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NAPLES, Fla. — The Collier County Board of Commissioners' decision to stop fluoridating the public water supply has brought to the forefront a critical debate about the balance between potential cognitive risks and the benefits of reduced dental caries.
When nuclear disasters expose millions to stealth health hazards, scientists race to uncover protective solutions in one of the most easily accessible, safe, and affordable foods that Nature provides humanity: apples
When it comes to cholesterol levels and statin medications, less is not always more. Drastically low cholesterol may deprive patients of crucial biological functions during acute critical illness, while some statins like rosuvastatin appear to further endanger these already vulnerable individuals
Curcumin, the main active compound in turmeric, was found to be as effective as a common NSAID drug (ibuprofen) in reducing pain and improving function in knee osteoarthritis, with fewer gastrointestinal side effects. This positions curcumin as a promising natural anti-inflammatory
Written by David Marks
Mind, Matter, And Self-Healing
Conventional chemotherapy treatments are notoriously toxic, and may even accelerate the demise of the patient due to untold side effects whose side effects can be lethal. Could pennies a day of this basic mineral of which 1 in 7 people on the planet are deficient ameliorate the adverse effects while improving outcomes?
Simple, inexpensive foods like onion may hold surprising power to improve conventional cancer treatment experience and outcomes
Your laundry detergent could be worsening your seasonal allergy symptoms or even promoting new ones. Recent concerning research in rodents suggests this household staple may foster the development of allergies
New research finds SSRIs cross the placenta, exposing fetuses to risky chemicals without mothers' informed consent. Alternatives exist with no evidence of harm
A centuries-old Chinese and Indian herbal medicine ingredient could beat Big Pharma at its own game when it comes to managing pre-diabetes
Gender transformations happen naturally, but what could cause transgender numbers to skyrocket exponentially? Scientists were shocked to discover synthetic estrogen exposure during pregnancy leads to transgender identity at up to 100 times the norm
The US FDA has issued a final rule that authorizes some experimental human clinical trials to operate without first obtaining informed consent from participants
Written by GMI Reporter
5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s. Another 10,000,000 suffer with severe dementia and Parkinson’s. Even more struggle with age-related mild cognitive impairment. Here are 7 natural ways to defend your brain.
Decades after assaults, military sexual trauma continues tormenting survivors. Alternative treatments like yoga provide new hope for healing deep wounds conventional therapy cannot reach
Antibiotics can clear acne yet wreak internal havoc. Emerging research suggests a plant compound mirrors drugs' skin-clearing potency without the battering
A new study found that intrathecal fentanyl and magnesium sulfate can effectively enhance spinal anesthesia, offering prolonged pain relief and sensory blockade. While fentanyl led to a faster onset, both provided similar durations of analgesia. This highlights the potential of utilizing natural, safe compounds like magnesium for effective pain management while avoiding risky substances like opioids
That satisfying vapor cloud from your vape conceals an invisible menace - toxic metals that can silently scar your lungs. New research brings this stealthy threat to light
Proponents of Bach flower remedies have long touted their healing properties, but critics argue these subtle plant-based treatments lack the evidence to back such claims. New clinical trial data gives fresh perspective
Does your child spend hours glued to digital devices? This common habit could sabotage their vision for life. The solution could be as easy as targeted light exposure
Tests conducted by the FDA in 2008 found small amounts of ethylene glycol (EG) and diethylene glycol (DEG), also ingredients in antifreeze, in all batches of MiraLAX that were tested
A condition plaguing over 80 million men and women in the United States alone, hair loss a condition that not only indicates possible health issues but can also profoundly diminish quality of life
Could a nutritious garden-variety fruit pave the path to sounder sleep? Emerging research suggests getting your dose of tomatoes at dinnertime may bolster the body’s own production of melatonin
When remdesivir received emergency approval for COVID-19, real-world safety data took a backseat. A new study changes that.
A new study found that the pineapple enzyme bromelain reduces pain as effectively as the popular drug ibuprofen after dental surgery
Honey has long been celebrated for its beneficial effects on cardiovascular symptoms. A study from 2018 takes the sweet benefit up a notch by looking at the 12-month effects of tualang honey and honey cocktail on cardiovascular risk factors of postmenopausal women
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
New research confirms that prolonged sitting is associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, anxiety, depression and even premature death. However, meeting physical activity guidelines can eliminate the increased mortality associated with high sitting time.
