million Followers

12 years, many thousands of posts, and half a million fans later, Facebook recently deleted's professional page for "violating community standards on health misinformation that could cause physical harm." 

Skin Age Reversed 13 Years In Just 9 Months By Doing This

These Women Reversed The Age of Their Skin 13 Years In Just 9 Months
Comparison of results before and after 9 months of smoking cessation for one of the studied patients.

One simple lifestyle modification -- the cessation of smoking -- has been found to dramatically reverse biological skin age in a study of Italian women

[VIDEO] Putting Our Kids First: A Look At COVID-19 School Guidelines And How They're Affecting Our Children



Speaking to a packed audience with tears of both outrage, sadness and inspiration, and ending with a standing ovation, Leila Centner's presentation reveals the way the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 in schools, including masking, social distancing, and Plexiglass separations are inhumane, and need to be reverted before they cause irreparable harm to our beloved children. 

Sayer Ji's Full NPR Cross-Interview [VIDEO] + NPR's Article Reveals Deep Bias & Conflicts of Interest

This is an exclusive cross-interview recorded on May 5, 2021, featuring Geoff Brumfiel, the NPR reporter who wro

Miami School Asks Staff Not to Take COVID Jab; Global Media Assault Follows; Pfizer Trial May Support School's Concerns

Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, has made international headlines for directing its employees who have not yet received the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, to wait until the end of the school year, as a precautionary step to protect the health of their school community, given both concerning new anecdotal reports that the vaccinated can adversely affect the health of the un-vaccinated, and that that clinical safety and efficacy data for the mRNA vaccines will not be completed until sometime in 2023.

Leila Centner's Mic Dropping Interview on the HighWire the Mainstream Media Doesn't Want You To Watch


In this powerful and inspiring interview, Leila Centner, co-founder and CEO of Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, which made international headlines for directing its employees who have not yet received the experimental COVID-19 vaccine to wait until the end of the school year, reveals the true motivations and rationale for her decision.

Deadly Prion Brain Diseases & Experimental mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines: Study Finds Plausible Link


Biden Admin to Spy on US Citizens....Can they Succeed in Criminalizing Alternative Information, and Dissent?

As reported by CNN, today, the Biden administration announced that they would use outside firms to track Americans deemed "extremists" online, enabling them to gather intelligence with methods that in the US may be illegal or unconstitutional.

The CNN report also noted that Telegram might be targeted for surveillance: 

"But some of the research firms and non-profit groups under consideration by the DHS periodically use covert identities to access private social media groups like Telegram."

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