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If you think all health news sounds the same, GreenMedInfo is turning that notion on its head in 2024 with an avalanche of pioneering natural medicine research
When the liver fails, an ancient botanical ally may help reclaim lost vitality.
While topical hydroquinone cream is the standard treatment for melasma, silymarin, naturally derived from milk thistle, may offer a solution that is not only effective, but perfectly safe
Before you head to a clinic, check your kitchen - what you need to fight COVID-19 symptoms may already be in your pantry
What if an easy add-on could turbo-charge your workouts for faster results?
A new study found men with a common gene variant saw estrogen levels stabilize from eating phytoestrogen-rich soy and flax. This hints at a personalized nutrition approach for keeping hormones in check.
Statins rank among the most prescribed drugs globally but emerging research indicates statins may inadvertently accelerate coronary artery calcification and impair heart muscle function
Using advanced microscopy, researchers detect over 240,000 plastic particles per liter in bottled water - mostly hazardous nanoplastics below 1 micron. This reveals far higher human exposure than presumed, warranting research on toxicity and regulation. Sweating therapies may help eliminate accrued microplastics
Can a vitamin taken during pregnancy help babies breathe easier if their mothers smoke? A recent randomized controlled trial says yes
With increasing exposure to a witches brew of toxic chemicals in our modern world, could the ancient practice of sweating offer a modern-day detoxification remedy?
What if an edible oil from a common backyard vine could outperform leading medications for restoring hair growth without their risks? Meet the natural hair loss solution already growing in gardens worldwide.
Feeling road rage kick in when drivers cut you off? Before seeing red, try smelling minty green instead. New research reveals a few whiffs of peppermint essential oil can help keep cool on the road, reducing aggression and risky driving behaviors.
Could humble pumpkin seed oil really be just as effective as pharmaceuticals at restoring female pattern hair loss? See what the research has to say
A recently published study in Nutrients reveals that taking glucosamine supplements may benefit gut health in multiple ways
What if an antioxidant enzyme could conquer mouth inflammation and discomfort better than steroids? New research pioneers promising natural alternatives for stubborn oral conditions.
If your mood could use a boost, these six natural antidepressant agents could help enhance your well-being
Polyunsaturated vegetable or seed oils aren't typically known for cognitive benefits, but emerging research suggests a daily dose of flaxseed oil could provide a brain boost.
Exciting new research reveals that walnuts, the nutritional powerhouse, boosts brain health in numerous ways in addition to being heart-healthy
A new 12-week randomized controlled trial published in the European Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that consuming flaxseed combined with an anti-inflammatory diet reduced symptoms and improved quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
A growing body of research, referencing over 50 scientific studies, illuminates measurable mental, physical, and social benefits unique to participatory drumming
The pistol shrimp generates explosive cavitation bubbles by snapping its claws at speeds up to 60 mph; these implosions reach temperatures comparable to the sun's surface. Though a hunting tool for the shrimp, researchers suggest further study of this extreme natural phenomenon may uncover new ways to harvest truly "green" and relatively limitless sources of energy.
The terms "quackery" and "snake oil salesmen" often carry negative connotations, conjuring images of dubious remedies peddled by swindlers, but is that a fair characterization?
'Grounding' or 'Earthing' is primal practice of touching the earth with bare skin helps reduce inflammation, improves sleep, supports heart health, and more
Modern scientific research has confirmed many of black seed's traditional uses and revealed even more therapeutic benefits
Kidney stones occur and reoccur in a considerable number of people in the Western world. Here are eight ways to naturally address these painful stones
Recent research reveals infant pain experiences closely resemble adults', challenging assumptions that infants have muted pain responses
While these drugs provide symptom relief for many, their hazardous side effects warrant consideration of gentler plant-based alternatives
More than 207 million Americans live in areas with fluoridated drinking water. If you're among them, you might want to try tamarind for a fluoride detox
Life manifests in humans in which in a way reflect the ability of our minds, emotions, and bodies to function, process, and regulate energy
A surprising new study on the long-term health effects of cleaning products found that inhaling sprays and other chemical cleaners at home or work may be as damaging to lungs as a 20-year, pack-a-day smoking habit
The evidence-based health benefits of dancing are numerous and profound. In fact, if dancing were a drug it would be considered unethical not to use it.
