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Medical Freedom Group Warns School-Based Health Centers are Threatening Parental Rights

Originally published on Jean Mondoro

'The scope of services is well beyond what you would find with school nurse services. It goes into reproductive counseling, dental care, mental health counseling, behavioral services. And this replaces what your child would typically receive from a primary care provider with parental engagement,' Stand for Health Freedom's Leah Wilson said.

'Serious Violations and Manipulations of Trial Protocol': How Pfizer Obtained FDA Emergency Authorization for Children

Originally published on by Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz

22 Studies and Reports Raise Doubts About COVID Vaccine Efficacy and Vaccinating Children

Originally published on by Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D.

The evidence showing COVID vaccines are not as efficacious as advertised against the Delta variant exposes the problems with vaccine mandates that are threatening the jobs of millions of people, and raises further doubts about the case for vaccinating children

27 Probiotic Benefits for Children

27 Probiotic Benefits for Chiildren

Probiotic Benefits for Children

Bad Air Kills Children, Leads to Pneumonia, Studies Confirm

Air pollution is known bad news for human health, with a particular link to death in babies and children. Previous studies have focused on the bane of particulate matter in children's health, but two investigations establish a direct association between ambient air pollution and pneumonia and death in children

Breaking: RFK Jr. to Announce Independent Run for U.S. President?

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According to Mediaite, which broke the story late this afternoon, a "campaign insider" revealed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children's Health Defense founder and chairman on leave, will announce a third-party run for president on Oct. 9 in Philadelphia.

Media outlets today reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to announce he will run as an Independent for president of the U.S.

British Children Up to 52 Times More Likely to Die Following a COVID Shot: Gov't Report

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Data from Britain's Office for National Statistics show a stark increase in deaths among children both single- and double-jabbed compared to their un-jabbed counterparts.

CDC Recommends COVID Shots for Babies and Toddlers

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Learn what parents won't be told before the shot

COVID-19 shots for kids starting at 6 months have FDA authorization and CDC recommendation.

Childhood Osteoporosis Diagnoses Doubled From 1999-2014: The Distressing Pediatric Impact of WHO Bone Health Criteria

WHO osteoporosis definitions ignore child development stages. Misapplying adult DXA criteria overdiagnoses healthy kids, causing unnecessary treatment with highly toxic drugs like Fosamax whose risks remain under-recognized.

Children and EMFs: What You Need to Know

Children are far more vulnerable to the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields than we are. Your child's brain absorbs two to three times as many EMFs as yours, and sources of exposure are everywhere. What can you do?

Is your child's favorite pastime screen time? Are you concerned about how much cumulative exposure your kids have to electromagnetic radiation at home and at school from computers, cell phones, tablets, electronic toys, cell towers, power lines and the like?

Could Eliminating Gluten Slow Type 1 Diabetes Progression in Kids?

For children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, new research hints that leaving gluten behind may help preserve precious insulin production longer

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) arises when the immune system destroys insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells, requiring external insulin therapy to regulate blood sugar. Many families cling to the hope that some beta cell function can be preserved long-term, prolonging the partial remission period and easing management burdens.

Could Pfizer Vaccine Weaken Kids' Immunity?

Originally published on by Angelo DePalma, Ph.D.

Researchers in Australia looking for signs that vaccination against COVID-19 might protect against other infectious diseases found just the opposite. One month after getting Pfizer's vaccine, children experienced a sharp decline in immune proteins, or cytokines, according to a study in Frontiers in Immunology.

COVID Vaccinated Children More Likely to Be Hospitalized for Respiratory Illness

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Epigenetic Marvel: Vitamin C Helps Toddlers Breathe Easier If Mothers Smoke During Pregnancy

Your choices today could change your family's health four generations from now - for better or worse. Emerging research on epigenetics shows that environmental toxins, nutrition, stress and other lifestyle factors flip genetic switches to amplify disease risk across generations. But healthy behaviors also echo through your family tree.

How COVID-19 School Guidelines Are Harming Kids

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How Toxic Are Vitamin K and Hepatitis B Injections?

Originally published on by Marcella Piper-Terry

Let's get two things clear about the vitamin K shot. First, it is not a vaccine. Second, it is not a harmless vitamin. It is a manufactured synthetic form of vitamin K, and it is many times what a child would receive naturally.

Is Wi-Fi in Schools Harming Our Children? The Testimony of Rodney Palmer

"Two children have dropped dead in Simcoe County Schools 
since Wi-Fi was installed..." 

~ Rodney Palmer (min. 2:07)

JAMA Bombshell: Fluoride in Pregnancy Linked to Worse Child Behavior Outcomes

A groundbreaking study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has sent shockwaves through the public health community, providing damning evidence that prenatal exposure to fluoride - long added to public water supplies for dental health - may come at a previously unrecognized cost: harming fetal brain development and leading to neurobehavioral problems in children. The findings add to a growing body of research challenging fluoride's safety, especially for vulnerable pregnant women and their developing babies.

