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16 Healthy Reasons to Unroll Your Yoga Mat

16 Healthy Reasons To Unroll Your Yoga Mat

Long revered for its spiritual and mental benefits, yoga is fast becoming equally valued for its benefits in reversing the effects of modern chronic diseases

For more than 5,000 years humans have practiced the ancient Indian art of yoga. Long revered for its spiritual and mental benefits, yoga is fast becoming equally valued for its benefits in reversing the effects of modern chronic diseases.

A study from Harvard University finds that yoga has particular benefits for your heart

Brain Benefits of Yoga Comparable to Aerobic Exercise

Think you need to pound the pavement in order to obtain the brain-boosting benefits of exercise? Studies show yoga may be just as good as aerobics when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain

A research article published in the journal Brain Plasticity has revealed that regular yoga practice may impart the same functional benefits to your brain as aerobic fexercise.[i]

Could Yoga Be Your Primary Relief Against Menstrual Cramps?

Yoga, a common yet powerful tool, could dramatically ease or put an end to period pain. A new study reveals that curling up in a ball not only floods your system with feel-good hormones and improves circulation, but also provides relief for common menstrual complaints

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Heal Your Heart and Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Heal Your Heart and Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

The mind-body connection is undeniable.  Can healing your heart and your emotional wounds reduce your risk of breast cancer? 

The average human heart beats 72 times per minute, transporting blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients through miles of arteries and veins. Western Medicine is acutely aware of the importance of this "physical pump" and its role in sustaining life. But is there a connection between the heart and breast cancer?

Hot Yoga Study Shows Benefits for Lowering Blood Pressure

Hot yoga is more than a sweaty fitness trend: it can help people with high blood pressure shift in a calm, soothing direction -- away from high blood pressure and heart disease

If Consciousness is a Door, Kundalini Yoga is the Key

If Consciousness is a Door, Kundalini Yoga is the Key

Imagine you could harness, at will, the mind-body connection responsible for the heightened mental states giving rise to creative genius, inspiration, bliss, mystical experiences, and possibly even enlightenment?

You may have noticed how sciences such as biology, physics, medicine, and even theology increasingly overlap, with energy and consciousness at the center. Energy medicine is revolutionizing our approach to health, as science gives us ever-increasing evidence for the inseparability of mind and body. 

Kundalini Yoga Channels Energy to Where Your Body Needs Healing the Most

Kundalini Yoga Channels Energy to Where Your Body Needs Healing the Most

Modern brain imaging shows that Kundalini Yoga causes a shift in cerebral blood flow to the part of your brain responsible for feelings of joy, happiness and compassion

"You are very powerful. Provided you know how powerful you are." - Yogi Bhajan

Modern Science Confirms Yoga's Many Health Benefits

Modern Science Confirms Yoga's Many Health Benefits

Modern science now confirms why humans have been practicing yoga since the beginning of recorded history: it is good both for the body and mind

There is evidence in the archeological record that yoga has been practiced by humans for at least 5,000 years. Whereas this would constitute sufficient evidence for most folks to consider it a practice with real health benefits, as its millions of practitioners widely claim, skeptics say otherwise. They require any activity deemed to be of therapeutic value run the gauntlet of randomized, controlled clinical trials before it is fully accepted within the conventional medical system.

Namasteak: The Food/Yoga Connection

Namasteak: The Food/Yoga Connection

Most view food as the most important factor in getting or staying healthy. Of late, even the less nutritionally enlightened have begun to understand the importance of eating a clean, minimally processed, plant-emphatic diet. And now, the critical mass - albeit reluctantly - consider the idea of moving daily as a lifestyle process that is necessary to fend off dis-ease and promote wellness. If yoga comes up in now commonplace discussions of how to lose weight/avoid illness/defy aging/heal injury, it is surely as the latter prescription....Yoga is not food. It's exercise. Right?