It’s widely known that drinking cranberry juice is helpful for urinary tract infections, but have you ever wondered why this is so? Folk remedies are increasingly validated by science, and so it is that cranberries really are great for infections—and that’s the just the beginning of the storied benefits of this tart, little berry
Grains have gotten a bad rap in recent years, with the rise in popularity of paleo and ketogenic diets turning people away from many carbohydrate foods. But oats are an exception to the “no carb” rule. Packed with slow-burning energy, oats are a versatile super food that can fuel an active day and contribute to lifelong disease resistance
The past of our ancestors lives on through us: Groundbreaking research illustrates how parental experience is not only epigenetically imprinted onto offspring, but onto an unprecedented number of future generations. Rather than occurring over the elongated time scale of millions of years, genetic change can transpire in real biological time through nanoparticles known as exosomes
What if everything we thought we knew about autoantibodies, which are pathologically elevated in autoimmune diseases, was wrong? Rather than a biomarker of deranged immunoregulation, novel research is uncovering that antibodies directed against self are an essential physiological phenomena, mandatory for homeodynamics.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that attacks joints, bones, organs, and more. RA drugs have terrible side effects and aren't very effective. Here are 10 proven ways to relieve RA naturally
Our medicalized approach to pain may be putting us in harms way. However, there are safe, natural approaches that can ease painful conditions.
Millions of doses of "acid blocking" proton pump inhibitor drugs are doled out every year, yet most doctors and their patients are completely oblivious to their unintended, adverse effects, which include increased risk for premature death.
Our modern world is a difficult place to maintain a healthful balance. Ginger is, hands down, one of the most broadly therapeutic and familiar plant allies available to us to prevent and even reverse a wide range of ailments, with the science supporting its safety and efficacy one of the most robust.
Worried about low bone density and hormone changes related to age? The powerful fermented soy molecule known as genistein may be the ultimate drug free solution for you.
Frankincense oil may receive most of the fame and glory, but the humble boswellia tree from which it is derived, can also create another powerful natural medicine. Oil and extracts of boswellia have been used for thousands of years to treat numerous health conditions.
Even your great-grandmother knew fiber was the secret to keeping you “regular.” But fiber has many other surprisingly powerful health benefits. Here are nine other excellent reasons to bulk up on fiber
Wondering if a daytime nap is a smart move? Research suggests a mid-day siesta may improve your memory, cognitive function, athletic performance and more
If you drink diet soda, you're probably being exposed to this common artificial sweetener linked to chronic disease and autism. Researchers found even one diet soda a day during pregnancy tripled the risk of autism in male offspring.
Tahini is a superstar in hummus, but that’s not its only claim to fame. It’s also a veritable superfood. Learn the secret behind tahini’s numerous health benefits.
Papaya is more than just a delicious treat, especially when served cold and juicy in its ripeness. It also provides a wealth of benefits against wounds, skin damage and gut problems, to name a few of its precious therapeutic effects lauded since ancient times
Seaweed is a powerful detoxifier that may help rid your body of toxic dioxins, like those released near the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, or are produced in products containing Splenda (sucralose).
Your body converts 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) into the neurotransmitter serotonin, known for its mood support. But 5-HTP, which is produced from tryptophan, may benefit not only your mood but also your sleep, appetite and more
With a sour, cranberry-like flavor and powerful bioactive compounds known to help people shed pounds and feel less hungry, hibiscus -- also known as Roselle -- is a natural anti-obesity compound that should be on everyone’s radar
We have handpicked some of the tastiest, healthiest fruits and vegetables for your late-summer feast and for year-round health benefits
Spices are phenomenal for your health -- except when they’re contaminated with heavy metals and exposed to radiation. Find out what to watch out for when choosing spices for your meals
Move over apples. An avocado a day may be key to keeping the doctor away by fortifying your body with vital nutrients for your skin, brain and heart, while warding off obesity and other health conditions. Here are four benefits you can expect when you eat one avocado daily.
These bitter mushrooms act as parasites on birch trees, but they’re revered for their medicinal properties, including immunomodulatory, antiviral and antidiabetes effects
Vaseline petroleum jelly is a byproduct of petroleum refining. When it comes to wound healing, better options exist to speed recovery, prevent infection and result in a less-obvious scar

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