Hard training exacts harsh bodily punishment - just ask any competitive athlete. Yet a little-known natural proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, derived from pineapple stems and fruit, shows great promise easing sports recovery and maintaining masculine vitality
What if cutting deeply into and permanently altering the most sensitive part of an infant's genital organs without pain relief caused lifelong trauma and harm--would this be acceptable, or an ethical breach that should be challenged?
You know that tingling sensation when you touch certain trees? Now scientists are figuring out how to tap into that organic electricity to power your devices
A new randomized controlled trial provides compelling evidence that virgin coconut oil can accelerate recovery from COVID-19 by rapidly resolving symptoms and reducing inflammation
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
It is with profound sorrow that acknowledges the passing of Dr. Andrew W. Saul, a pioneering force and beloved pillar in the field of orthomolecular and nutritional medicine.
As "nightmare bacteria" impervious to antibiotics proliferate, an ancient remedy steeps hope for modern medicine in lime peels and steam
Could the age old search for the 'fountain of youth' be as accessible and simple as cutting down on caloric intake?
What if a pinch of a common pantry staple could dramatically shorten viral clearance time for COVID-19 infections?
For centuries, a crude black powder derived from burning wood or coconut shells has quietly offered humanity health salvation--only to be mercilessly denigrated as quackery by modern medicine. But new clinical evidence reveals this ancient therapeutic charcoal deserves genuine scientific redemption
Amid a devastating epidemic stealing minds and memories, a new study suggests an astonishing 7-fold reduction in Alzheimer’s brain atrophy from a shockingly simple treatment: high-dose B vitamins
A silent threat contaminates foods across the globe, but a common clay shows promise for intervention
Having fueled distant stars before nurturing primordial life, molecular hydrogen turns over a new leaf as a leading-edge therapeutic modality
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
A powerful study performed twenty-years ago challenged the dominant cataract paradigm, hinting at the curative potential of simple nutritional interventions
Scientists have for the first time detected microplastic particles within donated human testes and semen, averaging 12 particles/gram tissue and 0.23 particles/ml semen. Findings provide unprecedented evidence of microplastics permeating and accumulating within the male reproductive system.
For middle-aged women, the onset of menopause can arrive in the form of hot flashes, insomnia, mood changes, muscle pain and memory fog. Researchers have investigated the effects of black mulberry leaf on sufferers of these symptoms and found favorable effects
Midlife women have been led to believe that hormone replacement therapy is an either or proposition: either you take it or you suffer the symptoms of menopause.
Written by Isa Herrera
How Gender Bias Medicine Is Hurting Women and Keeping Us Sick
Written by Isa Herrera
30 million women in the United States are suffering from chronic pelvic pain. Which means that 30 million women are suffering from debilitating and embarrassing symptoms such as urine leaking, painful sex, weak or non-existent orgasms and pelvic organ prolapse. (1-3) This is the silent female health epidemic that no one is talking about
A groundbreaking study reveals spinal manipulative therapy as a potential game-changer in reducing lumbar discectomy reoperations, signaling a paradigm shift in spinal healthcare and offering renewed hope to millions
For 1 in 7 new mothers, what should be joy can turn to darkness. But a new dawn is breaking...
Written by GMI Reporter
A natural sugar cane extract called policosanol is emerging as a promising alternative or adjunct to statins for lowering cardiovascular disease risk factors like high cholesterol and blood pressure.
Written by GMI Reporter
A spicy, bright green horseradish paste served alongside sushi, wasabi has gained immense popularity at Japanese restaurants worldwide. But emerging research suggests that beyond livening up your meal, wasabi contains powerful compounds that may bolster declining brains.
Written by GMI Reporter
Lesions lurking in your mouth that can turn cancerous? This ancient medicine from the moringa tree might help banish them better than modern drugs.
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Cryotherapy has both physical and mental benefits, from relieving chemotherapy side effects, cancers, arthritis and pain to improving your metabolic markers, muscles, skin, mood and sleep
A "poor man's poultice" made of cabbage leaves was put to the test against a popular pharmaceutical gel for pain. You may be surprised which option worked better to provide knee osteoarthritis patients some relief
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Using whey protein has the potential to enhance your overall health and longevity
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Too many people have recently experienced the eerie loss of their sense of smell due to coronavirus. Ginkgo biloba appears to be a safe and natural herb to regain what was lost
This natural culinary delicacy helped trigger ovulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), offering a natural alternative to commonly used medications

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