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Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Resolved Naturally

Not feeling as ready to perform, sexually, as you used to? Don't worry -- there's more to getting a strong erection than a "little blue pill." Try these top natural substances to restore your erections, drug-free

Cocoa and Pomegranates: The New Heroes Against Andropause (Man-O-Pause)

For aging men watching their vitality slowly drain away each year, a proprietary botanical blend represents newfound hope of restoring lost vigor and masculinity

Five Evidence-Based Ways to Boost Testosterone

Low levels of testosterone can come with glaring symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and reduced bone mass. Before opting for hormone replacement therapy and facing the risk of serious side effects, here are five science-backed ways to optimize your testosterone levels naturally

Fluoride Exposure Linked to Lower Testosterone in Young Men

A new epidemiological study found that fluoride exposure from drinking water associates with decreased testosterone levels in young and middle-aged men

Testosterone dropped most sharply in 18-39 year-olds based on fluoride burden. Surprisingly, in older men with higher fluoride exposure, testosterone increased with age instead of declining as expected. This complex relationship hints that fluoride may disrupt multiple hormonal pathways beyond the male reproductive axis.

Scientists Discover Microplastics Within Donated Testes and Semen

Scientists have for the first time detected microplastic particles within donated human testes and semen, averaging 12 particles/gram tissue and 0.23 particles/ml semen. Findings provide unprecedented evidence of microplastics permeating and accumulating within the male reproductive system.

The Dark Side of Prostate Cancer Screening: An Epidemic of Overdiagnosis & Overtreatment

Imagine being told you have cancer, undergoing invasive treatments, and living with the side effects, only to later discover that your cancer would have never caused any symptoms or threatened your life. This is the reality for countless men diagnosed with prostate cancer, falling victim to the epidemic of overdiagnosis.

Introduction: Defining Overdiagnosis

The Love Frequency's Scientific Backing: 528 Hz Shown to Elevate Testosterone and Reduce Anxiety in Preclinical Research

Can sound really be a form of medicine? A fascinating new study reveals how a specific frequency, 528 Hz, may hold the key to naturally boosting testosterone in the brain and alleviating anxiety - all without drugs or side effects.

The Problem with Beer Phytoestrogens

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Why do alcoholic men develop so-called man boobs and other feminine traits?

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