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3 Breathing Exercises to Calm the Brain, Reduce Stress & Cure Anxiety

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When you breathe correctly, you pump cerebrospinal fluid into the brain to reduce stress and cure anxiety

5 Things You can do for a Better Brain

Reduce the mental decline that begins in mid-age by making moderate changes in your diet and lifestyle

B Vitamins Slow Alzheimer’s Brain Atrophy 7-Fold

Amid a devastating epidemic stealing minds and memories, a new study suggests an astonishing 7-fold reduction in Alzheimer's brain atrophy from a shockingly simple treatment: high-dose B vitamins.

Brain Regeneration: Why it's Real & How to Do it

Have you ever wished you could regenerate those brain cells you sacrificed in college? Do you fear that your aging brain is in a perpetual state of decline? Medical science is being rewritten to show that we CAN improve the health of our brain, and that repairing damage is not only possible, it's something anyone can do

Coconut Oil Improves Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer's disease is a devastating degenerative brain condition that affects millions of people in the U.S. While pharmaceutical treatments have long lists of side effects, there is a natural food-based intervention that has proven effective in improving key brain functions. The best part is, it's probably in your food pantry right now

Drinking Tea Could Improve Brain Health and Slow Cognitive Decline

Want to make a quick, easy lifestyle choice that has the potential to benefit brain health and even slow cognitive aging? Pour yourself a delicious glass of tea and bottoms up!

According to a study headed by the National University of Singapore, drinking tea may be one of the easiest -- and tastiest -- ways to preserve a healthy brain as you age.

Healing the Blood-Brain Barrier: Natural Compounds Show Promise

The blood-brain barrier is a critical gatekeeper for neurological health, but when disrupted it can contribute to devastating diseases like Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and stroke. Can natural compounds come to the rescue by protecting and even healing this essential barrier? A dive into's research database reveals compelling evidence for the potential of nutrients and phytochemicals to safeguard the blood-brain interface.

How Coconut Oil May Rescue the Brain From Alzheimer's Disease

Coconut Oil May Rescue The Brain From Alzheimer's Disease Plaque

Anecdotal reports claim coconut oil produces remarkable recoveries from Alzheimer's disease, but is there research to support this? Now,  one study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease shows that a mechanism for coconut oil's brain rescuing properties does in fact exist

New Research Shows Flaxseed Oil May Boost Brainpower

Polyunsaturated vegetable or seed oils aren't typically known for cognitive benefits, but emerging research suggests a daily dose of flaxseed oil could provide a brain boost.

A recently published 12-week randomized controlled trial found older adults who consumed flaxseed oil performed better on tests of executive function compared to a control group.[1]

Nutritional Risk Factors in Suicide: How Vitamin D Can Help

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Open Your Mind, Close Your Mouth: Oral Breathing Impedes Optimal Brain Activity

Breathe in, breathe out. It's automatic, instinctual. But the way you breathe may be impacting your brain more than you realize. A groundbreaking study has revealed that breathing through your mouth could be hindering your cognitive abilities, while nasal respiration provides a neural boost

Protect Your Brain With These Top Six Substances

Your brain is "command central" for nearly all your body's normal waking functions. Protect it from the damaging effects of our chemical world, as well as the ravages of time, by strategic supplementation with these top six naturally neuroprotective substances

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, supposably possessing around 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) and more than 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Responsible for controlling such functions as walking, talking, thinking and breathing, the brain functions as "command central" for the nervous system, so protect it, you must.

Pumpkin Seeds vs. Pumpkin Seed Oil

If you’re a regular reader here, you probably already know how terrific pumpkin seeds — especially Styrian pumpkin seeds — are for your health, but did you know that consuming the seeds themselves and the pressed oil from the seeds each has its own set of benefits?

You may be wondering though, which is better for you: the seeds or the pressed oils?

We’ve broken down the benefits of both pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oils so you can decide which is best for you based on what your personal health goals are.

Tantalizing Evidence of a Brain Microbiome

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It turns out that the brain, which has historically thought to be a sterile environment, may actually be host to its own microbiome; not unlike the environment of the gut! 

The Unintended Consequences of "Miracle" Growth Hormone Treatments

A disturbing case of "mad medicine": Patients treated decades ago with human growth hormone developed early-onset Alzheimer's disease, suggesting the frightening transmissibility of this devastating disorder

Vitamin B12 Fights Nerve Pain and Defends Your Heart and Brain

Did you know that a deficiency in vitamin B12 could be an underlying cause of nerve pain and is associated with higher risks for heart disease and increased symptoms and severity of brain disorders? Foods rich in B12, like fish, meats and dairy, are a natural way to restore your health

Why Daily Greens are the Real Fountain of Youth

You've heard it all your life: "Eat your greens". But did you know that eating just one cup of leafy greens each day makes your brain an average of 11 years younger than someone who skips them?

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