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6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives Backed by Clinical Research

With the public's growing awareness of the deadly side effects associated with the regular use of synthetic painkillers like ibuprofen, the need for natural, evidence-based alternatives has never been greater

People generally think that over-the-counter drugs are safer than physician-prescribed ones. Unfortunately that does not hold true for drugs like ibuprofen, consumed at a rate of billions of doses, annually, and responsible for thousands of cardiovascular disease-related deaths each year.

Chamomile Oil for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research reveals that topical use of chamomile oil may have positive effects for those experiencing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. As a natural and easily obtained substance, chamomile oil could prove to be an inexpensive option for those suffering from this common ailment

Herbal Research Update for Women's Health

What's New in Women's Health?
Originally published in The Natural Path Newsletter

What does nature have to offer that’s new for women? Quite a lot! 


Milk a Cure for PMS? A Giant Leap in Logic

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The California Milk Processor Board's new ad campaign promoting milk as a cure for PMS has recently caused a stir among the media--so much so that the campaign has been pulled and apologies issued. Many people were offended at its portrayal of women as irrational, PMS-stricken creatures, and that men were the real sufferers of PMS. (See the campaign and resulting fallout here.) Borderline misogynistic undertones and marketing impact of the controversy aside, I wanted to address the actual health claims the campaign promotes

The campaign states:

My 5 Favorite Supplements for Irregular Cycles: A Clinician's Perspective

My 5 Favorite Supplements for Irregular Cycles:  A Clinician's Perspective

You don't have to suffer from PMS or irregular menstrual cycles.  There are natural ways you can boost hormonal health!

For you to have a healthy cycle, that is timely, fertile, painless, and PMS-free, you need to nourish the glands of your endocrine system, which make your female hormones. 


Nature's Alternative To Anxiety and Sleep Drugs Is A Flower

Lavender is not only beautiful but one of the most medically useful essential oils. Recent research is proving its power and versatility to provide effective and safe alternatives to pharmaceuticals for common physical and psychological challenges

Lavender: Relaxed & Alert

Super Herb: Ten Reasons to Use Curcumin

While the database contains evidence for the potential therapeutic use of curcumin in over 700 conditions, these ten are some of the most compelling applications

1) Depression

People suffering from major depressive disorder were given 1g of curcumin or placebo for 8 weeks in a double-blind study. The curcumin was significantly more effective than placebo. Curcumin was also effective for the serious and difficult to treat atypical depression (J Affect Disord 2014;167:368-75).

Time To Look Beyond the Birth Control Pill

Time To Look Beyond the Birth Control Pill

Are you one of the million of women who currently take a birth control pill?  If so, beware of the artificial hormones contained in the birth control pill and the increased risk of developing breast cancer. 

Beyond the Birth Control Pill

Are you on the birth control pill for one of these three top reasons?

Top 6 Uses for Valerian

If you feel highly anxious, cannot sleep, have a child with hyperactivity attention deficit issues or are a woman experiencing discomforting symptoms of PMS, menstrual syndrome or menopause, valerian may be the answer

Turmeric Superior to Prozac and Pain-Killers for PMS

 Turmeric Superior to Prozac and Pain-Killers for PMS

PMS afflicts millions of women each month, some with debilitating symptoms. Pain killers and antidepressants are standard treatments, both of which carry serious side effects. A new study finds turmeric extract may be superior in addressing some of the root causes of the disorder. 

Valerian: Everything You Knew and Everything You Didn't

Insomnia: Everything You Knew

Valerian is the herbal superstar for insomnia. Several studies prove that valerian safely helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better sleep. Double-blind research shows that valerian improves sleep in 89% of people and that 44% of them report perfect sleep.

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