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8 Damn Good Reasons Not to Get the Flu Shot

Every year the mainstream media war drum beats for you to get vaccinated against the flu. They rarely discuss anything but the benefits of the vaccine


Maybe it is because many people are already skeptical about the flu vaccine.

BMJ Papers Spotlights Questionable Funding and Industry Ties of CDC and ‘Independent’ Vaccine Advocacy Groups

A major paper was just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) titled The unofficial vaccine educators: are CDC funded non-profits sufficiently independent? As more prominent vaccine advocacy organizations are pushing for greater mandatory vaccination laws the BMJ article asks if these groups are really providing the public with independent information.

Caveat Emptor: Science vs. CDC on Scary Flu Shot Promotions

Could the Flu Shot Make You Depressed?

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Did your doctor or friendly pharmacist tell you that the flu vaccine could put your mental health at risk?

Devastating Flu Vaccine-Miscarriage Study Sparks Ridiculous Spin

The mainstream media is doing their best to minimize a devastating study showing a high correlation (7.7-fold) between flu vaccines and miscarriages. A review of the scientific literature shows a body of evidence that supports the new study’s conclusions. Why can’t we all just deal with the facts?

Duty to Warn - The Painful Truth About Last Year's Failed Flu Vaccine

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

“…most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.” – From the British Medical Journal editor, Peter Doshi, MD

Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, Study Suggests

A provocative new study on flu virus transmission found that subjects had 6.3 times more aerosol shedding of flu virus particles if they received vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons

Nurses Continue to be Justified in Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots

Similar to the general public, nurses are increasingly refusing dangerous and often ineffective flu shots 

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