Laxative Drug MiraLAX Side Effect Reports Include Brain Dysfunction in Children

Originally published on by Natasha Hobley

Leading OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots on Pregnant Women, Documents Reveal

Originally published on by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bankrolled the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to the tune of $11 million to promote COVID-19 vaccination as "safe and effective" for pregnant women, according to an investigation published this week by attorney Maggie Thorp.

Letter to Governor Newsom

 Stand for Health Freedom

When California disagrees with your doctor, who gets to decide? NO to state-legislated practice of medicine.

Magnesium Supplementation for Healthier Pregnancies and Babies

You may know that magnesium is in your multivitamin, but did you know that getting adequate magnesium in your diet can help you guard against heart disease, cancer and diabetes? Read on: this super-nutrient is more important than you think, especially for pregnant women and their babies

Major Journal Warns Calling Breastfeeding "Natural" Will Discourage Vaccine and Formula Use; Orwell Spins In His Grave

A study published in the journal Pediatrics raises concern over the use of the term "natural" to describe breastfeeding, even though the weight of evidence (and common sense) indicates prioritizing breastfeeding over man-made formulas or vaccines is the best way to protect your child and the mother's health. 

Pfizer, Moderna Say Kids as Young as 5 Could Get COVID Vaccines by September

Originally published on by Megan Redshaw

Pfizer and Moderna say children as young as 5 could be eligible for COVID vaccines by early September, as both companies complete trials

Positive Correlation Between the Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality

Originally published on by Gary S. Goldman, PhD

Removing Children's Tonsils and Adenoids Increases Risk for 28 Diseases, Study Finds

While the traditional medical establishment calls for the removal of "broken" or "defective" body parts, a watershed study on the long-term effects of tonsillectomy and adenoid removal calls into question the propriety of this surgery, performed on nearly half-a-million children in the United States each year.

RFK Jr. Launches Presidential Campaign, Vows to Reduce Chronic Disease in Children

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday officially launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, telling an overflow crowd in Boston that if he has not "significantly dropped the level of chronic disease in our children by the end of my first term, I do not want you to reelect me."

Study: More Infant Vaccines Lead to Higher Infant Mortality

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Suboptimal Breastfeeding Kills Over 1 Million Infants a Year

Suboptimal Breastfeeding Kills Over 1 Million Infants A Year

A recent review published in the journal Archives of Disease In Childhood titled, "Marketing breast milk substitutes: problems and perils throughout the world," revealed a disturbing statistic:

Currently, suboptimal breastfeeding is associated with over a million deaths each year and 10% of the global disease burden in children

The review also highlighted an embarrassing fact of US history:

The Attack on Pregnant Mothers Escalates

The Attack On Pregnant Mothers Escalates

The Science and Pseudoscience of Children’s Mental Health

The Science and Pseudoscience of Children’s Mental Health

Is mental illness simply a matter of a "chemical imbalance" or "bad gene"? Do we need to fix children's disordered brains or do we need to let kids be kids?

The Top 10 Natural ADHD Approaches Backed by Clinical Research

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a diagnosis given to millions of children worldwide, and is characterized by behaviors and symptoms such as impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity that can significantly impair academic performance and social functioning.

Too Much Screen Time Harms Brain Development

Watching more than two hours of screens a day may harm the structural integrity of white matter in preschoolers' brains, with implications for language and literacy skills. Children under 2 years shouldn't use screens, but even those 2 and over may face lifelong consequences of too much screen time during childhood

You may want to think twice before gifting your child a new tablet or cellphone this holiday season, as increasing research suggests screen time may cause more harm than good. 

Vaccine Exemptions: Do They Really Put Others at Risk?

Vaccine Exemptions

Parents who exercise a vaccine exemption for their children are often ridiculed for putting their own children and others at risk. However, legally and medically, unvaccinated children do not pose a significant health risk to themselves or anyone else. Alternative vaccine views support this assertion, but the reasoning in this article comes straight from mainstream vaccine beliefs, accepted medical practice and current law.

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots

Originally published on by Megan Redshaw

VAERS data released today by the CDC included a total of 875,653 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 18,461 deaths and 135,400 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021

White House Tells Governors to Get Ready to Vaccinate Young Kids, Even Though FDA Hasn't Approved It. Pediatrician Says,

Originally published on, by Megan Redshaw

The White House on Tuesday told states to prepare to vaccinate children as young as 5 by early November, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn't yet authorized Pfizer's COVID vaccine for children under 12, and despite safety concerns expressed by scientists and pediatricians.

Why Children Should Not Receive the COVID Shot

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Why Homebirth is 1,000 Times Safer Than Hospital Birth for Low Risk US Women

Why Homebirth is 1,000 Times Safer Than Hospital Birth for Low Risk US Women

Why Homebirth is 1,000 Times Safer Than Hospital Birth for Low Risk US Women

Oft quoted research studies state 3X to 10X more babies die in the first week after low risk homebirth than hospital birth. In order for low risk homebirth to have higher perinatal mortality rates there would have to be a theory to explain this. There would have to be one or more complications of low risk homebirths that result in death in the first week that can be prevented by being in hospital, and death from these complications would have to occur more often than low risk deaths at planned hospital births.

Why so Many Women are Taking the Epidural Trip

The Epidural Trip
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