Once Weekly Yoga Practice Clinically Shown to Reduce Anxiety

If current events are generating increased feelings of anxiety for you, research shows that yoga may be all you need to restore balance and calm to your life

Powerful Yoga Steps to Cultivate Mindfulness

Practice Inconsistency, Transition With Intention

Practice Inconsistency, Transition With Intention

Do you want to do yoga with courage, precision and intention? Follow this flow of seven standing poses that cultivate mindfulness with a series of precise foot transitions

Others have a vested interest in us staying the same. 

Often, we accommodate those expectations. We harbor a reluctance to be labeled unpredictable, erratic, fickle or contradictory. So, we cling to belief systems and relationships that no longer serve us. Even when new information sheds brighter light, our egos remain wed to last week's strident opinion.

Preventing Cancer at the Molecular Level

Preventing Cancer at the Molecular Level

Preventing Cancer at the Molecular Level

A Presentation by Charles Bens, PhD.

The 9th Annual Evidence-based Complementary And Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference

February 25-27, 2016 West Palm Beach, Florida

Charles Bens, PhD explores causes, risks, and prevention of cancer in this presentation from the Complimentary and Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference.

Science Short: Brain Garbage, Breath & Yoga

The glymphatic system is the lymphatic system of the brain and it has an exciting relationship to yoga.

You may have heard of the lymphatic system, which is the network of vessels that removes wastes and toxins from the other organs of the body. Glymphatic is the word lymphatic combined with the word glia, which are the cells in the brain that had an unknown function until recently.

Glia are non-neuronal cells of the brain and nervous system. They do not transmit signals via an electrical event - called action potential - but function rather like connective tissue in the brain.

Wait, huh? I mean it's true but the above knowledge is not going to inform your yoga classes.

Skip the Rx, Just Breathe: How Meditation Beats Medication

Meditate Before You Have To Medicate

With side effect warnings so long they require magnifying glasses to read, could drugs be replaced by something much simpler and safer? Science shows just minutes of meditation may be all you need to skip the pharmacy and feel better fast.

Seldom will you find a pharmacy dispensing recommendations on meditation, although it is regular part of my counseling practice. I firmly believe that if we as a society become more mindful, we will not only reduce stress and chaos in our lives, we will make a tremendous impact on our health, reducing the need for medications.

The Art of Bending Over

The Art of Bending Over

As we age, we lose resiliency, and, of course, the stiffer the body, the stiffer the spirit. The forward fold demands flexibility in surprising ways.

The forward fold isn't about flexible hamstrings.  

The very nature of the bend invites introspection and inner quiet.  Unifying the up-body with the low-body, sky with earth, the spiritual with the physical, is a most grounding move. 

The Hot Yoga Advantage: Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Detoxification Science

What if there was a way to not only reduce stress, improve flexibility, and boost cardiovascular health but also to enhance your body's natural detoxification processes? Enter hot yoga - a practice that combines the age-defying benefits of traditional yoga with the powerful detoxifying effects of induced sweating.

The Real Reason Downward-Facing Dog is so Good for You

The Reason Downward-Facing Dog In Yoga Is So Good For You

Downward-facing dog is the most ubiquitous pose in yoga. Interestingly, the ancient Chinese art and science of acupuncture can help explain why

This popular yoga pose is the one we see in advertisements and movies, on yoga DVDs, and the covers of health and fitness magazines. Downward-facing dog is taught in beginner yoga classes and returned to again and again by the most advanced yoga practitioners.

What's Inside an Ayurvedic Medicine Cabinet?

Thanks to the preservation of some sacred texts, we have access to the wisdom of 5000 years of medical science. Find out what healing substances have stood the test of time, and are still some of the safest and most potent medicines available today

Why Social Isolation Leads to Inflammation

Why Social Isolation Leads to Inflammation

Why Social Isolation Leads to Inflammation

We are wired for community. If we disconnect, our bodies will call us back to the sense of human connection that we are wired for using the unexpected language of inflammation.

Yoga Therapy Can Help Alleviate Tinnitus-Linked Distress

Tinnitus is a buzzing or ringing in the ears that has become a chronic nightmare for millions of Americans, causing undue stress, trouble working and even sleeplessness. Research explores yoga -- an age-old practice proven as a stress buster -- as a sound option to help address the stress-related psychological symptoms that come with tinnitus

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